Republicans Set to Cave on Hagel

Republicans Set to Cave on Hagel



With Republicans sympathetic to Secretary of Defense nominee Chuck Hagel preparing to cave, Hagel’s confirmation to head the Pentagon seems all but assured. According to Reuters on Thursday afternoon, Sen. Richard Shelby (R-AL) has now stated that he will support Hagel’s nomination, just a week after joining the Republican effort to block Hagel’s nomination until he disclosed information about speeches and finances. Hagel has not turned over such information. The White House continues to stonewall all requests. But Shelby is caving anyway. “He’s probably as good as we’re going to get,” said Shelby.

Joining Shelby, reportedly, is Sen. Deb Fischer (R-NE), who said on KFAB radio in Omaha, “I will be voting no on the floor,” but reportedly added that she would vote for cloture, which would bring Hagel to a vote.

This cave has been signaled since the beginning of the week, when Sen. John McCain joined the Sunday shows to explain, “I’m confident that Sen. Hagel will probably have the votes necessarily to be confirmed as Secretary of Defense.” Democrats had long ago scheduled a vote on Hagel for February 26, the day after Congress returns from its current recess.

The core of Republican opposition to Hagel remains, but it’s simply not large enough to stop a vote on Hagel. Democrats are in lockstep in favor of the nominee, with Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) suddenly seeing the light this week after watching Hagel supposedly “almost” get tears in his eyes after hearing about how nasty the term “Jewish lobby” is. It now appears that with the help of a few spineless Republicans, the most anti-Israel, isolationist, weak on national security Secretary of Defense nominee in recent history will head up our military



  1. Typical spineless cowards. Hagel isn't qualified to hand out toilet paper at a Mississippi outhouse, much less be SECDEF. You bunch of gutless cowards. Is your souls worth what you are getting for them?

  2. AWWW they know they cant win, I just read that they will lose the President election thru 2020I was thinking after Hillary had 8 years they mite could come up with a winner but yahoo news says nooooo ~~~~~.

  3. @ Hugh Fredrick. So I suppose we should let Yahoo just determine the election and forget that little detail known as voting…

  4. What a bunch of sheep . Kool aid drinking sheep. Give up the fight before you even show up. No spine plus no balls equals no victory .

  5. They keep pushing our military around and I am afraid they may prompt a Coup de Tat by the military who for the most part Hate him already.

  6. Any republican that supports hagel needs to give up their appointment of office, that goes for democrats as well. obama needs to be removed from office he is a disgrace to this Great Country.