Congresswoman to American People: ‘You Are Being Played for a Sucker’ by...

Congresswoman to American People: ‘You Are Being Played for a Sucker’ by Obama



By Bridget Johnson

A Florida congresswoman said every American should know “you are being played for a sucker” by the Obama administration.

“This administration is living up to its three codes: admit nothing, blame everybody, and deny everything. I mean they have been true to that every step of the way,” Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-Fla.) said on Fox Business. “The press secretary says, I appreciate your question; the other guy says, this is irrelevant to know where the president was when Benghazi, the attack on our consulate was taking place; it is an irrelevant fact to know whether the president was doing a fundraiser, whether he was sleeping soundly in bed.”

“…I want to know where the president was. I want to know where all of these people were because we want to prevent another Benghazi. This administration just keeps deflecting the facts because they call them irrelevant and then they go on these talk shows. That was a shameful as Susan Rice when she went on those talk shows. If you’re going to show up on those shows then have the facts and own up to it.”

Ros-Lehtinen called the administration’s continued obfuscating “an insult to the American people, never mind that they’re running roughshod over Congress.”

Americans “should be insulted that this administration is admitting nothing, they are denying everything and that they’re blaming everybody,” she added.

“Remember that this is the administration that came in on a — on a high horse saying they were going to be that most transparent administration in history. What we’ve seen are lies, deception, a web of intrigue. Everybody knew everything except the president,” the congresswoman said. “…So everybody is on board was saying we’ve got to protect the president at all costs and heads may roll, a little head here and a little head there but it’s protecting the king. This is what is happening. They’re — they’re conducting this administration as if it were an imperial presidency.”

“When it came to Osama bin Laden we had this view of the Situation Room as this wonderful military operation was going down. Every tragedy we’ve had photos. Where was the president in Benghazi? What was going on that night? Where has the president been in all of these maneuvers?”




  1. It seems to me the only ones that can't see the Shim Sham for what he is is the fools that voted for him and he is known as the King of fools and his merry men.

  2. "they’re conducting this administration as if it were an imperial presidency.” "Protecting the (want to be) king". Obama is a total fraud and always has been since the beginning. He has no qualifications to be in the office he holds. By all rights, he should be in prison. He has committed treason and everyone knows it. However, we do not have a strong enough congress to pursue it. Our congress talks a lot about doing something, but never follows through with anything. It's about time we make everyone in our government accountable for their actions or the lack there of.