“The voter is basically dumb and lazy.”

This just landed on my wall (got no idea why…but it did)
Decided to check out the quote….to see its legitimacy.
Turn out it appears to be accurate…and then some:

“The voter is basically dumb and lazy. The reason I became a Democratic operative instead of a Republican was because there were more Democrats that didn’t have a clue than there were Republicans.”
“Truth is relative. Truth is what you can make the voter believe is the truth. If you’re smart enough, truth is what you make the voter think it is. That’s why I’m a Democrat. I can make the Democratic voters think whatever I want them to.”  ~ James Carville

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Truer words were never spoken! There you go Dems. Now you know what YOUR Operatives really think of you!

Dianne Fadal says:

He looks like a "demon"!!

Mac Wimbish says:

I believe the ideology, just can't believe that Carville would admit to saying it.

Jerry Bray says:

WOW, It's that control thing the liberals love!

In the coming months we will see socialist and communist folk coming out of the woodwork… I hope there are still American Patriots to greet them and to insure their agenda to destroy the USA FAILS!
God Please Bless the USA… AGAIN. Thank you, amen.


Nancy Downing says:

However, some registered democrats are smart enough to vote Romney/Ryan!

Sharon Korchnak says:

THOSE are the Dems that James threatens to get out his cattle prod … lol .. theyre outsmarting Carville the cattle farmer!