Liberal Talk Radio Dead In LA; Replaced By Rush And Sean

Liberal Talk Radio Dead In LA; Replaced By Rush And Sean



Breitbart: Clear Channel announced Thursday that progressive talker KTLK “Diverse LA” will flip format to an all-conservative line-up and will be re-branded “Patriot 1150.”

KTLK’s foundering liberal line-up had included Stephanie Miller, Randi Rhodes, and Bill Press. KTLK’s ratings have been anemic, averaging 0.2 in the 6+ demographic over the past six months. In November, the liberal line-up registered #41 in the crowded LA market. In comparison, conservative KFI finished in the top 10 with a 3.4 in the same demo

Clear Channel’s powerhouse station KFI, which has dominated the talk radio scene since they picked up a Rush Limbaugh early in his national syndication career, will be sending Rush over to Patriot 1150 for the launch. The Patriot 1150 line-up will also include syndicated powerhouses Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity, all three syndicated by Clear Channel’s Premiere Radio Networks.

Rush leaving KFI after over 20 years leaves the 50,000 watt station with nothing but local shows including their top rated morning show featuring Bill Handle and the very popular afternoon drive team John Kobylt and Ken Chiampou.

When the dust settles, the landscape of the Los Angeles talk radio scene will be striking. The nation’s #2 market will have four conservative talk radio stations with Salem’s KRLA and Cumulus’ KABC joining KFI and KTLK.



  1. It's like Ann Coulter said on the failure of left wing stations. To have longevity on the radio you have to tell the truth and know your facts – and at that point your not really a liberal any more are you.

  2. Hurray! About time those dimwits on KTLK got axed. I'm sure both of their listeners are going to be really upset but the rest of LA will be glad those "We're smarter than you are" Leftwinges are gone.