by Jason Howerton

A police officer in Sidney, Neb., lost his temper while dealing with a defiant motorist he accused of circling his “crime scene” on Friday night. The video of the incident has since gone viral, though there is plenty of debate regarding who instigated the altercation.

The driver of the vehicle, identified as Steven Bell, began filming when Officer Scott Tobler pulled him over. The driver in the video has a police scanner in his vehicle that alerts him of the activity of law enforcement.

“Why are you circling my crime scene?” Tobler asks Bell, who refuses to answer any questions. “Why are you constantly following us?”

“I do not have to answer any questions without a lawyer present,” Bell says over and over.

The officer then instructed Bell to stop circling his crime scene or he would be arrested for obstruction. The cop accused the motorist of driving by at least five times.

Bell and his female passenger are heard arguing that they aren’t doing anything wrong by driving freely on the street.

A second officer, Curtis Hofrock, then appears in the video as Tobler starts to lose his patience.

That’s when things got out of hand.

“Stop following us around,” Tolber says in the video.

“There is no law against that–” Bell starts to argue.

“Stop following us around! That’s your last warning!” the cop screams in a rage, throwing what appeared to be the warning in Bell’s lap.

Tolber then shouts, “Just because you’re a chickens**t motherf***er!”

The other officer in the video quickly intervenes and says “that’s enough.”

Bell then told Hofrock he wants to file “assault” charges because the officer threw the paper warning at him. The officer complies and takes his information to file a complaint.

“I know my rights,” Bell told the Star Herald after the incident. “I was not committing a crime. If police officers can capture us on camera, they should expect us to turn the camera on them.”

Bell also told the Herald that he began carrying out a police scanner and camera to film police after they began “harassing” him following his arrest for felony child abuse. The charges were reportedly dismissed days after being filed. It seems clear that Bell has a rocky relationship with local law enforcement.

Since the video of the interaction has gone viral, many have accused him of “entrapping” the police officer, but Bell says police officers should be aware that they are under scrutiny and act responsibly.




  1. TURN THE TABLES, put them on camera and let their illegal behavior be seen by all. MOST officers are good but it only takes one bad apple to spoil the peck…

    • yep you're right… film them all since ALL of them are bad and out to get you……..asshat, best way to get yourself shot..

    • Ken Swan I am a photographer in Az. I have had many bad run-ins with the local deputies. In reporting them to their office of internal investigations I met a Lt. that told me to carry a camera with me at all times. And to use it whenever I see a deputy or OTHER law enforcement officers doing anything I would consider un-lawful or that would reflect badly on their office. I was told to be polite and tell the officers or deputys that it is my constitutional right to record His/Her actions for review by their superior officers. And that I was asked to do this by Lieutenant Such and such of the Pima County Sheriff's office of internal investigations. Further, I am not trying to interfere, just recording for my safety and yours.

  2. I hope the little punk and his girlfriend don't need a cop one day and he is tied up with some jerk and then they get hurt badly

  3. Anyone who acts like this & enjoys provoking anger, probably did abuse someone. He enjoys it too much. I hope he goes back to jail.

  4. I do not approve of the actions of Bell or the one officer. You do not provoke police. Bell sounded very belligerent from the start IMHO. The job of the police is hard enough as it is. Unless someone I know is involved in an accident, I avoid them and crime scenes.

  5. power trip jerk,, that officer needs to be removed from his job immediatly, if that's all it takes for him to come unhinged, imagine how dangerous he would be in an actual dangerous situation.

  6. The Police have a hard enough time on the streets risking their lives to protect us. This accused child abuser and his girl were stalking the police. The POLICE were right about this. The police have families too and their loved ones should not have to worry about them more than they already do because of jerks like this interfering with their work.

  7. put yourself in the cops shoes for a minute… you're working a CRIME SCENE and there is a suspicious vehicle that continues to "circle" (driving around) the scene, would you not be on edge (due to the possibility that it could be the perp?) Just because we have the right to do this (film the police) does not mean that you should go out of your way to do it ( buying scanners and police radios just so you can follow them around) dude is lucky that he hasn't gotten shot doing this.

  8. He did nothing wrong and the cop over stepped when asking for ID and Ins for sure since was not driving but maybe cause was on public road Good thing the other cop was there to stop the officer He was going to go to far Just think what he would have done if camera was not there.

  9. The police across this country have been conditioning the masses to believe they don't have the rights they do. Bravo to these folks that are taking the risk to show the masses police are overstepping their boundaries everyday. Police work for the taxpayers and citizens they are sworn to protect. They are not above the law or the constitution and a lot of officers are not even aware due to conditioning and procedures that what they are doing is wrong.

  10. This police officer is obviously the type of cop that was picked on in school and bullied and has insecurity issues. As a police officer you need to have "strong intent and weak emotion". Some officers forget that you are not above the law and that you are a citizen that has a job that enforces the law. Being a cop is not a easy job. The everyday grind of all that you do and see, does take a toll on you. But that is where you need to keep your emotions in check. People will try you and push you to breaking the line of staying within the law and not infringing upon peoples rights. I hope the department of this officer recognizes that this officer is on a breakdown. He needs to be counseled by a trained therapist and re-trained until he is professional and ready to re-join his department. If not, then he needs to find a new career.

  11. Stalking and harassing the police is not a "right"…..He's angry about a charge against him and this is now how you deal with that…….PERIOD!

  12. Our police force has a hard enough time doing there job, without some little chicken shit mother fucker getting in the way. Is that his way of taking his girl on a date. He should be ashamed of himself. Let the officers do there job without distractions..

  13. Going around baiting cops wouldn't be my idea of a fun date, but to each his own. Anybody can see the kids were pushing those "legal" buttons & maybe they figured to get a rise out of the cop. Trouble is, he let them. Take it for what it's worth, but my advice to the cop is: lay off the roids/coffee/donuts/whatever & focus on the real objective. Ignore people like this & they go away. Kids: find something more constructive to do. I realize we have a government over-reach problem, but it starts at the TOP. All the people in the middle are just doing whatever they have to do to keep their mostly union jobs. Why don't you try driving around aimlessly in DC? THAT is where the real corruption resides.

  14. very good dude…show to the world how fucked up the system is…clearly the cop is unfit to work..that coketrip cop..

  15. Every police officer can require a person behind the wheel of a vehicle to produce a drivers license, registration and proof of insurance. If they are not produced, they MAY take that person into custody. It is apparent that this individual was baiting the cop and that the cop lost his temper. How many of us would do the same when baited by someone like this driver. Car stops are one of the most routine and most gangrenous activities of a police officer, and it was evident the whole this was a setup. Baiting a police office is bad business and will lead to nothing good.