[Watch] Krauthammer – In A Nutshell, The Argument Against Normalization of Cuban Relations


By Rick Wells

Charles Krauthammer relates a tactic that was discussed but never put into action from the early days of the cold war with the Soviet Union in which instead of dropping bombs on their population the United States would drop nylons. The thinking being, “As a result there’ll be a revolution, they’re going to become capitalists.”

While that was never tried, he says it is exactly the same idea as what Team Obama is currently engaged in in Cuba and reminds us that it hasn’t worked in Vietnam or China, “if your objective is to liberalize it.”

He says, “The bulk of the benefit is going to go to the military and the repressive apparatus.… Continue Reading

[Watch] NYPD Detective – Mayor De Blasio Set The Tone – He Turned Police Into Targets


By Rick Wells

Patrick Brosnan, a former New York City Detective can speak freely as to the situation in New York City and the murders of two NYPD officers without the concern of repercussions from the Mayor’s office. He’s interviewed on Fox News and asked for a response to a quote that places much of the blame upon Mayor Bill de Blasio.… Continue Reading

[Watch] Judge Jeanine – Obama, the Pathological Liar and Bluffing Finger-Pointer or Sony; Who You Gonna Believe?

006-judge-jeanine-open-740By Rick Wells

Judge Jeanine has been around the block a few times before when it comes to the claims of Hussein Obama. She knows that it is a rare occurrence when his story matches up with the actual facts on anything.

She addresses Obama’s recent comments, chiding Sony for giving in to the terrorist demands of North Korea, particularly where he says he wishes that they had come to him first.… Continue Reading

[Watch] N Korean Threat To Nuclear Power Plants Very Real, Test Hacks Already Conducted

006-nuclear-plant-740By Rick Wells

North Korea uses their enemy to the south as a testing site for more robust attacks on the West, particularly on the United States, according to this report. It indicates the North Koreans have been quite busy and particularly aggressive in the development of their ability to wage cyber warfare.… Continue Reading

NYPD Officers Shot “Execution Style” – What Holder, Obama and De Blasio Created Bears Fruit

cop car-740

By Rick Wells

Two NYPD officers were shot and killed at close range on Saturday afternoon by a lone gunman as they sat inside their patrol car. The two officers were sitting in their parked cruiser, acting as a police presence to deter crime and terrorism, in the Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood of Brooklyn.… Continue Reading

[Watch] Powerful! NYC Mayor De Blasio Should Resign Tomorrow – Judge Jeanine, Bo Dietl, Bernie Kerik


By Rick Wells

Judge Jeanine has as her guests former New York City Police Commissioner Bernie Kerik and Former New York City Detective Bo Dietl. They discuss the senseless execution style murder of two NYPD Officers and the responsibility that Mayor Bill de Blasio has in creating an environment which fomented that kind of terrorism.… Continue Reading

[Watch] Ralph Peters – Patriotic Duty Compelled Panetta And Gates To Expose Obama Political Meddling in Military

173 col ralph peters 740

Both Robert Gates and Leon Panetta have had strong words recently for the mishandling of the military and military operations by the Obama regime. They have voiced concern over what they see as an improper, intrusive micromanagement of military tactics and responsibilities for political reasons. The results have had such a negative impact for our military that the two men, each a former Secretary of Defense and CIA Director have felt compelled to speak publicly about it, in quite uncomplimentary terms.… Continue Reading

[Watch] Candidate Donald Trump? – Obama Govt A Criminal Fraud, Republicans All Talk No Action On Accountability

173 trump obama gruber 740

America could go from being horribly mismanaged by the equivalent of an Apprentice reject to being led by the man himself. Donald Trump, like most Americans who love their country and who don’t see it as their support mechanism, is upset with the current miserable state of affairs in our nation.… Continue Reading

[Listen] Rush Limbaugh – Gruber and Obama Are Identical, The Same Guy Lying To The Stupid People

173 limbaugh obama gruber 740

Rush Limbaugh points to a question that was posed to Hussein Obama by Fox News’ Ed Henry at the press briefing which followed the G20 Summit and the Obama “Giveaway and Pander to Asia Tour.”

In his question Henry asked Obama to clarify the conflict between his remarks in Burma in which he promoted transparency and accountability in government while simultaneously having his own lack of transparency and accountability and his deliberate deception exposed by Jonathan Gruber.… Continue Reading

[Watch] Dr. Ben Carson – Govt Is Not A Dictatorship – Shutdown Only Executive Branch

173 ben carson 740

When it comes to the proper response to take in stopping Obama and his dictatorial power grab on amnesty, Dr. Ben Carson says, “Well we certainly need to keep all possibilities open, I wouldn’t rule anything out necessarily.”

He says, “Perhaps the first step might be, maybe they could send the ‘president’ some tutorials on how the government works.… Continue Reading