Piers Morgan “Rally” Attended by Four People


Piers Morgan tweeted a photograph of a “rally” of his supporters outside CNN center in Washington, DC, but whereas over 100,000 Americans signed a petition to deport the CNN host, the rally in support of Morgan was noticeably less popular.

Four people showed up.
Morgan re-tweeted the image with the message, “Supporters rally behind @piersmorgan w signs outside #CNN DC bureau.”
Given that Morgan’s CNN viewing figures are only slightly less abysmal than those of fellow gun control advocate Chris Matthews, one wonders whether this turnout amounts to half his audience.
One of the “supporters” is holding a sign that encourages CNN to give Morgan a raise, presumably upset at the paucity of the former Daily Mirror editor’s $8 million dollar contract. Morgan got the prime time CNN gig despite being fired from the Mirror for printing a fake story and being embroiled in the phone hacking scandal.
Yesterday, the Obama administration defended Morgan’s right to use his first amendment to trash the Constitution, completely oblivious of the fact that non-citizen foreign nationals do not have first amendment rights under legal precedent.
In a related story, a new White House petition demands that the FBI investigate Morgan and guests that appeared on his Tuesday night show after they joked about murdering radio host Alex Jones with a semi-automatic weapon.
During the show, author Buzz Bissinger remarked, “But what do you need a semi-automatic weapon for? The only reason I think you’d need it is, Piers, challenge Alex Jones to a boxing match, show up with a semi-automatic that you got legally and pop him.”
“I’d love to see that,” responded Huffington Post’s Abby Huntsman, adding, “In uniform.”
“I’ll borrow my brother’s uniform,” Morgan responded.
In a separate comment, Bissinger creepily remarked that he didn’t wish Alex Jones to get a 3am phone call telling him his kids had been murdered.

The petition cites Title 18, U.S.C., Section 241 in demanding a, “Federal Bureau of Investigation to undertake an investigation of Piers Morgan, Harry Gerard (Buzz) Bissinger, Abby Huntsman and CNN,” for making death threats live on air.
Yesterday, Jones challenged Morgan to a second debate to be overseen by a moderator, but Morgan has thus far failed to respond.

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Ted Servis says:

It doesn't count if one of them is his mother.


Hope Johnson Cochran says:

Okay…..this kinda threat is EXACTLY why alex needs a semi automatic…..so he doesnt have to reload when the three of you come. Point well made….from libtards. Wow.

Jimmy Schneider says:

Do as I say. Not as I do. The Liberal mantra. Hypocricy at its finest.

Susan Hickingbottom says:

Hey he dressed up two homeless men and two prostitutes and said there would be free food if they showed up!


3 crossdressers and a bum,

All niggers

…i was way off

Benjamin Wonser nope you were right on, 3 crossdressers and a crackhead

Haha…for everyone getting their panties in a bunch.. this is a cynical quote from South Park…no I am not a racist or a kkk member. Lol

Crime Stats Piers Morgan MSM Won't Discuss – 2013 Gun Control Debate:

Greig Martin says:

They thought he was someone else.

Val says:

2 of them stopped just bc they saw the camera. The other one thought it was the beginning of a line for free phone and that man is being paid to hold the sign! ;)

poor piss morgan couldn't get 5 yet the Americans stood behind a chicken sandwich with 100s of thousands supporters, ( just kidding I know it was about the first Amendment ).

Anita Clary says:

CNN is going to suffer the consequences for Pierce Morgan's ranting. As long as Pierce is not a citizens, he is a guest or visitor. A guest or visitor should not attack anyone in a family feud. CNN is willing to sacrifice PMorgan now that he has put the noise out there. Else, they would have toned him down sooner.

Lady Cape says:

WOW! Maybe he and Sandra F should get together and rally a crowd of, what, 15 maybe? lol

LOL , Maybe they were there to assist in his packing …

you kidding me! they can go to england where no guns are allowed but crime is up and up.

Dawn Birney says:

Time to cull the herd of idiots and evil people. these should be first on our list, done with knives of course. There, about the same veiled threat as they made.

Jeff Krutsinger says:

Stop giving this Limey any more coverage and deport him. Clearly 4 people verses 100,000 want him gone. Do I need to say more?

Michael Mantion says:

People be crazy yo…

I figured he had five friends (and a rosey palm).

rosey palm and her four sisters

Sonny King says:

I Would Say Complete IDIOTS.

Dwain Martinson says:

I really don't believe England would take him back! Maybe he should be sent into exile! Start with the Sahara Desert!

He gave them each a cellphone if they would show up.

Dee Dunbar says:

it goes to show that WE really do have the larger in Mass! We have been made to believe that these stinking libturds have the upper hand! ALL LIES! WE are still the Majority dealing with FRAUD and thrown elections!

Ron Watson says:

Hey, that's pretty good. He turned out 100% of his CNN viewing audience.

Jay Martin says:

That's the left for you. They preach peace but want to use violence as a solution.

These are his butler and housekeepers, they didn't want to go back to England either

William Malicia says:

how do I know they weren't photo-shopped in? Only two of them have signs.

Gertrude Layne says:

The other two can't read or write.

Darrell Deel says:

Even Sandra Fluke can gather a larger crowd than that! I think that she assembled 10 followers! LMAO!

Mary Spencer says:

And those followers were only waiting to have sex with her since she's on birth control. You know, since the WHOLE WORLD literally knows that she takes birth control.

David Hewett says:

Fluke has more supporters because she puts out and has her own birth control

Jonathan Smith says:

Hah hah, and morgan paid them to show up and "support" him.

Something tells me Alex Jones might shoot back

Paul Snipes says:

And they are praying for him……..I thoughts he was against that?

Tim Sullivan says:

he has that many supporters?

Cindy Nowicki says:

Yes…They were paid to be there. Just like some of the "Occupy" crowds!!…lol

Chinook Helicopters says:

3 more then I figured he had.. Not even his Mom was there to support him.