Still No Autopsy Results For Fuddy

Still No Autopsy Results For Fuddy




Still no autopsy results  for Fuddy. I need your help in getting several autopsies

1. Loretta Fuddy, when it is aqvailable

2. William Jarrett (ex husband of Valerie Jarrett) and his second wife. both died in their 40s, i believe cause of death was reported as a heart attack

3. Andrew Breitbart (cause of death reported as a heart attack, was in his early 40s)

4. Michael Hastings (reported as a car accident, was inhis 40s)

5. Donald Young, Lary Bland, Nate Spence, 3 gay friends of Obama

6. Renee Abima Obama, (died in Silversprings, MD, born Haloween day 1994 died on Christmas 1994)

7. David Obama (reported as dead in a car accident in Kenya)

8. Lieutenant Quarles Harris -involved in braking in Obama’s passport records, found shot and killed in 2008