[Watch] Bolton Says “We’re In Trouble” After Obama’s “Pin Note to Hostage Shirt” Advice For ISIS

109 bolton pin notes shirts 610

Former UN Ambassador John Bolton is asked by Greta Van Susteren who he thinks the Arab countries who John Kerry claims have expressed a willingness to fly missions against ISIS targets in Syria might be. Bolton doesn’t know who, saying that he assumes that the definition of several is more than two in the White House vernacular.… Continue Reading

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[Watch] Hillary Clinton’s Benghazi Evidence Tampering, Document Destruction, Obstruction Exposed

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Another chink in the Teflon armor has been exposed, revealing an illegal operation that was allegedly conducted by the Hillary Clinton State Department in an effort to do damage control in the wake of the Benghazi attacks.

This new information is coming to light just as the House Special Committee gets underway this week.… Continue Reading

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Labor Board Orders CNN to Rehire 100 Fired Employees

cnn building

The National Labor Relations Board has ordered CNN to rehire 100 workers and compensate 200 others for a labor dispute that originated in 2003.

The 11-year dispute stems from CNN’s decision to replace a unionized subcontractor called Team Video Services, which provided the network with audio and video technicians, with an in-house nonunion work force in its Washington and New York bureaus.… Continue Reading

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[Watch] Illegals Given Mexican Passports With Visas By U.S. Govt in Memphis TN

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America is so accommodating to the army of invaders coming in from Mexico to take away our jobs and futures, that we not only give them money, we provide transportation and all of the documentation that is needed.

Of course we’ll support them too, and provide their medical care, education, every benefit under the sun.… Continue Reading

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[Watch] TEXAS Sheriff to ISIS Muslims: “Show your ugly head in America and we’ll send you to Hell”

FF-600x400By Amy Elizabeth

Gary Painter, Sheriff from Midland County, Texas, warned Fox & Friends’ Elisabeth Hasselbeck that not only was ISIS poised to sneak into the U.S through the porous Texas-Mexico border, but that based on evidence he’d heard of, “Muslims” were already being smuggled across. He presented no evidence that the alleged Muslims were connected to ISIS or any other terror group.… Continue Reading

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[Audio] Krauthammer: Obama ‘Clearly A Narcissist,’ ‘Lives In A Cocoon Surrounded By Sycophants’

Charles Krauthammer-e1409267189138

In an interview set to air Monday night, syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer unloaded on President Barack Obama, telling radio host Hugh Hewitt that Obama is “clearly a narcissist” and “lives in a cocoon surrounded by sycophants.”

“But let me just say as a layman, without invoking any expertise, Obama is clearly a narcissist in the non-scientific use of the word,” said Krauthammer.… Continue Reading

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EPA Emails Prove Advancing “Progressive Agenda” The Motive Behind War on Co2

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In appreciating just how hostile the EPA is to our nation and how valuable this new evidence is in demonstrating that fact, it is important to remember that the progressives represent many of the same professed ideals and goals as communists.

The very people who sought our national destruction in the past did not magically disappear with the fall of the Soviet Union.… Continue Reading

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[Watch] Jordan Prince Offered Troops in Syria – Obama’s Says No, Leave ISIS Alone

109 mccaul jordan offer help isis 610

Supposedly the Obama “grand strategy” that took so long to get just right involved an international coalition, including Arab partners who would fulfill the role of providing infantry boots on the ground in Syria. That was how it was sold to the American public.

Now, in either what is an exhibition of dishonesty, ineptitude, diplomatic failure or a combination thereof, the ever-deceptive Obama regime is changing their story.… Continue Reading

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[Watch] Hillary Clinton in Familiar Benghazi Imagery – Green “What Difference Does it Make” Suit, Hands in Air, Campaigning

109 clinton benghazi green hands up 610

Dark green is a color Hillary Clinton should remove from her wardrobe entirely, at least for as long as she wishes to attempt to dodge her role in the deaths of four Americans in Benghazi on 9/11/12.

That would be a wise thing to do, but Clinton is not a wise woman.… Continue Reading

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Among Illegal Aliens Arrested Entering Country, 22 Sexual Predators

handcuffs 9jpg

PATAGONIA, Arizona – Agents along the South Texas Border arrested close to 6,800 illegal immigrants including 19 convicted rapists and three fugitives wanted for sexual abuse of children and child pornography within a two week span. During that time frame agents also seized more than $15.5 million in marijuana.

In the Rio Grande Valley sector from August 28 to September 11, agents arrested 6,800 immigrants with 4,300 of those being from countries other than Mexico.… Continue Reading

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