After WH warned the media not to make comparisons to Nixon, NBC...

After WH warned the media not to make comparisons to Nixon, NBC Nightly News Compares Obama To Nixon…



BRIAN WILLIAMS: Good evening. As a lot of American adults not so fondly remember, the last time the government was found looking into the phone calls of reporters and using the IRS for political purposes, it was the Nixon era, and while times have changed and circumstances are different, that subject came up at the Obama White House today as the administration now scrambles on several fronts. We begin with the potentially illegal use of the IRS to scrutinize some American groups and citizens because of their politics, and in this case because of conservative politics. Again, this is just one front we’re covering tonight.




  1. I've lived to see a President resign, a black President, and hopefully I get to see a black president resign. Soon is preferred.

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  3. The White House warning NBC? Obama must not be paying them enough anymore. About time the started doing their real job of reporting the real news and not just the crap that Obama want us to hear.

  4. As a side note, right next to this article is an ad for winning a lunch with Michelle Obama and some dumbocrate named Elizabeth Warren. For me, I would not sit in the same building if Michelle was there.

  5. You should NEVER choose a President or leader for social purposes or to correct greviences. You should NEVER allow your choice of those individuals to be based on respect of person. Choices like this are simply to important for that kind of politicing. This man NEVER was properly vetted and now we wonder how we got such a BAD MANAGER at best and possible criminal at WORSE. He is definitely not a believer in our system of government. He seems to have a more european or possibly a 3rd world mentality about governance. You pay for what you get. Now the country is paying.

  6. Everybody complains and complains but quite frankly nothing is going to change until the American people stand up and take our country back because obviously the government will do nothing but help themselves.