Man Posts On Facebook About “Police State” And Guess Who Shows Up?

Man Posts On Facebook About “Police State” And Guess Who Shows Up?


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by Sean Brown

We use Facebook for many things, some of us use it for posting pictures of our food, others for posting the infamous “selfie”, and some of us to vent our frustrations with the government and politics as a whole. No matter the reason you use Facebook, you expect to be able to post just about anything you want(aside from death threats to the President) without being hassled since our right to free speech is protected.

Well that’s not the experience Blaine Cooper from Humboldt, AZ had. The 33 year old posted a rant on Facebook showing his frustration with the country and within 24 hours he was contacted by the police and FBI. On August 23, Officer Jason Kaufman of the Prescott Valley Police Department contacted Cooper and told him that he needed to come down to the station for questioning with the FBI. He complied and the interview, with federal agents present the whole time, lasted 45 minutes then Cooper was released after it was determined he wasn’t a threat.

“They had every Facebook post I had ever made in a huge file, along with all my wife’s information, and parent’s information,”

blaine post

Cooper stated that complying with the request for an interview saved him from having his home raided by the Feds, and that by complying he was “diffusing the situation”, according to police who said his home may have been raided otherwise. “The FBI made mention they came to question me so they didn’t have to kick in my door,” Cooper said.

Cooper made a Youtube Video later in the day because he still felt threatened by his encounter with the Feds.

[I] hope this doesn’t happen to anybody else,” said Cooper.

I wonder if we can thank the NSA’s XKeyscore Program for this?



  1. spooky times we live in like my grandfather told me you cant hold freedom there for you must fight for it from time too time

  2. Purely a case of them over stepping the bounds of what they should be doing. There was nothing that post that was a threat to anyone and nothing that thousands of others had not said before him. They need to be reminded from time to time that these are our rights not theirs.

  3. Even more sad is that the FBI was supposed to be interviewing people for the IRS scandal against Tea Party groups and conservatives and never did ….now they are saying the investigation is over and it's not going any where! What is this country coming to??

  4. He should have told the FBI to go screw themselves. Those pricks seem to forget that this is AMERICA, and we have RIGHTS — on top of that, they have limitations guaranteed by the Constitution — unless they want to overlook the Constitution, in which case, I refer back to an oath I gave 25 years ago to uphold, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States from all enemies, foreign and domestic.

    Haul me in for questioning now, you self-righteous sons-of-bitches. Let's get this party started!

  5. I guess they figure that since the PRESIDENT doesn't have to follow the Constitution, neither do they.

  6. Give Them A Chance there Carl. Do you think you will still be boasting when your house is surrounded by FBI as they Bash in your door and take you in for questioning? Do you think they really care about your Constitutional rights? It won't be funny when they come into your house, take your computer and put whatever they need to put on there to put you in jail for the rest of your life. The FBI, and CIA don't have to worry about your Constitutional Rights. They can make you a criminal if they want to. So, Good Luck!

  7. Don Wayne Meadows THAT is a fact ! 'THEY' can access your computer from anywhere, install deeply hidden, false info and/or files and pics, and nail you for child porn if they want…. "Hoe the HELL did we get here, America ?"

  8. Oh, I see now, I didn't have to remind you, because you are a Computer Man. Sorry there Carl. Wish you the Best.

  9. Don, I'm well aware of the law. I'm also smart enough to have my backside covered, whether it's what's on (our not on) my computer or what I say, I know (and so do they) where the line is, and more importantly, I'm connected well enough legally, as well as politically.

  10. I look up things on google just to screw with then, eg: how to make automatic weapons, the Capital building, Pentagon, dirty bombs etc. I have'nt been brought in yet. But when I am the first thing I will due is contact my attorney which is the States speaker of the house son.

  11. Don Wayne Meadows So your answer is compliance? no wonder the bastards are winning, with such brave and honorable men such as yourself out there to stand up for us. Good luck Laddy, you are def going to need it.

  12. fuk the FBI and the cops I would not have went in and if they raided my house when they find nothing i'll be set with all the money I get from suing the shit out of them

  13. All cops are thugs they do shit to make you look bad. It is bad they think they are above the law but their not. Hell with them all. FBI CIA State cops their all just thugs.

  14. Ronnie, I can't agree with that completely out-of-hand. I know a lot of local police, Sheriff's Deputies, State Police and even Federal law enforcement, as well as lawyers, judges and politicians here in Texas, and even if they were going to come after me, I could at the very least expect a courtesy call — and if that didn't happen, my wife works in the courts, and would let me know a warrant had been issued.

  15. Carl I have been taken in for questioning .Unrelated to anything remotely political. Being Polite and Going Along to Get Along is the best way to handle those situations . There is NO WEAKNESS or SHAME in keeping things on a Cordial basis .

  16. Don Wayne Meadows I guess if you get the call the first thing to do is take your computer out of the house and store it somewhere off the property. Actually have someone else do it so that you have no knowledge of where its at. That way while your gone they cant access it and post something you didnt say.

  17. Don Wayne Meadows I guess if you get the call the first thing to do is take your computer out of the house and store it somewhere off the property. Actually have someone else do it so that you have no knowledge of where its at. That way while your gone they cant access it and post something you didnt say.

  18. "Defusing" the situation… can request, but I do not have to comply, and if you come to my house, you have to explain to me why you want to come in, even if you have a warrant. Just because you're a cop with a warrant is not an instant pass-key to my house.

  19. "Defusing" the situation… can request, but I do not have to comply, and if you come to my house, you have to explain to me why you want to come in, even if you have a warrant. Just because you're a cop with a warrant is not an instant pass-key to my house.

  20. Y'all are assuming the courts themselves will follow the law and the Constitution. We've seen all to many cases where they don't.

    The Supreme Court on Obamacare for example.

  21. His reach out to Alex Jones says all that needs to be said about this guy's state of mind. Alex Jones is a complete nut job. I am willing to wager this radical prepper type is as dangerous as islam. Find some sanity son and stop with the Infowars brainwash. Stumping for the radical Alex Jones lost my respect.

  22. The Feds acted in full authority of the constitution. This man blatantly threatened the United States, Federal and State Officers, as well as incited that a revolution is coming. Therefore, the FBI has reason to believe he is terrorist. Free speech is free if, and only if, it does not threaten "any official or any person acting as an official of the United States Government and the peace and tranquility of the United States." Clearly, Mr. Cooper overstepped his boundary of free speech when he stated, "Enough of this Nazi Police State, I am fighting back on it."

    For the person(s) who state that the FBI has no authority to issue a warrant and that, should Mr. Cooper have a search warrant issued on his property, has every right to not let them in, you are very wrong. A search warrant is the most constitutional tool used by the FBI to search for evidence against someone who may be attempting a terrorist attack or a crime. Every-single-person in the United States must obey a search warrant, if issued under correct premise.

  23. Proves a lot about the lies FB and NSA ARE Trying to convince people to ignore.some will but most know the truth, especially after a pile of lies in past 5 yrs.

  24. You used to have rights. They have been chipping them away while they distract the public with hot button issues. While all the religious right wing people are focused on who is having sex with who, they are passing bills that strip your rights.

    You no longer have rights. How do you not know this?

  25. Don Wayne Meadows : Officers of the law do not surround a mans home. When a Pennsylvania State Trooper, comes to my door & knocks I'll happily talk to them. If a criminal bashes in my door, they get a extremely different response.
    It does not stop being a crime because you magically got a badge.

  26. Exactly what was wrong with his English Ramon?? HE spoke well and was coherent and to the point, no dis, dats or does in the whole video!

  27. Let's just say that one shouldn't use an apostrophe to indicate a word's plural form, one shouldn't use a comma where a period would suffice, the condensed form of the expression "I am" requires a comma, only proper nouns and words that launch a sentence should have their first letter capitalized, and there's a difference between the words "loose" and "lose" as well as between the words "diffusing" and "defusing."

    I agree with his distrust of corrupt authority, and think that his case would be better made if he paid more attention to composing his sentences correctly.

  28. Don Wayne Meadows You are a freaking shill bot. You should go in for better programming. Let me guess… Fancy yourself a skeptic? lol fucking fool.

  29. Ramon Ruenes, seriously? Are you speaking of his original facebook comment that he made to someone? If so, get a life!

  30. Apparently you are speaking of the person who wrote this article and frankly i could care less about whether this person is a decent writer or uses proper punctuation. I was more interested in the video and what this gentleman went through than i am about being the punctuation or grammar police. Maybe the Feds could use a guy like you to help them with their English, lol!

  31. What logical and persuasive argument are we speaking of because up to now you haven't made one. You read the article and apparently watched the video and yet say nothing about what this guy went through, whether you agree with the article or disagree and can only point out the writers poor punctuation and grammar. Then you try to impress me with your vast knowledge of the English language? Wow, you must do well with the ladies Ramon, lmao!

  32. I realize this is unrelated, but will someone give this guy an English lesson? Plurals and possessives are not the same thing!

  33. David, I'm still not convinced. For starters, I know all the local law enforcement here, and the cool thing is we're of similar mindset with regards to this administration and its overreaching. If all else fails, I have a bug-out kit, weapons and ammo, and best of all, survival skills acquired over ten years of military service. My wife is nearly as prepared as I, and has inside information up to the federal level. Our oldest son is an active duty Marine and our youngest son will start shooting and learning to be responsible with guns when he turns six. I'm covered.

  34. The "Fact that you are ready to go at a moments notice shows you know what the real score is . ( Not that there is a REAL SCORE TO KNOW )This whole Urban Shield deal takes Local Swat and turns them into an interchangeable mini strike force For a region so chances are it wouldn't be someone you know or who knows you at the front door ,Just some guy from somewhere else and you are on his list .

  35. Leslie McKelvey Wirtley But we do follow the Constitution. He was just exercising his 1st amendment rights and for that they violated his 4th, 10th and who knows how many other rights. When are "We The People" going to have enough of this and do exactly what the Constitution tells us is not only our right but our duty, to oust a tyrannical government? (Waiting for the jerks to call me now. LOL)