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(WND) – As part of the Obama administration’s repeated insistence – though without offering proof – that the recent sarin gas attack near Damascus was the work of the Assad regime, the administration has downplayed or denied the possibility that al-Qaida-linked Syrian rebels could produce deadly chemical weapons.

However, in a classified document just obtained by WND, the U.S. military confirms that sarin was confiscated earlier this year from members of the Jabhat al-Nusra Front, the most influential of the rebel Islamists fighting in Syria.

The document says sarin from al-Qaida in Iraq made its way into Turkey and that while some was seized, more could have been used in an attack last March on civilians and Syrian military soldiers in Aleppo.

The document, classified Secret/Noforn – “Not for foreign distribution” – came from the U.S. intelligence community’s National Ground Intelligence Center, or NGIC, and was made available to WND Tuesday. Continue reading via WND…

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Duane Hay says:

I agree totally with you on that.

Shel Scott says:

The very idea that the Islamist "rebels" had no sarin was stupid. Right from the get-go. Why does the 0bama administration run with such stupid conjecture? It may well be that they are not only subversive, but are, in fact, not very smart.

Richard Shutter says:

Read about it awhile ago.. Interview indicated some of the chemical weapons found with the rebels was obtained from the Saudis.. National Press ignored the interview and never reported it to the American People… The only groups to gain by the use of chemical weapons, and blame it on Assad , are those groups being supported, through the back door with US Taxpayer dollars, by the Obama regime, using his brother, who is a banker for the musilum brotherhood and al qaeda… The truth must come out! This is one time the blame can't be shoved off to Bush…. The lunatic monkey playing with the hand grenade must be stopped and not allowed to start W.W. III.

Steve Pearson says:

…never doubted it for a moment… flip a coin, and THAT'S who used the chemical weapon….