[Watch] KY Sen Candidate Grimes Sounds Remarkably Like Confused Miss South Carolina

084 grimes 610

Kentucky Democrat senatorial candidate Allison Grimes may want to take a break from the campaign trail. She’s having little trouble getting her message out, as this clip shows.

She is attempting to highlight the differences between herself and Republican Mitch McConnell, which she is able to do but they may not be the differences she originally intended to expose.… Continue Reading

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Washington Rumors Fly as Hillary Lists 300 Used Pantsuits on eBay.

1B5808230-tdy-130131-hillarystyle-7-930a.blocks_desktop_largeBy Amy Elizabeth

Would you buy a used pantsuit from this lady? LOL Apparetly some very desperate libtards would love to walk in her pants.

WASHINGTON — In what is being taken as a sure sign that she’s going to chase the Democratic nomination for the 2016 Presidential race, Hillary Clinton is clearing out her old wardrobe.… Continue Reading

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[Watch] Gen Jack Keane – Purely Political Release of Hostage Rescue Info to Help Obama Image

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It’s Seal Team Six all over again. For a “president” who hides in a golf cart rather than face the prospect of making tough decisions, this is one executive decision that was easy to make.

In order to try to shape a favorable public opinion of his performance and his testosterone levels, Obama is releasing details of operations that should have remained secret.… Continue Reading

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[Watch] Megyn Kelly, Mark Furman – Two Sides of Story of Confrontation Between Officer Wilson and Brown

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Megyn Kelly has an update of the Ferguson events from Trace Gallagher, a version which is provided by an anonymous person near to the Ferguson Police Dept. The depiction of events closely mirrors those provided earlier by a friend of Wilson’s, Josie, on a radio interview. Gallagher also says that his source revealed that the Police have proof that Brown actually touched Officer Wilson’s firearm.… Continue Reading

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gunholderBy Amy Elizabeth

Examiner- Attorney General Eric Holder arrived in Ferguson, Missouri, as promised on Wednesday, and while claiming the nation’s top law enforcement officer who is seeking the truth in the case of a black 18-year-old being shot to death by a white police officer on Aug. 9, 2014. But instead of be an unbiased observer, Holder reinforced the news media’s and civil-rights leaders’ stereotype of white, male police officers by throwing the cop under the so-called “Obama bus,” say a number of critics from law enforcement.… Continue Reading

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DOJ’s Hanging AG, Pandering Presumption and Prejudging – Holder Meets Michael Brown’s Parents

084 holder thug family 610

In spite of a supposed presumption of innocence being a civil right held by Officer Darren Wilson, Eric Holder has apparently already made his decision. He met with the parents of criminal thug Michael Brown on Wednesday, in an act that is totally inconsistent with the conduct of an impartial and unbiased investigation.… Continue Reading

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[Watch] O’Reilly, Krauthammer on Rush to Judgment, Presumption of Guilt of Ferguson Officer

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O’Reilly kicks off the interview by asking why Americans aren’t angered by the people, such as Al Sharpton, who exploit situations such as they are currently doing in Ferguson.

Krauthammer points out how nobody knows yet what has happened but that many are jumping to conclusions, including Governor Jay Nixon, who called for a vigorous prosecution rather than an investigation.… Continue Reading

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[Watch] Dr Ben Carson Calls Out Ambulance Chaser Al Sharpton’s Involvement With Ferguson

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The PO Box Preacher, Al Sharpton, has made some last minute changes to a scheduled self-promotion event in New York City. It was originally planned to be a protest against a choke hold death at the hands of local police, but the opportunity to extend the coattails of Missouri thug Michael Brown to New York proved irresistible.… Continue Reading

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Cops Guns Down Unarmed White Boy In Salt Lake City, Mainstream Media Goes Silent (KUTV Video)

un armed

Red Flag NewsContinue Reading

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Wasserman Schultz: Deporting Illegal Immigrant Minors Is Sending Them To “Certain Death”


Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz also thinks deporting children detained at the border is sending them back to “certain death.”

The White House went apoplectic last month when likely 2016 presidential candidate Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley said, “We are not a country that should turn children away and send them back to certain death.” Tuesday night, Wasserman Schultz said twice — strongly — that she thinks O’Malley was right.… Continue Reading

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