Manhunt Underway For Mexican National Who Raped Teen Girl 70 Times

Manhunt Underway For Mexican National Who Raped Teen Girl 70 Times


505 cruz hernandez illegal raped 70 timesA manhunt is underway which is spreading nationwide for a Mexican national, sought in connection with the serial rape of a teenage girl. Not only is he suspected of repeatedly sexually assaulting the young girl over a three year period, he also forced her to get an abortion. The pregnancy is believed to have been the result of one of the instances of rape.

Police in Norristown Borough, PA, began their search for Gerardo Cruz-Hernandez last week after they determined him to be the likely culprit in the offenses.

A female friend of Cruz-Hernandez tipped him off before police were able to capture him and he is believed to now be en route back to his native Mexico in an effort to evade capture. That woman is now in police custody.

The crimes were discovered after one of the young girl’s teachers saw what she perceived as signs of abuse and notified police. The young girl is now in the custody of County Youth Services.

If the perpetrator is captured and returned to Pennsylvania he will be charged with 70 counts of rape, aggravated assault, indecent assault, corruption of a minor and endangering the welfare of children.

Cruz-Hernandez’s immigration status was not provided. He is described in reports only as being a Mexican national. If he is in fact an illegal alien, this is another example of a failure to enforce our borders having huge consequences for innocent Americans.

Equal culpability should be shared by those within the Obama administration who refuse to allow the border agents to enforce immigration law and created the environment in which this criminal act was able to occur.

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