ABC, CBS media linked to the Obama administration, NBC link uncovered today

ABC, CBS media linked to the Obama administration, NBC link uncovered today


President Obama Makes Statement On The Sequestration


Richard Grenell, a political consultant and media commentator reported today via Twitter that NBC’s Mark Murray, senior political editor for NBC News wife, Sasha is an Obama appointee but never publicly disclosed it.

Grenell asked Murray yesterday if he was married to an Obama appointee and why it was not disclosed.

Murray told him that he hasn’t publicly disclosed that his wife is an Obama appointee because he told NBC officials and they didn’t care. Murray also told Grenell that his first wife worked for Ray Lahood so disclosing her as an Obama appointee wasn’t necessary.

Murray’s wife, Sasha Johnson who will assume Obama’s FAA Chief of staff position is also a former CNN producer and Assistant to the Secretary and Director of Public Affairs with the Department of Transportation.

Murray also told Grenell that the IRS scandal won’t last the summer which points to the fact of bias reporting as if the IRS issue never happened.

“Washington reporters are so used to the cozy relationships they have with political appointees that they think it’s odd to disclose it, “Grenall said. “Media relationships with Obama Administration officials should not be dismissed.”

Two weeks ago, Grenell reported about the presidents of ABC News and CBS News has siblings that work in the Obama administration and are involved in Benghazi.

Grenell told “Fox News Watch” that the ties raise concerns as to why the mainstream media has not more aggressively pursued the story.

The Host Jon Scott asked Grenell, “Rick, you suggested that folks on the West Coast are laughing at us East Coasters. The question is, you know, are there too many balls in the air here for journalists to cover them all? Stewart Stevens in the Daily Beast noted this: “…There is an entire class of journalists so invested in a certain moral and ethical image of the president that its members are unable to entertain facts that might tarnish that image.”

Grenell responded by saying, “You know, I think Jim is right. It’s growing in some circles and it’s not growing in others. Over at NBC, you have Mark Murray, who is the senior political editor over there. He went on MSNBC to say, you know, this story is not going to last the summer.”

“You know, the irony about this is that Mark Murray, NBC senior political editor, he’s married to an Obama appointee. This Obama appointee is now the chief of staff at the FAA. So when you have someone at NBC kind of dismissing the story and trying to really push it off the front pages, you now know why because he’s getting pressure at home.”

A short time ago, Grenell stated on Twitter that he called NBC for comment on the undisclosed relationship between its senior editor and an Obama appointee and they have yet to call him back.

In viewing history of state control over the media, Joseph Stalin, leader of the former Soviet Union (U.S.S.R.) installed media rulings in which the people of the U.S.S.R. had to read what the state allowed, see what the state allowed, and listen to what the state allowed.



  1. Obama was no dummy in who he appointed to his cabinet…and all us fools that questioned it, well we just figured it was Chicago politics and incompetence!

    • Unfortunately those who voted for him still believe he is the messiah! What a bunch of bullshit! It's funny that I was called crazy and a conspiracy theorist for saying anything against Barry and his agenda!

  2. Obama was no dummy in who he appointed to his cabinet…and all us fools that questioned it, well we just figured it was Chicago politics and incompetence!

  3. Sad, indeed, but I don't think anything will change until Conservative Republicans take over the Senate in 2014..

  4. I say our beloved king, and his concubine, Hillary, both need to be placed in front of a firing squad, for TREASON. Light his last Newpwort with a.50 cal.

  5. They will make excuses about anything. And they will lie and not bat an eye, because they see themselves are heroes in Obama's fight forward.

  6. I don't know the man. and how many do know the president. but his record speaks for him. he has left a trail of lies, broken promises and constitution breaking liberties. this man is 10 times worse and more dangerous than nixon ever was. he has not drained the swamp , but turned it into a cesspool.

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