10,000 Las Vegas Union Casino Workers in Revolt, May Strike Over Obamacare

10,000 Las Vegas Union Casino Workers in Revolt, May Strike Over Obamacare


535 las vegas culinary workers strike

The Las Vegas Culinary Union is unhappy with obamacare. They were a big factor in the Nevada vote and were instrumental in helping to get Obama elected both times. They were in favor of obamacare as was their leadership as long as the negative impacts were being felt by someone else. Now that it is impacting them directly, they’re singing a different tune. It’s a kind of bluesy sounding version of “si se puede.”

Maybe mindlessly following the dictates of union bosses isn’t such a good idea. Critical thinking in the election process is not a requirement, but it can be useful. They made their bed, it’s bedtime, but they aren’t about to take this lying down.

The real possibility exists of the union voting to go on strike if contract negotiations to keep their existing benefits are not resolved satisfactorily by March 20th.  That is the trigger date, and with 10,000 members, it could be a major blow for the city of Las Vegas.

Speaking for the disgruntled Obama-supporting workers of Local 226, Donald Taylor, Unite Here President said, “The biggest hurdle to reaching settlements in Vegas is the new costs imposed on our health plan by Obamacare.  Even though the president and Congress promised we could keep our health plan, the reality is, unless the law is fixed, that won’t be true.”

Donald should have phrased his comments along the lines of even though Obama and the Democrats told them that. No Republicans said anything of the kind. Those lies came from the lips of Obama, Reid, Pelosi, Schumer and company.

Now that there are no more elections in his future, B. Hussein Obama seems much less concerned with pleasing his union constituency. They seem to have lost their usefulness. To illustrate that point, the Obama regime decided their policy would be to deny unions requesting exemptions earlier this week. Over the summer, the Obama administration also rejected union requests for federal subsidies.

It’s clear the luster has faded from their relationship. While Obama no longer needs the unions, it will be very interesting to see how they react to being discarded like a used Kleenex by the guy they were in such admiration of. It’s so sad when infatuation blocks clear judgment in a one-sided relationship.

But the union workers will move on. They will survive. Perhaps they will regain their strength and learn from their mistakes sufficiently to retaliate against Democrats up for reelection. The dissatisfaction of unions across the country could make for some very interesting midterm elections.

It’s too bad that Harry Reid isn’t up for reelection this year.

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