[Watch] Obama Delaying Amnesty Until After Mid-Terms, Creating Nuke Terror Threat With Open Border

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Representative Trent Franks (R-AZ) believes that Hussein Obama is going to delay enacting his illegal alien legal status giveaway in recognition of the fact that Americans are against it. Not because he cares what the citizens of this nation think or think of him, but because he doesn’t want his Democrat operatives to have to pay a political price for supporting his crimes.… Continue Reading

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[Watch] Miranda Rights For Illegals, Un-American Deal Made by Obama With ACLU

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Kansas Secretary of State, Kris Kobach, a longtime foe of illegal immigration, addresses the recent agreement reached between like-minded offenders, the ACLU and the United States federal government, as to the handling of illegal aliens apprehended in the United States. The agreement provides Miranda protections, a warped application of our law and a further progression down the road to open borders that the Democrats are racing us down.… Continue Reading

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[Watch] Dr Jerome Corsi – Obama Motivated by Hatred of America, Planning Another 9/11, Martial Law

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Dr. Jerome Corsi goes down the list of evidence that points, rather than towards an incompetent boob who just happened to charm his way into the White House, to something more calculated and sinister. All of the apparent inattention to his job may well be just another component of the deception in the highly orchestrated effort to overthrow our representative government.… Continue Reading

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At Risk In Senate, Democrats Seek To Rally Blacks

john lewis-debate-fenn-little-for-congress-5th-district-for-georgia

With their Senate majority imperiled, Democrats are trying to mobilize African-Americans outraged by the shooting in Ferguson, Mo., to help them retain control of at least one chamber of Congress for President Obama’s final two years in office.

In black churches and on black talk radio, African-American civic leaders have begun invoking the death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, along with conservative calls to impeach Mr.… Continue Reading

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[Watch] Rep Mike Rogers – Obama Blaming Pentagon for Lack of ISIS Strategy Not Believable

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The little kid who always answered “not me” when questioned as to who did something has grown up and become the pseudo-president of the United States. Nothing is ever Obama’s fault, ever and his strategy of having no strategy to deal with ISIS is brought out by Representative Mike Rogers (R-MI).… Continue Reading

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[Watch] Conservatism is Calling, Viral Video on Obama’s Statist War on America and The Cure

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The promises that Obama has failed to keep, which were never intended to be kept in the first place. The lies that Obama told to get into office and continues to tell every day. The double standard of his accusations against his predecessor contrasted to his own, far greater transgressions by comparison.… Continue Reading

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[Watch] Senator John McCain Says Obama In Denial or Overwhelmed by ISIS

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Major Garrett asks John McCain what a “full-blown” strategy against ISIS would look like.

McCain responds by saying that our strategy has to include a strategy. Hopefully his answer will include an answer as well. He sounds rather Obamaesque in his comments, mentioning that a strategy would include an understanding that ISIS has erased the border between Syria and Iraq and reminding us that they are a serious threat.… Continue Reading

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[Watch] Sheriff Says “If Feds Take Our Guns, There Will Be Civil War, No Question About It”

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Sheriff Mike Lewis describes the culture and the lifestyle of the eastern shore region of Maryland in which he lives as being founded in hunting and fishing. The Wicomico County Sheriff says life is simple in his county.

Sheriff Lewis says he’s been holding a gun literally since he could walk.… Continue Reading

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[Watch] Feinstein Fumbling Back To Obama, ISIS Caught American Intelligence Unaware

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Asked by Andrea Mitchell if Obama’s perpetual indecision projects weakness from the White House, Senator Dianne Feinstein, prefaces her response by saying “I know what you want me to say.” The insinuation that one of the most dependable Obama proponents, Andrea Mitchell, is someone laying a trap for him on one of his national networks is surprising.… Continue Reading

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ISIS Terrorists Driving Along in an Armored Truck, Minding Their Own Business when…..BOOM!

I couldn’t help but watch this video with a giant smile on my face. It’s a kind of awesome, high five someone next to you, make you feel patriotic the rest of the day high you just can’t shake.

H/T right wing news… Continue Reading

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