Shhh: The Ex-Lesbian Wife Of A Prominent Democrat Says That Homosexuality Is A CHOICE Carey:

People are born gay, right?

Chirlane McCray,  First Lady of New York City and wife of the Democratic mayor of New York City says that homosexuality is a choice.

She should know. She chose it.

Then she unchose it.

She was a lesbian back in 1979, before it was mandatory. So we think she has some authority on this subject.

It’s cool how that works, isn’t it? She actually decided how she was going to practice her intimacy. You know, like people really can do, the objections of GLAAD notwithstanding.

Well, the clown posse of gay rights activists that have recently been butt-hurt (no pun intended) over Phil Robertson’s controversial less-than-outrageous-and-prefectly-sensible remarks concerning same-sex perving now have another dog to fight.

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