[Watch] Brawl Erupts Between Michael Brown’s Family Members


A physical assault erupted among family members of Michael Brown over the rights to sell merchandise bearing his image. Brown was killed in a shooting incident this past summer.

Fox 2 in St. Louis reported Michael Brown’s mother, Lesley McSpadden, confronted Brown’s cousin, Tony Petty, and grandmother, Pearlie Gordon, who were selling t-shirts and other Michael Brown memorabilia at a BBQ establishment close to where Brown was killed.… Continue Reading

Govs Cuomo and Christie Enact Mandatory Ebola Quarantines – If Obama Won’t Do His Job, They Will

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Calling it “too serious of a situation to leave to the honor system” and noting the fact that the New York Ebola victim violated self quarantine in spite of being a doctor, the governors of New York and New Jersey are no longer waiting for the CDC and the Obama regime to come to their senses with regards to protecting the American people from the threat of Ebola.… Continue Reading


Sarah Palin

Former Gov. Sarah Palin (R-AK) argued that President Barack Obama was putting children from Central America by failing to secure the border and that an executive order granting amnesty to illegal immigrants would put them in greater danger on Thursday.

“Young people from across Central America are making a dangerous trek to America, flooding the border, overwhelming our social services.… Continue Reading

[Watch] Fu*king Fast and Furious Report Out And Obama Protects Eric Holder’s Wife

E.T. Williams


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VIDEO: Karate Expert Saw A Thug Abusing A Female, He Taught Him Lesson He’ll Never Forget

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On the streets of Houston, a man witnesses a Pimp abusing one of his workers. When he went up to the thug to tell him to stop, the thug got angry,

That’s when the thug turned his violence from the female onto the witness. But there was a huge surprise waiting for the thug.… Continue Reading

[Watch] Fast and Furious Index “A Road Map to Corruption” All Top WH Officials, Holder’s Wife and Even His Mother Included

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Chris Farrell is the Director of Investigations for Judicial Watch. He joins Steve Malzberg for a discussion of the Fast and Furious documents list, the “Vaughn index,” which they just received through their considerable efforts to clear the path of obstructions placed by the Obama regime under claims of executive privilege.… Continue Reading

Liberals Blame Local School, Not Obama Regime For Overcrowding Created By Imported Illegals

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The supreme arrogance of the Democrats and their irresponsibility is on full display in the Hempstead School District of Long Island, New York. The Democrat practice of making decisions without properly giving consideration or deference to the consequences is resulting in chaos on a grand scale for the educators.

Between 700 and 1,100 of Obama’s illegal alien imports were added to the enrollment of the already overtaxed district for the current year.… Continue Reading

[Watch] Video of Canadian Islamic Terrorist Stealing Car, Entering Parliament With Police in Pursuit

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Canadian authorities have released video footage of Islamist terrorist Michael Zehaf-Bibeau in the moments following the murder of National War Memorial guard Nathan Cirillo, and immediately preceding his attempted assault on Parliament.

The video shows to different views of the same event in which Zehaf-Bibeau stole an official vehicle after ordering the driver out and then drove it to the Parliament.… Continue Reading

New York Ebola Confirmed – Rode Subway on Wednesday, Obama’s Hug And Kiss Approach Isn’t Working

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Doctor Craig Spencer was transported Thursday morning to Bellevue Hospital Center in New York and placed into isolation after tests confirmed that he is, in fact, infected with the Ebola virus.  Spencer had just recently returned from working in Guinea with Doctors Without Borders and had following the Obama approved system of mingling with the public while self-monitoring.… Continue Reading

No Surrender – Two Marines Not Giving Up, Marching Again For Sgt Tahmooressi’s Freedom

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It’s immoral and unconscionable for our “president” to leave Sergeant Andrew Tahmooressi to rot in a Mexican jail. A complete absence of morals and a conscience on the part of the occupant of the White House might be the only explanation as to why he continues to waste away in a Mexican prison for the crime of making a wrong turn.… Continue Reading