Rev. Manning on Obama

Rev. Manning on Obama




  1. Reverend Manning I agree with you totally except for the name you called him. You have the right to use that word but I wish you had not. Unfortunately President Obama failed at everything he could have done to improve race relations, choosing to keep race relations stirred up for his benefit as opposed to our benefit. He has hurt the Black community more than any white President to date. It's sad really. Race relations have been set back to what they were in the 60's. I was there, so I know. I honor you for speaking the truth, you are an honorable man that I pray God will continue to bless.

  2. Joseph please ! The man is telling the truth and thats exactley what Obama is he don't care about you are any American in the united states can't you see that Obama is trying to break the backbone of America for the take over of THE MUSLIM ? I SAY CALL HIM JUST WHAT HE REALLY IS !

  3. Who the hell is this assclown? I love the way he thinks repeating the same bullshit over and over will somehow make his ignorance ring true (we normally call that trying to convince yourself of what you are saying as opposed to someone else).

    Looks like the Minstrel Show has another contestant to try and out Stepin-Fetchit the NUMEROUS other Gumbo Chaffs in the world.

    You are nothing new. We've seen your ignorant type before. You wasted your whole little speaking engagement here so that you could call President Obama a "nigga"… That was so profound and wise I don't know why you haven't been given a spot on Fox News giving meaningful commentary on the relevant situations going on in the world today… @_@

    Oh wait, yes I do: It's because you're ignorant and apparently don't know a thing about any current events going on in the world today.

  4. So where should I start. Like ugh we gave him jack shit, do people think when we had bush we were all in mansions with butlers. He has to lead a country not black people da fuq is wrong with this country our country men are idiots. He's a rev so that makes everything he says irrelevant and the nigga failed?!?

  5. 100% right one point. This guy is a hero..Charecteristics and color…not just all talk like Obama, Jesse Jackson, and racist light fingers Sharpton.