Anthea Butler, a religious professor at the University of Pennsylvania, proclaimed God...

Anthea Butler, a religious professor at the University of Pennsylvania, proclaimed God is “a white racist god with a problem.”



Anthea Butler, an Associate Professor of Religious Studies and Graduate Chair in the Department of Religious Studies at the University of Pennsylvania, writes in Religious Dispatches magazine that she has decided that the acquittal of George Zimmerman means that America’s God is a white racist. Butler wrote:

God ain’t good all of the time. In fact, sometimes, God is not for us. As a black woman in an nation that has taken too many pains to remind me that I am not a white man, and am not capable of taking care of my reproductive rights, or my voting rights, I know that this American god ain’t my god. As a matter of fact, I think he’s a white racist god with a problem.

Butler continued to write that good conservative American Christians fear black and brown people. Read more via breitbart



  1. …change reproductive "rights" to reproductive "responsibilities and precautions" and you've nailed it, honey!

  2. …change reproductive "rights" to reproductive "responsibilities and precautions" and you've nailed it, honey!

  3. I noticed that she uses the term god, not God. As in a false god created by the society who, amazingly, holds our own world view above others. The same way some believe that god is a free market capitalist.

  4. Actually the Bible don't say "BLACK OR WHITE " But…a golden bronze in color. But no matter what color he is a wonderful God. John 3:16
    Have a Blessed Day,
    Mary from Texas

  5. I believe that the Bible states Christ was a Jew……Therefore, I do not think he is WHITE……But who am I, a mix of Cherokee, Dutch, and Irish, but I still Love Jesus.

    Anthea Butler, a religious professor at the University of Pennsylvania, proclaimed God is “a white racist god with a problem.”.

  6. Haha!! Talk about, "Outta Left Field" where the heck does Ms Butler correlate the Martin/Zimmerman Case and America White Racist God, the Religious Right, Reproductive and Voting Rights? I ask, where does this hate emanate? I am sure not from those who sense God is something Good.

  7. God, Prayer, Pray, Marine, Soldiers, Military, USA. these are just a few words that i ALWAYS capitalize.

  8. God, Prayer, Pray, Marine, Soldiers, Military, USA. these are just a few words that i ALWAYS capitalize.

  9. 1st God dosent control anyone or the outcome of anything as he gave us all a choice and we live and die by our choices until his son returns because our arrogance has given satan control of the earth.

  10. Ms Butler, You are the racists! And please don't give me the BS on how blacks can't be racists because we know better don't we. As a Christian I am appalled that you teach religion at all because clearly you are severely uninformed on so many levels it is hard to break it into just a couple of things. 1. If you read the bible and believe it you would know Christ (God) was Middle Eastern possibly North African So he was not white. Since no one knows truly what he looked like they form an image in their mind, since we are told we are of his likeness. But he was dark skinned we know because we know where he lived. So really stop with the "Lilly White" bullshit! 2. If you are such an expert you would know God gave man "Free Will" God does NOT allow good or bad. He lets US his children decide what path we will take in life. God doesn't allow murder, hunger, homelessness, disease or anything else. All those things are Man made decisions. You don't think it saddens God when people choose to veer off the path of good and go to the dark side? He gives us chance after chance to do the right thing. It is up to us to decide what to do, how to treat people. 3. I am white, grew up in Los Angeles I have no fear of black people, Mexican people or any other race. Why is that? Because I was not taught to fear people who looked different than me. I was taught to look at actions and behaviors. I fear for all your students as you continue to live in the past and urge other blacks to do the same. Blah Blah on the slavery issue. I personally carry zero "white guilt" over that. I am only 2nd generation here and while you are speaking of your black ancestors to your students because I am sure you keep that hate going. Do you tell them the "whole" truth on slavery? That you very own black ancestors in Africa were the ones who sold their own people into slavery? And not just to America but worldwide. Hold any grudges against them? If your ancestors were actually slaves. Every black person who tries the slavery issue wanting reparations I bet of the hundreds of millions very few could trace their ancestors back to being a slave. My people were slaves to the Turks & Italians and occupied by Germany, Jews slaves constantly since the beginning of time. Fact is every race that has been in the minority has been slaves at one time or another. But you think your race is so special it has to keep being blamed for the black people in this country being held back or held down. Again bull shit. You I am sure love our poor excuse for a president, he is half white. But you will never hear him say that. Why? Cause he is a racist just like you. YOU I fear, molding the minds of our young people, preaching hate. You are full of hate, it is in every word you write and you want to blame us? Look in the mirror lady. People like you keep racism going, but you have done well for yourself. You got an education, a good job and still spew hate. You don't like our God, find your own god see how that works for ya. Don't like our country anymore, no one is keeping you here. But you won't leave, you would last 10 minutes in your "homeland" before begging to come back. I just can't see how you teach religion when you are so filled with hate. God loves all his children and you spit in his face. So you just keep living in your "lily white" life until it doesn't suit you and because of our right to free speech spew your hate, then go home (which I am sure is lovely" and enjoy the freedom & rights of our country. I I had a child in your class they would maybe last 1 class until I found about the hate and propaganda you teach. I wouldn't let you teach my dog. Finally I believe you are a disgrace to your color. If your truly had a history of slaves they would be so disappointed in you. Slaves were strong, they learned to survive and when they were emancipated they worked even harder to take care of their families, became successful businessmen. Now you and the government teach people how to make a career out of welfare or government subsides. I believe with all my heart when the slaves worked so hard to succeed they would be beyond disappointed. I believe they would find you a huge disappointment. As hard as they worked for their rights you tear all that down. I can only hope the students you teach, leave you class and find out who God really is. I am the minority in my state and guess what? I don't care, people cam think as they please and as long I am good with me & my God I am okay. You Madame are a moron out of touch with reality. Please if you don't want to be here frankly we don't want you. Good luck to you living in a 3rd world country, but be careful they aren't as tolerant for morons and The United States of America! Hope you get fired soon but you look old and haggard so you probably have tenure, one of many issues our country has. Lastly, might want to brush up on religion cause I can't even imagine what you are teaching those young minds. Racist!

  11. So sad to have so much anger and still be allowed to teach young people. Now you know why the hate never ends, people like Ms. Anthea Butler are passing it down to the next generation…..

  12. I covered this quote last night, noting it among a bunch of racist quotes from the most "activist" of the black-activist libs. It is unnerving to think she has anything to teach to intelligent youth.

  13. Nonsense the whole thing…reporting this nonsense and omitting the real stories like Obama's ousting…no time for nonsense..

  14. Anthia Butler is a dumb butt.
    Anthea Butler, Associate Proferrsor of Religious Studies at the University of Pennsylavania is a dumb butt.

  15. Anthea Butler, Professor of Religious Studies at the University of Pennsylavania is a dumb butt. And fix your hair.

  16. She should be fired for this.. OR.. apologize to Paula Dean… Instead of comments like this, why not turn that energy over to the White House and get him OUT. THAT would be more productive for sure than a statement like this one.. sigh.

  17. You are very naive to believe that your imaginary god looks like any of us. Of course man would say that god looks/acts like us, mankind makes up all kind of fairy tales like this, because they can't explain something.

  18. Well, for one thing she needs to back to school and take an English class. God is a name and always capitalized. Ain't isn't a proper word. "As a black woman in an nation", no, not correct either. Sorry Anthea Butler, you also need a new hairdo.

  19. Professor, I use that term extremely loosely regarding you, are obviously one "Dumb Black Bitch." I also have another bit of information for ya honey; that rats' nest you think or believe to be fashion statement only serves to substantiate my first comment! You need to allot a portion of your salary for for the hair dresser.
    For you to intertwine the case Martin/Zimmerman with the subject Theology (BTW – It is the subject of Theology due to the fact that it is indeed a theory and can be neit on the evidence her proved or disproved by either side; those being believers or non-believers in God.
    Your statement that God is white racist causes you completely loose your credibility as a scholar and more importantly as a sage; If I were to have my way you would be formally sanctioned and summarily relieved of your duties at the University of.
    For an individual that is supposed to be educated you certainly have missed something. The problem with the Martin/Zimmerman case is one of stupidity in that it never should have been presented to the court with Zimmerman being charged with murder in the first place because there was no murder committed. There was however enough evidence showing there was a degree of manslaughter committed on Mr. Zimmerman' s part;there was also enough evidence to show that Mr.Martin was guilty of assault though dissenters of the verdict do not wish to take that into account.You people had your way with Zimmerman by, as usual, showing out and getting all loud. The District Attorney there in Florida was delinquent in his duties to the office and to the people of Florida by succumbing to such ghetto tactics as those; which were treats to riot and pillage; the American sub-culture of those with African heritage are well known for such antics; are they not? Now that the trial has been concluded with a legal verdict, the only one which could be found to be valid if the jury were to adhere to the statutes of the law an try the case based solely on the evidence presented by the prosecution you wish to bitch about it. No can do; you should have thought of this before you pressed for a murder charge.
    This is a situation where the system failed initially by Zimmerman being charged in the first place for murder.It is also an example which shows that the system worked in the end and justice prevailed.
    For what it is worth; I will be forwarding you a copy of this comment as well as one to the University of Pennsylvania for their consideration.

  20. If she is really A Religious Professor at the University of Pennsylvania You are so Correct …… SHE should be REPORTED TO THE Board …… …and She should be removed ASAP!! Who wants their children taught this in School ….God is Good All the time ..whats wrong with her …and he don't See Color eaither we are all Equal in Gods Eyes…She is very Racist Idiot Just calling it as I see it ..GET HER OUT NOW !!!!! SHE IS THE REASON YOUNG PEOPLE TODAY KEEP THE RACE THING GOING ,Stupid people like her ….. She should be FIRED for this….Every one who agree's should report her ASAP!!

  21. This woman does not have a clue what she is talking about. As far as her being a professor in religion I dont think she has enough intelligence to be teaching any thing. She can't get past her racist nose

  22. Well, for one thing she needs to back to school and take an English class. God is a name and always capitalized. Ain't isn't a proper word. "As a black woman in an nation", no, not correct either. Sorry Anthea Butler, you also need a new hairdo.

  23. Well Ms Butler, your a racist as the next guy, who do you think you are referring to white America? a white American freed the slaves of this country and the so called white god of America sees you live better here in America than most countries You are right about (1) thing you are certainly not a white MAN you are a wo-man and most Americans could give a rats ass whether a persons white or black or Asian o or what ever we all live together in the most wonderful country in the world, Don't like it here? Be our guest- LEAVE!

  24. Michael Robinson we will find out one day and we sure better have it right, you will not have a second chance god is god. I know I have it right the Bible is truth and god does not lie but you have to read it to understand and if you don't then you are in fairy tale land, JUST SAYING>

  25. You will take your last breath like everyone else in this world one day you might get a chance to tell the good lord where you came from are maybe you can tell US where you came from do you know.