Trey Gowdy as House Speaker, Replace the Silent Boehner, Obama’s Stealth Weapon

Trey Gowdy as House Speaker, Replace the Silent Boehner, Obama’s Stealth Weapon


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Stumblin and bumblin, Boehner struggles through a speech that he seems to be seeing for the first time and covering material which is news to him. Although he takes credit for forcing the release of documents, he’s not very convincing in his delivery.

At :26 Boehner takes credit for forcing the Obama regime to release a report on what the impact of obamacare will be on employer sponsored health plans.

If this information comes from the White House, Boehner would be well served to remember Susan Rice and to not take the information too seriously until it’s been verified. If it comes from the CBO or other sources, wouldn’t it have been released anyway, without his “heroic” efforts on behalf of Americans?

While Boehner is entering the report into the record, he doesn’t say that he has himself read it either, only that others probably weren’t aware of it. He seems to be reading from notes about the report that were prepared by whoever actually did read it for him.

At 1:36 Boehner pats himself on the back again, saying “the only reason we even know about it is because the House demanded this transparency from the administration.”

One occasional scattered revelation in a forest of obscurity and lies does not qualify as transparency, Boehner. At least it doesn’t from a viewpoint outside of DC.

As he closes, he once again credits the House with continuing “to focus on stopping government abuse, promoting better solutions for middle class families and small businesses.”

It’s all just so much theatrics that we’ve seen time and time again. It just needs to stop.

His weakness as House Speaker is painfully on full display. His apparent lack of preparedness in reading, rather than knowing, what he is about to say, a failure to impart a commitment to the message that someone else prepared for him, as well as a unwillingness to address the real issues which are plaguing America at this decisive time highlight why John Boehner is a severe liability to the American people.

He might be a great guy who means well and is in over his head, or it could be a deliberate stall. Whatever the reason, the Speakership of John Boehner is an impediment that the American people cannot afford at this moment in time.

Our future as a nation is being decided by a criminal gang in power and this man does not stand up to challenge him. The position of Speaker would be the natural location from which a voice of reason would come. There are those voices in the House, such a Rep Trey Gowdy, who are thoughtful, familiar with the issues, and unapologetically forceful in demanding action.

The longer we accept this milquetoast “do nothing” as Speaker of the House, the longer the crimes and scandals will continue to plague our nation and the further into tyranny we will fall.

Instead of hearing Patrick Henry we are listening as a stumbling “Homer Simpson” fumbles and mumbles his way through the day and through our nation’s future. Enough is enough; it’s time for a change. America needs a Speaker who will speak up.

Are you interested, Mr. Gowdy?

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