Democrat Sheila Jackson Lee Filing Bill To Cut Funding To Any State That Doesn’t Change “Stand Your Ground” Laws To “Duty To Retreat”…

U.S.Reps Hold News Conf. On Expediting Withdrawal Of Troops From Afghanistan

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Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Texas) said Wednesday that she would soon introduce legislation that would cut federal funding to any state that doesn’t require neighborhood watch programs to register with police.

Jackson Lee said her Justice Exists for All Act is a response to the trial of George Zimmerman, who was found not guilty of murder and manslaughter charges after shooting 17-year old Trayvon Martin. Zimmerman was the neighborhood watch coordinator in the Florida neighborhood where the shooting took place.

“We will … decrease the incidence of gun violence resulting from vigilantes by reducing by 20 percent the funds that would otherwise be allocated… to any state that does not require local neighborhood watch programs to be registered with a local [law] enforcement agency,” Jackson Lee said on the House floor.

She said her bill would also use the threat of less federal money to entice states to change their “stand your ground” laws. Jackson Lee said her bill would only allow states to avoid a cut if their laws are amended to include a “duty to retreat.”

“For states that do not require a duty to retreat, we will question their federal funding and assess their Justice Department funding and reduce it by 20 percent,” she said. She was not specific about what the change might mean for state laws.ccccccc

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Kevin says:

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Tony Gee says:

@Mike Crowson – Your failure to control yourself or use of offensive language, is probably a by product of the education you received at North Garland High School. And all this time I thought N. Garland had a bit more class than Garland HS.

Jon Zemp TRue of all 50 States " THE REPUBLIC "

Kari Klein says:

This Rep. is not Representing the US. I am sure that if one would look into her personal areas that we would find she supports left wing ideas too.
It is sad because it has came down to race and it started on the Hill. By not representing the county and instead getting paid off.

Fu** this fat bit**. Federal Government has no right to fund states in the first place. Take your money and stuff it in your badly over fed rump.

Sharon Warren Richardson stop being a teacher this is an emotional subject. Mike u nailed it.

Savi Braun says:

I can see the free food stamp Obama Kool Aid stare in her eyes. Obama Zombies.

Gregg Chapman says:

Another dim witted under educated dolt heard from….what an arrogant ass….

Sharon Warren Richardson . Unfortunately the blacks only understand the language Mike uses though it may be offensive, she would be more attracted tto his comment than one of kindness. It's their trait and until they better themselves we have to speak their language.

Hank Citti says:

Sharon Warren Richardson It sure gets the assholes attention though
We must speak profane or the negro will not understand

What kind of retard is she? Zimmerman couldn't retreat, he was laying on the ground with Trayvon on top of him, beating his head against the ground. Where was he suppose to retreat too? Had this been a black man that was set free, she'd be cheering that the stand your ground law was a good thing and that justice was served. Enough of this shit.

Hank Citti says:

Another racist negro , talking our her ass. What a dumb shit.


Jennifer Disharoon says:

She is obviously too stupid to get it, the stand your ground law had NOTHING to do with the Zimmerman trial. It was simply self defense. Race also had nothing to do with it. These idiots make it too easy to guess their IQ level when they spit out words like racism and stand your ground.

Is this person, I did not say woman, for real. When we need responsible men and woman she falls on her butt.

Sarah Owen says:

She just needs more money to go to welfare. Another law that will take away rights from the honest American people.

skittles for a niggles….

So is that some kind of liberal solution? Don't like guns, register them! Don't like neighbourhood watch, register it!
How does registering do anything? is it meant to discourage people from running a neighbourhood watch program?

Sherri Cruz says:

Mary McCarty She must have lost her mind when she was finally freed from the slavery she claims she experienced.

Dale Stack says:

just more bullshit for none white people cause the stand your ground law is only for blks anyway cause if you stand your ground and your white the blks call it murder not self defence and then you violated there civil rites then you have assholes like jesse jackson and al sharpton telling the blks to riot and we don't need that shit anymore either, its time for the tax payers to just stop working and see what the goverment does when they don't get there pay checks then maybe just maybe the goverment will shut the hell up and stop spending money we don't have, I know this will never happen but it is a thought.

Rick Baker says:

If brains were dynamite she couldn't blow her nose.

Johnnie Conn says:

Yes it did.

Rick Baker says:

and though that Guam was going to tip over.

Patric Kahla says:


Patric Kahla says:

When the blacks give up there guns, I will think about retreating. After I kill the SOB's

Donnie Carnes says:

She is so stupid. Then what democrat isn't? They all go tto the same school.

Robert Morgan says:

Sharon Warren Richardson Much current linguistic research would disagree. It has been found that those who never use 'offensive' or 'swear' language are perceived by the majority of people as less sincere, or even deceptive. In short, cuss more and you sound more genuine to more people. This research has been published (and is practiced by) social psychologist and language expert James W. Pennebaker.

What she is demanding is illegal!

keep the food stamps coming. we need more people to step up and take care of the blacks who can not take care of themselves.

Denise Thompson says:

Threat by intimidation. Classy SJL classy. She is a poverty pimp.

I think Obama would like for us to do the time for the black individuals so it will not see that there are so many of them in jail. How do we keep them out of Jail I don't know and neither does Obama. No one knows.

I feel the same way Hell Yeah fuck that's Obama cunt I bet Texas don't vote her in again if they do something stinks in Texas

Eddie Chaney says:

With CCW and stand your ground laws being the norm rather than the exception throughout this great country, the exceptions being liberal strongholds like NYC, DC, Chicago, in other words, areas with the highest crime rates, it seems Free Americans don't want what you and your progressive tribe are selling, Sheila. Go live in inner city DC without guards or guns and see how you like it.

Way to Go mike you wrote what we all feel. We are all tired of these dumb fucks pretending like they are educated and know what is best for us. Sheila has been sucking off of the state forever. What are her qualifications? She lives where she is surrounded by blacks and Anglos who love to kiss p to blacks.

David Weaver says:

Derrick Mike I offended some people in one of my Groups the otherday with my Language but I dont care anymore.Sometimes we need to express our opion in this matter to get our Point Across

Justin Balis says:

Sharon Warren Richardson says you

Shawn W Janke says:

Chicago Mafia politics 101, and illegal.

Lynn Murphy Goss says:

When the government cannot get there way they alwaz resort to threatening to take federal funding away from what ever state does not comply,,, Just another reason why we should get rid of the ties to the federal government and disattach ourselves completely away from them and there threats.

Shawn W Janke says:

Dave Smith Bill O'Reily hit the nail on the head this weekend just like you did

time for us the people to clean house of these people that think like her. as said they work for us not the other way around. and if you do not like it move to some piss ass country were they think like that.


this woman is a special kind of stupid. much too stupid to make choices for Texas

Wendel BlackWolf Kurz says:

Hey you know how these stupid political types are–Always in a "Swinging Dick" Competetion.

John DeSarli says:

Sharon Warren Richardson… sorry if Mike's language offends you; but his message is spot on. Perhaps you should address the outrageous proposal of the clueless race baiting Jackson with the same vigor

Sheila pass a law that cities like " If the media will not report the huge amount of black on black violent crime,. In Chicago and other large cities We will force Al Sharpton to spend a weekend there WITHOUT his body gaurds." That will KILL 3 birds with one law……black on black violent crime not noticed…. putting the spotlight where the most violence is at AND well Al Sharpton

You don't need a law to retreat, and if Trayvon had, he'd still be alive today. That's assuming he didn't try to attack somebody else.

Bubba Sherman says:


Wendel BlackWolf Kurz says:

Hey isn't threatening to reduce and/or cut off funding if they do not do what she wants "EXTORTSION" and/or 'BLACKMAIL"–Wow useing a criminal means to act against another is no different then the fucking protestors that dsestroyed and hurt people–Commit a crime to protest a crime…..Real good logic there people.

Cielo Azul says:

That's because they volunteer out of the kindness of their hearts & their concern for others! They are not overpaid twits that up to date have done nothing for Texas like yourself. Who in hell votes for this woman & why?

Sheldon Carr says:

WTF. She needs to get a real job. What a bitch!

It's kind of hard to "Duty to Retreat" when your pinned to the ground getting the crap beat out of you.

Sheldon Carr says:

But he is right! Put on a helmet if you don't like it.

Eyvonne Warner-Hall says:

Mike said what thousands of us wanted to say and didn't have the guts, like me always looking for the sugar coating.Thanks Mike for your fair and balanced comment!

Dalton Wicker says:

didn't she ask NASA for a picture of the flag the astronaut's left on Mars. Then called the NASA people racist for pointing out that the flag was on the moon , not Mars. (to lazy to google it my self).

Dalton Wicker says:

didn't she ask NASA for a picture of the flag the astronaut's left on Mars. Then called the NASA people racist for pointing out that the flag was on the moon , not Mars. (to lazy to google it my self).

Dee McGinty-Dippold says:

A criminal comes through MY Door, expect a bullet.. retreat from MY own Home… Fuck you!

Mike is right , no matter how crudely he put it.

Bettye Blacklock Moore says:

Sharon, I was thinking the same thing about two of the statements above, and I could not click "like," as much as I would like to, because I was in agreement with all, but the crude language.

Joey Garamillo says:

Typical mind set of this administration, using federal money to make an attempt to control something or somone…this woman is pure stupid…..and we all know you cant fix that.

ANother reason for term limits… the constiguents in her voting district are as dim witted as she is!

David Smith says:

I'll just stand my ground , bitch !

Bob Luquer says:

God, why do they not just STFU. As a group they are dumber than dumb. The trail is over, maybe we should be discussing your groups position on O. J. Simpson. That one you all were so verbal about your boy's innocence, when the whole friggin world knows he killed those two people. You did not as a group say one word about that jury though,.You people are just plain F O S.

Dwight Verdin says:

Does anyone Want to tell Sheila Jackson Lee that TEXAS is a state that has a "STAND YOUR GROUND LAW". So let me get this straight, she wants to cut Money to her own State? WOW, she is so smart!

She represents the getto district in Houston.

Pam Davidson says:

They should cut the pay for all these idiot officals….jus saying!!!!!!That would make a hell of alot more sence!

Bob Brockway says:


Mike you are right. Shelia is a disgrace to the state of Texas. She represents a getto district in Houston not the rest of us.

Donna Eagen says:

Mary McCarty Her braid is too tight!

that's true Sharon, however it sure feels food to let that cu=t know how we feel, white people are getting tired of being pushed around

Forget you, you fat ugly RACIST bitch. Get out of this country you piece of shit.

Hopefully she gets voted out soon.

Bryon Rushing says:

You will NEVER dictate to me how I will react to my own self defense, you are truely a piece of SHIT.

Cameron Benz says:

Hard to retreat when PINNED TO THE FUCKING GROUND!

Thom Stewart says:

I think a State by State, full blown tax strike would be in order. Maybe some boycotts of places who side with Sheila the sellout! She has no Constitutional right to even recomend this garbage. The jury spoke! Get over it you dimbulb! Sheila isn't concerned about black on black crime because it doesn't promote the false charge of rascism.

with all the crime the law abiding is far from asleep – all races included – you leaders are on a very very short leash right now – first of all no thug deserves welfare or section 8 rent – only to commit crimes go to the pen at 50,000 a piece per year per thug – all races included – we are done with the treason as crime skyrockets every city usa – this is clearly treason to the law abiding tax payer – and shoes thrown over powerlines proves racism goes further where shoes are thrown over powerlines – every city usa – so if you want rights and equal – it better be law abiding – do you actually think the paying tax payer is going to take anymore – you are sadly mistaken – biz doesant want your high crime areas – people that are law abiding stuck in the hood doesant want you either.

Gerald James says:

Shelia Jackson Lee is nothing more than a Bully Thug. She sucked up to the Negroes and makes them think she really cares. She's nothing more than a media hound. Her actions will have absolutely no merit other than nuisance value.

Bryon Rushing says:

Go screw yourself you BLACK BITCH.

Derrick Mike says:


Bob Johnson says:

Mike I find your offensive language PERFECT. Hits it right where it belongs right between her racist liberal socialistic eyes. How in the hell did she get elected in TX? She sounds like shes from Kalifornication sleeping with Max Waters, Pelosi, Feinstein Boxer and the rest of the Destroyers of the USA!!!!

Steve Mavica …and he couldn't retreat

She gets the black votes because she's black. They have no idea how stupid she is or what stupid things she says. They don't care, either.

Mike Baughman says:

Dave Smith , save it Dave. These idiots are clueless. If ya threw the forest at them, they'd still miss the trees.

Thom Stewart says:

I think Mike needs the release of a good rant. I get it and support his choice. You have no way of knowing how his post will be received by anyone but yourself.

She did that a LONG time ago! Note the vacant stare on her face. There's nobody home!

Dave Mundy says:

Tell ya what, Sheila: Go ahead and push hard for that law. Every stupid thing you do brings more Texans into the nationalist camp. Soon we will have the majority we need to leave your constitutionally-challenged tyranny of the minority.

David Pierre says:

Why don't you just cut all federal funding who cares

Paul Reuter says:

I hate to say this but Mike is 100 per cent correct.

Jon Zemp says:

I agree, we don't need the govt, but, they need Texas.

Edward D Salk says:

Dumb bitches like Shiela need to have their oxygen supply cut off…

Jack Wright says:

Its funny to me that he was found not guilty fir self defense, how is that vigalante? It's called the right to bare arms, the right to defend yourself with the use if deadly force. I don't agree with shooting a kid, but he was justified. Get over it and instead of taking up for the un disclipined kids of this generation, start teaching them that nobody in the real world is going to take thier bullshit.

Sharon Warren Richardson Actually…his language is probably the knuckledragging witch would understand.

Sharon Warren Richardson Actually…his language is probably the knuckledragging witch would understand.

Steve Mavica says:

and the fact that stand your ground was never invoked in the Zimmmerman case.

Deb Tawni Patterson says:

or better yet can Shiela?

Ricky Smith says:

She has lost her mind. I defended this country so we could have the right for it to be free. I WILL NOT BACK DOWN OR RETREAT FROM SOME IDIOT that is trying to rob me, hurt my family or friends or trying to steal something from me. I will do the honorable thing and call 911 for them….. She is another instance of these idiots in office that have forgotten that they work for us, our tax money pays their salary and they are supposed to represent us. I am sorry, I am not racist but she needs to look at statistics as to who is breaking the law the most.

Ray Slye says:

On average 7000 blacks are killed in gun violence each year.94% are killed by other blacks.Only 426 by all other races. So it seems so simple to me. Ban all blacks from possessing firearms

Chris Bryan says:

Another Dumb a$$ Democrat…

Jason Halter says:

The simple fact that this idiot is a Congresswoman shows just how pathetic our country is becoming.

Sheila Demus says:

Sheila – Advice from another Sheila – All Police Departments are under funded. Where are they going to come up with the resources to babysit all neighborhood watch groups. Get real! And I hate to hurt your feelings Zimmerman was acquitted. So, where is your rational that neighborhood watch groups need a baby sitter? And why are you not more appreciative to the gun violence that has been prevented thanks to the hard work of the men and woman that are willing to go out and report crimes that they are seeing being committed that ultimately are cutting down on neighborhood crimes and saving lives. And it is not the vigilantes doing the shooting. And lets not mix the facts in the Zimmerman case. He was the one ATTACKED and had to defend himself. So, let me get this straight. In your mind it is not o.k. to watch someone to make sure they are not up to something bad, but, it is o.k. to attack someone to the ground and beat them in the face and head because they were being watched. There is a difference between shooting someone in self defense then just shooting someone. Zimmerman did not just walk up and start shooting. And I have yet to hear of any vigilante that did that.

Wow , just let the blacks run wild and do as they please? I DON'T THINK SO.

Toni Nicole Bell says:

But Mike is right, nonetheless.

Mike your offensive language doesn't enhance your comments.

she's a total idiot like Pelosi she wants to retreat that's fine americans don't retreat maybe black folks do not the whites they should kick her black ass out of congress.

This is the same dolt who wanted to make the moon a national park.

What is that going to do? It wouldn't have stopped what happened that night. I dont understand.

Evan Hart says:

Do you also say "Froaderick"?

Dione Martin says:

Just laugh…. stand your ground was not even used on the zimmerman case. People need to educate themselves. I tell ya what the law is there to protect the United States citizens take it away and our protest will be bigger than the Trayvon marches. The only people keeping this going are the media and government. So let's work on bringing this country back together and show the government that they work for us…

KC Ted says:

"Duty to retreat"?
She wouldn't make much of a military leader. Her sense of duty is very warped.

Mary McCarty says:

This woman must have lost her mind !

Paul Bowen says:

What an idiot.
And yeah she is "my" Rep…ick.

Sasscrotch Bigbutt says:

This wasn't a stand your ground case, it was a self defense case. I'd say this woman is mentally handicapped, but that would be a slap in the face for people who are mentally handicapped.

Charlotte Sines says:

Her constituents like her. She is a representative, not a sentator and her district(s) are majority black.

Casey Runyan says:

She's an entitlement queen in a position of entitlement. She waits for hours every January since 2010 in the isle of the House before the SOTU starts just to praise the marxist as he comes in. If the day ever does come that Houston fires her useless ass, she'll pull that golden race card and cry foul in the elections. Hell it'll be funny if Capitol police have to forcefully remove her from the grounds!

Jim Golden says:

All dem bobby pins and her hair are there to promote brain activity!

Dave Smith says:

Sheila, 94% of black shooting's are done by black people. Maybe you should use your position to pass more law's on putting these people behind bars where they belong. Also educate your people on how to raise their children. I'm not retreating from anyone, black or white if my life is threatened. We don't have the comforts of having armed guards everywhere we go, like you and Obummer, so you can bite me where the sun don't shine,

Jim Golden says:

What mind?

WE the people have moral and sense to protect our own regardless of the color of our skin..stand your ground is to protect you and your family from harms way most of us pays to give to……..wonder? Would she change her mind if she knew the truth….no….of course not… Texas no-way

Martin Leal That's "Fronk-en-stein.".

Toni Harrington-Listerman says:

HEY! Citizens of TEXAS! WHY HAVE YOU NOT ALREADY RECALLED THIS P.O.S. I live in a Stand Your Ground State. I will still stand my ground no matter what their BS laws state. I have EVERY RIGHT to defend myself and my family and I WILL NOT retreat in the face of a criminal violating my rights to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness!

Mike, don't sugar coat it. Tell us how you really feel!

Martin Leal says:

Texas can live on without Federal Tax money, can the US live without Texas?

Martin Leal says:

Texas can live on without Federal Tax money, can the US live without Texas?

cut yourself out of society.. that would be a tremendous favor to your constituents and stop being an oxygen thief. You also suffer from the belief that money is the only motive.. pitiful.

Martin Leal says:

I am offended that you would slander the honor of such a fine upstanding member of the Scientific community. I will defend the honor of Victor von Frankenstein and his grandson Fredrick. please refrain from slandering such honorable monsters

Tracy McGee Sandage says:

Lmfao mike.

John Mohler says:

Never mind that Zimmerman was not on watch duty at the time…

Cathy Clapp says:

I guess she wants the murder rate in Houston to top that of Chicago! Stupidity knows no bounds.

Mark Alan Strobelt says:

texas would never pass this and she is an obama whore.

Shejack has lost her mind.

Like her Great State of Texas is ever going to pass something as stupid as this?

Ellie Hemmerich says:

Hell all she would have to do is look at a criminal and they would be scared to death…. Her, feinstein, pelosi all look like brides of frankenstein……

Mike Crowson says:

Duty to retreat? Fuck you , You gawd damn Obama Whore. We will withhold funding from you , the federal government and you can go to hell! You work for us , we are not children to be punished by being grounded or having our allowance cut off. You can Suck my rebel dick!