[Watch] McCain, Lieberman Were In Iraq and Syria – Obama’s Doing Everything Wrong

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The differences between an amateur know-nothing frustrated academic who pretends to be the American president and the true leadership displayed by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is driven home in a direct video comparison between the two.

Joe Lieberman, who obviously still labors under the misconception that Obama wants America to succeed and has that as his goal, admits that he is disappointed and explains why. … Continue Reading

[Watch] Yale Invited Muslim Cleric Who Called For Murder of U.S. Troops To Be Guest Speaker

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The communist said long ago that a key component in their takeover of the United States was in infiltrating and controlling academia. That has been the reality for a long time and Yale is proving it is a serious problem. It is impossible to explain their actions any other way.

The discussion centers around an invitation issued to Sheikh Rachid al-Ghannouchi, a man who was banned from the U.S.… Continue Reading

Most Transparent Mooch Demands Reporters Not Interview Attendees at Her Fundraiser Speech

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Meg Kissinger was given a gag order by Michelle Obama and this time it wasn’t “Eat Your School Lunch.” She was not singled out. All of the journalists attending the Mooch’s speech at a Wisconsin campaign rally for Mary Burke, the socialist Democrat’s gubernatorial candidate were told the same thing.

Kissinger describes the instructions as leaving her “creeped out,” and that it is the first time in all of her years of covering political events of every description, since 1979, that she has encountered anything like this.… Continue Reading

[Listen] Mark Levin – We Need an ISIS Commission, What Did Obama Know and When?

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Mark Levin doesn’t believe Hussein Obama’s story that the intelligence community banded together in common ignorance as to the ISIS threat. He thinks they were telling the truth then and they are telling the truth now, ISIS is a dangerous threat and Obama is a dangerous liar.

Levin says the reason that the intelligence briefings are prepared is so that they will be read by the “president.” A lot of money goes into the gathering of intelligence which is placed inside those briefings and it is Obama’s job, as commander-in-chief, to be informed and capable of making informed decisions.… Continue Reading

[Watch] They’re Just Marines – If They Were Illegals, Jarrett Would Have Talked To Them

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Earlier this year Valerie Jarrett spun a fanciful story of several encounters she had a particular group of illegal aliens in the course of her “duties” as a senior advisor to Hussein Obama.

She describes in amazement how these young, able-bodied adults had walked from Florida to Washington DC to speak with Obama.… Continue Reading

Muslims Have Couple Thrown Off a Bus For Singing Nursey Rhymes about PIGS to their baby .


By Amy Elizabeth

EAMG A couple says it happened to them.

Nick Barnfield and Sarah Cleaves were riding the bus with their 15-month-old autistic daughter and singing the theme song to Peppa Pig to try and cheer her up.

Mr Branfield, 24, said, ‘A lady came up to us and quite aggressively started telling us we were irresponsible parents and that we were being racist singing the song.’

‘She went up to the bus driver and told him we were being racist towards her.… Continue Reading

[Watch] Obama Claims Clapper Didn’t Know About ISIS – Feb 2012 Hearings Say Different

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What’s more important, winning an election or protecting your country? If you are B. Hussein Obama, the answer is simple. Nothing is more important than winning an election.

You can’t fundamentally change the United States without holding the seat of power. If al-Qaeda, ISIS or any other terrorists organization shares that same objective, as long as it doesn’t get in the way of the Obama scheme, why draw attention to the problem?… Continue Reading

[Watch] Mexico and Obama Looking For a Face-Saving Tahmooressi Exit Strategy

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With public pressure mounting from the American people in general as well as lawmakers, it appears that the Mexican government may be trying to find a easy, face-saving way to extricate themselves and Obama from the difficult situation their common lack of moral character has created.

The means for the corrupt leadership of both nations to diplomatically maneuver their way out if this mess has been readily available since this ordeal began.… Continue Reading

[Watch] Firefighter Taking Heat For Anti-Muslim Facebook Posts, Suspended, Investigation Ongoing

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Just how far does being a civil servant restrict one’s basic freedoms guaranteed under the Constitution, particularly the First Amendment? That is the issue at hand in Houston, where a firefighter with the Houston Fire Department has been reassigned to administrative duty following the posting of some anti-Muslim posts on his personal Facebook page.… Continue Reading

[Watch] Trey Gowdy SLAMS Dem Rep. For Blaming Secret Service Issues On Sequestration


During Monday’s House Oversight hearing, GOP Rep. Trey Gowdy ripped Dem Rep. Eleanor Holmes Norton for suggesting the recent incident involving Omar Gonzalez hopping the White House fence and running into the White House could be be a direct result of sequestration.

The hearing was held after multiple issues involving the Secret Service, including the aforementioned fence hopper and the Washington Post report about the service’s response to gunshots fired at the White House in 2011.… Continue Reading