[Watch] Police State Creates Database For Pre-Crime and Citizen Tracking and “Intervention”

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Louisiana leads the world in incarceration rates. America leads the world and Louisiana leads America. It’s something you notice even driving through as the chain gangs and transport vehicles are hard to miss.

That notable, maybe notorious, position of leadership should be secure with the new technological developments coming to the bayou state.… Continue Reading

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“Breaking News” Oprah Was A Bitch Says Step-Mother & She’s Gay!

E.T. Williams

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[Watch] Megyn Kelly, Gov Rick Perry on Texas AG “Molon Labe” and BLM Land Grab

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Texas Governor Rick Perry discusses the words of Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott, Molon Labe, or Come and Take in response to some goading by the liberal former Brit Stuart Varney.

Perry says Varney is mischaracterizing Abbott’s comments; it’s more of a promise. Texas is very concerned about the BLM henchmen and the personal property rights of all Americans, not just those in Texas.… Continue Reading

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Krauthammer: Democrats will ‘rue the day’ they stood by while Obama flouted the law [VIDEO]


Conservative columnist Charles Krauthammer warned Democrats they will “rue the day” they failed to even once oppose President Obama’s lawless disregard for the constitutional separation of powers, noting his actions establish a precedent a Republican president will one day exploit.

Krauthammer spoke on a Fox News panel along with The Weekly Standard’s Steve Hayes and The Hill’s A.B.… Continue Reading

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Marine: President Obama Lied to Me

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Bombshell: White House Knowingly Allowed Al Qaeda Arms Deal That Facilitated Benghazi Attack


By Emily Hulsey

After a seven-month study of the events surrounding 2012′s Benghazi attack, the Citizens Commission on Benghazi determined that it could have been prevented if the United States hadn’t allowed $500 million in weapons to be transported to Al Qaeda militants in Libya a year earlier.

‘The United States switched sides in the war on terror with what we did in Libya, knowingly facilitating the provision of weapons to known al-Qaeda militias and figures,’ Clare Lopez, a member of the commission and a former CIA officer, told MailOnline.… Continue Reading

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[Watch] Harry Reid’s Body Language Says He Thinks BLM Land Belongs To Him

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Harry Reid is never overly animated in his mannerisms when talking, but this time he might wish he’d sat on his hands. While describing the ownership of the public lands at dispute in the Bundy standoff, Harry inadvertently points to himself. His words as he makes the gestures towards himself are “Federal Land, Public Lands.” It’s clear Harry Reid thinks Nevada land is his to do with as he chooses.… Continue Reading

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Cruz: Bundy Standoff Culmination of Obama’s ‘Jackboot of Authoritarianism’


by Josh Feldman

Ted Cruz weighed in on the Cliven Bundy situation with Texas radio host Chad Hasty Tuesday, and he called the standoff between Bundy supporters (some armed) and federal agents a tragic situation, but one that was the “culmination” of how President Obama has been pushing for a bigger and more intrusive federal government.… Continue Reading

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Illinois Democrat Governor Calls Out Black Republicans Using the Other “N” Word

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A method often utilized by politicians, of saying something you can’t get away with on your own, is to quote a surrogate or have them make the statement for you. It seems the Governor of Illinois, Pat Quinn, may  not have left enough defensible space between himself and some recent offensive comments.… Continue Reading

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Georgia Gov. Signs Bill Allowing Guns In Churches, Bars, And School Zones


Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal signed into law Wednesday a bill that expands gun rights in the state to allow weapons in government buildings, bars, places of worship, and school zones under certain circumstances.

Under House Bill 60, also known as the Safe Carry Protection Act of 2014, school districts will get to decide whether to allow authorized personnel to carry weapons within school safety zones under certain circumstances.… Continue Reading

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