Steven Crowder, Man Punched at Union Protest, Challenges Attacker: ‘He Can Go to Jail’ or Fight Me in ‘Sanctioned Bout for Charity’


During a union-led protest over Michigan’s now-enacted right-to-work law, Fox News contributor Steven Crowder was attacked and even punched in the face by unruly union members. The entire ordeal was captured on camera by Crowder’s crew and it appears to show an open-and-shut case of felony assault.

However, being the understanding man that he is, Crowder is offering his attacker a way to stay out of jail and keep a felony off his record. And it is unconventional, to say the least. He says he won’t press charges, but he wants a “one-on-one” with the man who sucker punched him.

“He can go to jail, or compete with me in a sanctioned bout for charity,” Crowder told TheBlaze, adding that he is completely “serious.”

While it may seem like an easy choice for the union activist, he should keep in mind when making his decision that Crowder is schooled in both mixed martial arts and wrestling.

“I’m talking about lock us in a racquetball court for a whole sanctioned mixed martial arts bout, or boxing bout, or wrestling bout – whatever he wants,” Crowder told TheBlaze. “He can name the terms and I will face him one-on-one if he wants to avoid prison.”

Something tells me that is a fight that a lot of people would pay to see. No word yet from his attacker.

Meanwhile, an anonymous donor is reportedly offering $1,000 for information leading to the arrest of the union member who struck Crowder, while Glenn Reynolds, a.k.a. Instapundit has offered another $1,000 and Dana Loesch another $200. The donation page can be found here.

“If he wins, the money raised to find him will go to the union of his choice,” Crowder added

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I'm not the guy but I will take that challenge any place any time.

Tony Cummings, the girlyman who threw the punches won't fight because his excuse….Crowder isn't union….

The thug will need an oxygen tank because he might get winded after a few missed punches…

Crowder has been great entertainment…..he brings out the stupidity of a common liberal for the world to enjoy…..thanks Steven…

Steve… it ok if the thug has two more associates in the ring……then it would be an even match….they can't fight….

James Tomlin says:

Not sure he can legally offer an ultimatum like that , the felony charge is up to the district attorney , it will not be Crowder's decision to make concerning a felony.

Union goons are not that brave going one to one…..

Erika Holzinger says:

Crowder would win.

Saaaweeeet! I'd pay to see that!

Gary Hendricks says:

Steven, seen on Hennity tonight, Kick that SOB's Ass, If you don't want to let me know I will take him. I seen him and you can Kick his ass! But I know I can…..

Nancy Luckhurst says:

The attacker is Tony Cummings of Grand Rapids Local IBEW. He shouldn't be hard to find.

David Heredia says:

Sounds go to me….but the attacker most likely will go to court instead of going toe to toe in a cage match.

Rick Katz says:

Awesome, I would definitely pay to see this. Way to go Crowder!

Michel Elbaz says:

I think he should teach him a lesson-no need to raise hands!

Robert Utecht says:! Here is the video of what happened to Steve Crowder.

Ron Watkins says:

LOL, and Steve wouldn't blink an eye I'm guessing….

Adam Swenson says:

fist fight crowder or get butt raped in prison…

Archie Paul says:

This sounds like a good man and a butt whopping for a union thug.

Victor Nin says:

He's a good guy who does funny videos for Pajamas Media.