David Spade Helps Phoenix Police Pay for Guns


Michael Tran/FilmMagic

David Spade can now check this off his Christmas list: 300 rifles.

The funnyman. 44, stopped by a police station in his former hometown of Phoenix on Monday morning to present a check for $100,000 toward the purchase of rifles for patrol officers, the police department says in a statement.

The donation helps fund a program being coordinated by Phoenix Police Chief and Public Safety Manager Jack Harris and Phoenix Law Enforcement Association President Officer Mark Spencer.

“Asking there be no fanfare or media attention, Mr. Spade called last week and said he wanted to donate $100,000 to the Phoenix Police Department towards the purchase of rifles to help keep our patrol officers and community safe,” the statement says.

“This mutual agreement can now move ahead with momentum thanks to the generosity of Mr. Spade.”Michael Tran/FilmMagic

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Johnny Doe says:

This is 2008 news. Thanks for deleting my prior comment; I won't be returning to this site. You can have each other, just don't call yourselves conservatives.

Johnny Doe says:

So…why does a civilian police department need 100 "rifles"? The ignorant here are conveniently skipping the fact that "rifles" means "AR15s"…as well as the fact that you have all been bamboozled: This happened in Dec 2008.
If you're truly conservative, Amy, you need to get your $hit together; an unsourced post hinting at? with no commentary on your part is intended for what purpose?
Ask the deeper question: Why is a Hollywood 'actor' buying 'assault rifles' way back in 2008 for the Phoenix police? Is there a little problem down there? Say, a little border problem? A little cross-border violence? Say, an unsecure border? Recall, again, this was 2008; our government is now kicking the can on border security. So, ignorantly post/type all you want…the unreported facts behind this little story deserve better scrutiny than we'll EVER see from the biased media. Fast n Furious was a symptom of a much, much larger problem; that's been conveniently ignored (nothing to see here).

If one person is paying for another person's firearm, doesn't that make it a straw purchase?

Alan Parkman says:

In December 2008, Spade donated $100,000 to the police department in his hometown of Phoenix, Arizona, as part of a program designed to provide patrol officers with rifles.

Diane Tavarez Strain says:

Have we conformed that this is true? Ya know not everything on the WWW is true, but if it is Kudos to Spade.

Ben Packard says:

Thank you.

Cliff Schraag says:

joe dirt….we will remember dave because of joe dirt..because that's the best thing he will ever give to modern society….joe dirt.

wow are you an asshole

You are wrong there, but even if you're not, at least he will be remembered…..will you?

Cliff Schraag says:

joe dirt….we will remember dave because of joe dirt..because that's the best thing he will ever give to modern society….joe dirt.

Why would you call him that? He just helped out the police with buying guns for them. You are the suckass Tom Stamper.

Tom Stamper says:

I think he's another Hollywood suckass!

Ben Packard says:

Where is your donation, Tom?