Obama appoints Holder to investigate Holder

Eric Holder

by Michael Dorstewitz

In a page ripped right out of Kafka, President Obama announced Thursday afternoon that he will appoint Attorney General Eric Holder to investigate the Attorney General’s targeting of journalists he suspected received classified data.

The targeting first came to light last week with the discovery that the Justice Department had seized two months of telephone records from Associated Press offices and reporters.

On Sunday, It was reported that Fox News correspondents’ records were also seized, extending even to Fox reporter James Rosen’s personal emails and his parent’s telephone records. The DOJ labeled Rosen as a “flight risk” and criminal “co-conspirator” in its search warrant application.

The president indicated he was “troubled by the possibility that leak investigations may chill the investigative journalism that holds government accountable,” and, according to The Hill, expressed those concerns to Attorney General Eric Holder.

“Journalists should not be at legal risk for doing their jobs,” Obama continued. “Our focus must be on those who break the law.”

“Those who break the law” are those who leak confidential information — not journalists who simply do their job.

Yet Holder personally approved the DOJ’s investigation of Fox journalist Rosen, including the search warrant application, according to NBC News.

Fox News commentator Todd Starnes observed in a tweet:

holder tweet

The far left-leaning Huffington Post suggested that rather than appoint Holder to investigate his own department, the president ought to send him on his way. “Time to go,” the paper proclaimed on its home page.

Perhaps I’m either melodramatic or overly logical, but isn’t appointing Holder to investigate his own department a bit like asking Adolf Eichmann to investigate living accomodations at Auschwitz?

Interestingly, back when President Obama was candidate Obama, he called for the resignation of George W. Bush’s attorney general, Alberto Gonzales, as being too much the president’s attorney and not enough the people’s attorney. This clip is from a March, 2007 appearance on Larry King Live.


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Mort Packer says:

Don't worry, that is just the dictator side of our schizo president showing up. He'll be back to his abnormal self any day now.

Dan Georgino says:

Can I also be my own Jury if I ever go to trail?

Gary Eash says:

Well, this should get to the bottom of things now…NOT! Huh? Does this make any sense at this point? Perhaps an 'independent' counsel is in order here? Congress? Hello, is anyone paying attention?

the double speak is strong with this one. quack quack quack.

Melissa Osborne says:

I am so tired of his stupidity, WHY HASN'T He been Forced out of OFFICE ALREADY?

Dianna Manly says:

Isn't that like putting the fox in the hen house to see who's breaking into the hen house?

It doesn't take a genius to know you don't appoint someone to investigate themselves. Is Obama really that stupid? Or is it an act hoping to distract us from other areas he's illegally pursuing?

He really is that stupid. He is acting stupidly as he so kindly put it about the police in that one incident

No – he's hoping that we're really that stupid

Jose Aromin Floirendo says:

Does the word "stupid" ring a bell? How can you appoint someone to investigate himself?

Victor Floirendo says:

On the contrary, it's a "smart" move. He needs to have his head examined IF he is to appoint Orrin Hatch or any right winger for Justice Sec. or IG… or Paul Ryan for WH budget director…or nominate a Scalia clone for supreme court justice. :-)

Victor Floirendo says:

On the contrary, it's a "smart" move. He needs to have his head examined IF he is to appoint Orrin Hatch or any right winger for Justice Sec. or IG… or Paul Ryan for WH budget director…or nominate a Scalia clone for supreme court justice. :-)

Mary Pridmore Humphries says:

I say hell lets hit the streets and force his ass out like greece lets get ready to rumble.

I'm sure a lot of lawyers read your page , and I have a question that has come up in several discussions with my friends lately. If the president is the commander in chief of the military can he be tried for treason like any other service man/woman?

Darren Wilkens says:

Yes he can! No one is above the law when it comes to treason, tyranny or being a traitor. All of which Obama is guilty of…not to mention being an economic terrorist.

Joyce Leggette says:

Darren, I like what you said about "economic terrorist"….. I have long referred to our current economic practices as "economic sodomy"… give it a minute to really sink in [no pun intended].

Darren Wilkens By whom? The reason he can't be tried for treason is the same reason he cannot be impeached; who would do it (The House could bring him up for impeachment but the Senate, which is a majority of dishonest democrats, has to vote to impeach. OR, Eric Holder has to investigate Obama for treason. Either way, ain't gonna happen)?

Theresa Higgins Alexander says:

Isn't treason tried in a military court?

Wanda Ehmann says:

It should be a vote of the American people.