PHOTO: When They Were Handed Their Bill, They Noticed THIS Strange Charge And It’s Infuriating


When loyal Texas Buffalo Wild Wings customers saw this tax on their bill in addition to sales tax and gratuity, they were exploding with anger.

The Amarillo and Lubbock locations of Buffalo Wild Wing in Texas have attempted to passed off their Obamacare taxes onto their loyal customers, reports News Channel 10.… Continue Reading

[Watch] Lies, Fairy Tales and Untruths – Familiar Liberal Reporters Blast Obama’s SOTU Claims

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While they were polite enough or perhaps sufficiently in the Obama camp not to be permitted to tell the whole truth, the MSBNC and CNN reporters didn’t leave much to doubt substantively. Each describes in their own way how Obama’s State of the Union Address was an unrealistic fabrication completely removed from reality, a foreign policy fairy tale.… Continue Reading

[Watch] Obama’s Entitled “Deportable” Illegals Disrupt Rick Perry’s Freedom Summit Speech

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Holding up signs that read “Deportable?,” a reference to a comment made by Rep Steve King (R-IA) about the illegal alien in the Obama box at the State of the Union Address, illegal aliens disrupted the speech of former Texas Gov Rick Perry.

These criminals, who now have been emboldened by their fellow lawbreaker in the White House, no longer fear deportation.… Continue Reading

Jeb Bush Shows Pro-Amnesty Establishment Stripes, Declines Invitation To Conservative Iowa Freedom Summit

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The big money donors and special interests who support the Obama lawbreaking because it gives them the cheap labor that translates into greater profits would not have been served by their anointed establishment Republican candidate, Jeb Bush, making an appearance at the Iowa Freedom Summit.

The event is hosted by the staunchest of anti-amnesty defenders of the American people, Rep Steve King (R-IA) and is geared towards patriots who value our Constitution and our laws.… Continue Reading

[Watch] Gingrich Straight Talk – U.S. Losing War Against Radical Islamists Who “Want To Cut Our Heads Off”

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Newt Gingrich speaks to the gathering of conservatives at the Iowa Freedom Summit, characterizing the current global threat in crystal clear terms. He says, “There is one common pattern occurring everywhere across the planet and that is radical Islamists, who hate our civilization, are prepared to cut off our heads and are determined to impose their religion by force.”

Gingrich says he’s not going to spend a lot of time talking about Hussein Obama’s “pathological incapacity to deal with reality.” He says, “There’s no point in trying to get him to learn how to say the words ‘radical Islamists’ because he has a speech impediment which blocks him from being able to say the words.”

He points out that even the institution of the U.S.… Continue Reading

[Watch] Judge Jeanine Calls Out Swollen Pimple Michael Moore’s Attacks On American Hero Chris Kyle

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Judge Jeanine says she’s sick and tired of people who aren’t worthy of carrying Chris Kyle’s backpack taking cheap shots at American heroes and their sacrifices for our nation.

The judge addresses the comments of leftist Michael Moore, who she notes wouldn’t last one day in basic training, let alone SEAL training, in which he said that snipers are cowards who shoot people in the back and certainly are not heroes.… Continue Reading

Incapable Democrat Mayors Want Redistribution Handouts, Announce Court Filing Supporting Illegal Obama Amnesty

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It’s no surprise that a group of Democrat mayors, led by Bill de Blasio, the communist who is busily running New York City into the red, both figuratively and financially, have formed a collective partnership challenging the lawsuit filed by 25 states against the illegal amnesty dictates of Dear Leader Obama.… Continue Reading

[Watch] Donald Trump Skewers Romney As A Proven Loser, Bush On Immigration For Love

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On Saturday potential 2016 candidate joined the participants at the Iowa Freedom Summit and explained why Republicans don’t need to repeat history in the upcoming 2016 contest for the White House. He points to two candidates in particular, both representing the establishment, Jeb Bush and Mitt Romney.

He has three complaints with candidate Romney, pointing out that the 47% statement that he made will still be there this time around as will his intimate association with Romneycare/obamacare.… Continue Reading

BallGhazi? – Obama Propagandists MSNBC Trivialize Benghazi Attack, Equate It With Sports Controversy

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Alex Wagner, an Obama personal friend and propagandist at his MSNBC mouthpiece, has more than just a passing interest in how well the regime is perceived among the peasant class of America. Her husband, Sam Kass, has a phony baloney job as the “Let’s Move” executive director, the “you’ll eat what I tell you to eat and like it” program of first semi-female, Michelle Obama.… Continue Reading

Alabama Just Handed Muslims THIS News And They’re Not Going To Like It Very Much


Did you know many states are taking legislative action to protect their citizens against foreign codes of law like Shariah being used within state courts?

At the forefront of this Stand for Freedom, Alabama passed this popular amendment to their State Constitution in the recent election, reports The Political Insider.

The new amendment will not allow the use of foreign codes of law like Shariah to be used in Alabama courts.… Continue Reading