james woods

Breitbart is reporting that James Woods continues to pound President Barack Obama on Twitter regardless what his Hollywood peers might think.

This time the veteran actor blasts the president for sharing data on Americans with another country.
The National Security Agency routinely shares raw intelligence data with Israel without removing information about Americans, The Guardian reported, citing a top-secret document it said was provided by former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden.

That fired up Woods, an actor known for his intense work in films like The Onion Field, Casino and Nixon. He sent out the following tweet to alert his followers to the latest NSA news.
Report: Data on Americans shared with Israel http://usat.ly/1e32eY5 Obama: the gift from hell that keeps on giving.



  1. At least Israel is an ally… but then we don't always know what's been shared with enemies now, do we?

    Here's a thought: Maybe these "Americans" are anti-Semites that are planning some huge bombing in Israel. Do we know if that's true? If Israel found out some of it's population was planning a big bombing in the US, we would want to know who, wouldn't we?

    Not that I approve of Obama's tactics, I'm only saying that we don't know the other side of the story.

    I support James Woods and Clint Eastwood for their stand.

  2. Palestine was never a country. They are a nomadic people that were in the land when England got it back from the hands of enemies. It wasn't called Palestine at the time. It never has been.

  3. @ Jack Davis – TRUTH! It was Sadat who coined the term Palestinian. No such country every existed and no such peoples.

  4. Back up there Wayne. The name Clinton should sound familiar and the name Carter should sound even more familiar. It's funny though, that after 5 years of failures you are still blaming Bush for Obama's incompetence.

  5. So, it's the Liberal argument that people didn't want social security either and Obamacare is a good thing…hm Stupidest argument ever. As is Social Security has ended up successful…NO the government has stolen from SS just like they will from Obamacare, the death panels will be the same as in other Countries with socialized medical. If you don't believe it just ask someone from the UK if their grandma passed away because they decided to let her die… Can you imagine how much money you would have if SS was deposited into an account for you that only you could draw from. Let me tell you, you'd be filthy rich by now. Healthcare personal accounts is the better solution. Defund Obamacare now before it ends up like SS did…put the money in your account so that you can decide how to spend it. I'm sure you'll spend it to save your life. Obamacare wont!
    Sign this one too: http://act.theteaparty.net/7916/sign-tea-party-petition-to-defund-obamacare-now/?src=widget

  6. As a Viet Nam vet, the 2 most Disliked people by Vets are?, John Kerry and Jane Fonda, a match made in HELL.

  7. The circumstances DON'T MATTER. The O'ministration CANNOT lawfully out-source responsibility for our rights including our Fourth or Fourteenth Amendment rights. The circumstances DON'T MATTER.

  8. Giving money and weapons to the rebels in Syria is aiding and abetting our enemy, al quaeda. That is called treason….These same rebels are beheading Christians if they do not agree to be muslims. Assad has not hurt the Chrisians.

  9. Actually, the name Palestine goes by to the Roman times, and it isn't really true that the Palestinians were nomads. They lived in settled villages, many of which were abandoned in 1947 during the war of independence. The thing the modern Palestinians won't admit is that those villages were abandoned at the order of the muslim mufti of Jerusalem. And then the people were deliberately left in refugee camps by the Jordanians, Egyptians, etc. Jewish refugees, many of whom come to Israel after being expelled from Arab countries, were labeled new immigrants, and allowed to absorb into the country.

  10. Mr Woods, In your anti-Obama screed you ask who is Obama. I would ask who are you? To coin an old saying, "You are entitled to your opinion but not your own facts". Where were you when the Bush criminal cabal took our country to it's economic knees? Where were you when the most criminal cabal in the country's history, the Reagan administration, started America on it's economic down hill slide? Where were you when Reagan gave the gas it used to kill it's own citizens to Iraq, to use against Iran who in turn gave it to Syria? To coin another phrase, "Me thinks you doth protest a little too loudly". You should really take a look in the mirror to discover what's wrong with America. It is you, the Tea Party and conservative Republicanism. Ike couldn't get elected in todays hyper confrontational Republican politics.

  11. I once saw a report that a person making the equivalent to 50K if he worked from 20 to 65 would have retired with over 900K in their SS account…..That is, until they stole it and gave it to those lazier than…..errr, I mean less fortunate than, you………

  12. Once again, a lib protecting the Big Eared Moron by saying everybody else did it, where were you then.. as if he knows where our minds were on all of the above. RICH, YOU NEED MEDICINE. NOT ONLY ARE YOUR FACTS ALMOST COMPLETELY WRONG, BUT IT THERE WERE RIGHT AND YOU FIND THEM SO BAD, WHY WOULD YOU BE OK WITH BOZO DOING IT???? THINK ABOUT THAT.

  13. Why no one dares to ask oneself if Edward Snowden report is true or accurate at all?! Although the US and Israel relations are very close I doubt if America and Israel exchanging free information on individuals. Do you really think that clerks have the need and time to deal with unnecessary and meaningless gigantic information?