Two million bikers to meet ‘Million Muslim March’ in DC on 9/11

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via Hotair

I’m sure by now you’ve heard of the “Million Muslim March” planned in Washington D.C. on 9/11. If you haven’t, you can watch the group’s organizer refusing to denounce hateful groups like the Muslim Brotherhood here.

Now in response to the march, a bunch of bikers are planning their own party in DC on 9/11…with two million people.

Thousands of America’s patriotic bikers are organizing an enormous counter protest to the planned Million Muslim March on DC this Sept. 11.

The Facebook Page, “2 Million Bikers to DC,” has over 18 thousand “likes,” as of Thursday morning and individual state chapters of riders have launched pages on Facebook, as well.

The bikers are riding “To remember those who were killed on 911 and honor our armed forces who fought those who precipitated this attack,” the Facebook page said.

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Sue McGauley Kline says:

you can lease one

i agreed with Mr Ron,as a American i also have their back as well as yours….. our Lord will protect us..☺

James Stack says:

You sick fucking assholes. Muslims are people too. You people do not deserve.this country and what it has to offer.

Dave Lester says:

Wear your bandana berkas so you'll be as unidentifiable as they are.

Mike Young says:

media will bash anyone against the muzzies screw them send them back to thrir sandbox

Bobby O'Dell says:

Hell yes! Didn't know this but lovin' it!

Ken Gibson says:

This comment was actually left by Ken Gibson, not realzing that I was on Traci's FB Page.

Doug Smith says:

if they would quit allowing all these idots from coming here there would be jobs for us.

I bet that on the day of the march Obama himself and his minions (the press) will be calling the AMERICAN bikers the criminals and the GOD HATING muslims the victims in any scuffles that are SURE to arise.

David Jordan says:

the media will slam the bikers no matter what.who cares? no matter what you do they will label us a bunch of racist rednecks who are picking on pour innocent muslims.i'm sick of two things in this world,today.perception by the politically correct and the word "compromise".no more compromising principles.or worrying about what these idiots think of's time to stand up.

River Davis says:

I don't have a problem with Muslims. I have a problem with Jihaddi style terrorist bastards peacefully marching on the day they killed 4000 of our people and saying they need to cause we are racist. And AMARICAN PATRIOTIC Muslim stay home, the Muslim Brotherhood pricks, I hope our bikers massacre you with hammers that day so guns aren't blamed. To the bikers standing up for us, thank you. To the patriotic Muslims that love America and won't go to the march, thank you. To the Muslim terrorists trying to piss us off, fuck you, I hope the bikers kill you, our Muslim terrorist president (who is a dishonor to our country) Obama can't protect you when we take law into our hands. May GOD have mercy on your soul, cause we sure as HELL won't.

Patrick Kellerman says:

I support them 1000%. I'd join them if I could.

I would love to come with a stock trailer full of pigs and turn them loose!

Lawrence Little says:

Right on! Go bikers!

Mary Nixon says:

Yes give them pork chops!!

Mary Nixon says:

Also wish I had a bike and could drive one I would be there too. So I'll keep the bikers in prayer. (Deport all Muslims)

Mary Nixon says:

Remember the one's who lost their lives. GOD BLESS AMERICA!

They picked 9/11 just to get under our skin! I am afraid for the bikers. I feel the Muslims are up to something sinister. I will be praying for our bikers. God Bless and good luck! My heart will be with them.

L.d. Stevens says:

Baby – we're ready back at home!!

Jacqueline Slattery says:

glad to know someone who lives a city away from me thinks the same!

Melanie Gerlitz Anadon says:

A Big THANK YOU to the bikers and to everyone who goes to support America!! God bless!!

Dinah Schupp says:

Will be with you in spirit–and praying for your safety.

Terry Dooley says:

Just please keep it peaceful or the media will slam the bikers!

God bless America, Love it or leave it!!!

Fischer Jan says:

"Watch and Pray"

Fischer Jan says:

Absolutely ……"One Nation under God" the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob

Fischer Jan says:

Awesome……..this IS the UNITED STATES of AMERICA !!!

Muslim its a shame them to be doung this on 9-11 they are just geting to prove a point to the usa

I hope they like those Hogs…

Ride for Honor and Respect for those that have given their all for us and for those that are serving.

Jan Cashero says:

Here is the solution. Crop dust the area with pigs blood. Problem solved.


Ron Palmieri says:

This insult is outrageous….Muslims should be deported as enemies of the state. These people betray god and country in their quest for world domination and now breathe free air to perpetuate their false prophet. Ride on my brothers….I got your back.

Traci Fries says:

I say block all the streets leading to ground zero with BBQ's cooking pork, dip your ammo into the pork grease and have a hay day…send 'em to Hell where they belong.

Wish I could be there in person, but I will be there in spirit. GOD BLESS the REAL AMERICANS.

Omar Rivera says:

I wish I had a bike.

Josh Lucas says:

That's awesome!

Danny Flippin says:

While we Ride the rest need be Prepared!

The Muslim Brotherhood made an error choosing 9/11 as a day to march. Hope they like Potato, Potato, Potato.

Frank Merlino Jr. says:

Get at em then. , if only to let them know we r not going anywhere , this is OUR home

Dennis Harrison says:

kick some muslim ass.

Dennis Harrison says:

kick some muslim ass.

Dennis Harrison says:

kick some muslim ass.

Tom Beaulieu says:

Lest we Forget…..the fallen and Heroes on 9/11…Ride for LIBERTY.

Tom Beaulieu says:

Lest we Forget…..the fallen and Heroes on 9/11…Ride for LIBERTY.

Tom Beaulieu says:

Lest we Forget…..the fallen and Heroes on 9/11…Ride for LIBERTY.