Krauthammer: A Republican President Would Be Impeached If He Did The Things Obama Did

charles k

By Brian Carey

Charles Krauthammer appeared on the Special Report All Star Panel tonight to discuss the President’s threat, from his State Of The Union Speech, to use executive orders if Congress doesn’t pass laws in accordance with his vision.

“You can have executive orders that implement already existing laws,” Krauthammer said. “What Obama has done, in the DREAM Act… essentially, he passed a law by executive order that the Congress had rejected, wouldn’t pass.”

“That is unbelievably unconstitutional,” he continued. “It’s as if a Republican ran and said, ‘I don’t like the capital gains tax.’ Congress rejects an abolition of that tax, and then he orders the IRS not to collect it. People would be up in arms and would be impeaching.”

“He’s done that over and over again on immigration, drug laws, climate change, and of course, on ObamaCare which he has unilaterally altered lawlessly at least 15 times,” he said.

Have a look at the video below.

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