Judge Jeanine Destroys Obama’s Ineptitude in Ukraine and U.S.

[Watch] Judge Jeanine Destroys Obama’s Ineptitude in Ukraine and U.S.


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Judge Jeanine makes points out the lack of leadership of the Obama administration, which is most recently on display in the Russia/Ukraine debacle. She comments on Obama’s red lines, his panty lines and the way that he makes America look cowardly.

It’s apparent from Obama’s comments that not even he believes what he is saying, but he had to jump into the middle of things to show he’s just as much of a man as Putin is. Unfortunately for America, he isn’t, and that is what he succeeded in demonstrating.

She reminds Obama that being “Dictator in the United States doesn’t make you King of the World.”

She questions Obama if it’s all about his Ego, saying “You can’t win a war, and yet you can’t wait to get into the middle of someone else’s.

She doesn’t slow down, saying all of the things that need to be said and would be, if there were more like the Judge among the media.

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