These are kids who stuff there faces with Mickey-D’s French fries and aren’t even healthy enough to run away from a Republican pervert.”

First Lady to Return to Humiliating Nation’s Youth

Michelle Obama said she’ll get back to humiliating the fat kids of the nation after they’ve “stuffed their chubby little faces with candy and goodies during the holidays.“ The First Lady vows to continue to her campaign to stamp out obesity after the school holiday break even if it starves and pisses off an entire generation. ”These are kids who stuff there faces with Mickey-D’s French fries and aren’t even healthy enough to run away from a Republican pervert.

The task is daunting one after The First Lady found herself the subject of a round of booing while she served Thanksgiving dinner at the White House to family and guests in the White House Dinning Room.

Eyewitness reports had difficulty identifying the origination of the booing, which by many accounts appeared to be scattered throughout the dining room. Secret Service agents believed they had pinpointed the source of the booing to the kids’ table, where Vice President Joe Biden was also seated, but further investigation revealed a possible second booer situated behind the coffee cart.

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Glen Potts says:

You guys should be ashamed! You put that BS in quotes to make your "below average" readers think the First Lady actually said those things. PLUS, feeding your kids McD is child abuse and your dumb arse should not be allowed to have kids.


Kimberly M. Campbell says:

"second booer situated behind the coffee cart.". Sounds familiar, was there a second booer on the grassy knoll too. She has no right telling me what my kids can and not eat.

she should start with own butt.

Tipper Gore, wife of Al Gore ,was telling us what type of music we should be listening too. Michelle Obama wants to tell us what kind of food we can eat. I'll eat and listen to whatever I want. I don't tell you how to live your life don't tell me how to live mine.

Mark Moretti says:

That piece of shit has a ass like a Montana mule !!!! Mooooochele!!!

Rich Martin says:

Shouldn't she be getting ready to go steal all the toys in Who-ville?

do you have any idea what these kids are getting..or not getting, as it is…we are serving, split pea soup, bean salad, white rice, hummus, and refried beans…now, no one eats much of anything…so the kids who need that meal aren't getting any food and are still hungry, and the ones who have money are spending 6-7 dollars on their lunch so they get enough to eat of food that they want…it is ridiculous…she has NO idea about what she is doing to our kids…its not teaching them anything!

maybe we can eat like her. sorry I don't like dog biscuits she is such a ugly dog face bitch.

No wonder she flies on Air Force One, After all it is a "wide body" airplane.

Carol Karrh Debrowski says:

She should deal with what is in her own "backyard" before harassing little kids, and 'butting' into other parent's business.

Sorry, I don't buy this attitude is really from Michelle. I believe she has our nation's kids at heart, and wants the best for them. As an overweight adult who was also overweight as a child, nutrition education combined with nutritional well-cooked meals might have helped me develop better food habits. Teach the kids young so they'll make healthier choices in the future. Teach them the value of excercise so they won't allow themselves to feel sluggish. I think Michelle is on the right track – food can be nutricious and still be fun to eat. It's not all about fast food.

Carol Karrh Debrowski says:

I agree that nutrition is important, but it is not the government's business, how I raise my kids, it is mine. This same government want to teach our children how to use condoms and to get abortions and how to get the morning after pill (all behind their parents back). The government already intrudes on my decisions way too much.

Shouldn't that be the parents responsibility and not the government? The government makes a lousy parent.

Jim Haire says:

Or the public school's (NEA) to teach them songs about, ", mm, mm, Barack Hussein Obama, "
..I wonder if any of them ever heard serious question to the rise of the Antichrist?

Glen Potts says:

Carol Karrh Debrowski WHO is teaching your kids about condoms and abortions? The government doesn't. They probably should to keep the evangelical rape baby population down, but they don't.

Glen Potts says:

Kini AlohaGuy The only worse parents are our fat arse, ill informed REAL parents. Feeding kids McDs should be child abuse and kids removed from home. You don't have the right to poison your kid even if you are the parent.

Laurie Pruser-Stockman says:

First of all…There= no here. just saying..
And it's from a publication CAP that's SATIRICAL…
Now, that doesn't mean she didn't say it, or think it, but we have no proof of it.

Has she looked at the size of her own ass lately? It looks like two 5lb sacks of potatoes stuffed in a dress.

Lisa Raquel says:


Tim Laney says:

She always looks like she's mad at the world! I see EVIL!

Darren Soard says:


She should concentrate on that wide load that follows her behind.

Jim Haire says:

Now, wait a minute here, Your Thighness, why would you want to connect REPS to "perverts"? Isn't it bad enough that a pervert is a pervert — without having to tag them with a political party? – either DEM or REP? I guess I'm really surprised she didn't throw in a "TEA Party" before "pervert", huh? given their bent for demonizing the opposition.

Besides, she oughta lighten up on the REPS too, they'll cave and help her husband pass just about anything else Her Hienie wants passed while they're still occupying 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Darren Soard says: