Lawless Wild West – Boulder City Council Boasts Illegal Alien Member

Lawless Wild West – Boulder City Council Boasts Illegal Alien Member


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Trickle-down lawlessness. That’s what seems to be at work around the country, from the proliferation of sanctuary cities to the “run away” border policy, immigration law is treated as if it’s akin to jay-walking; a crime too petty to be treated as an actual crime.

A blatant example of this new en-vogue lawlessness is a newly-appointed member of the Boulder City Council Human Relations Commission. He’s living proof that when the rule of law ceases to be the rule, the law ceases to have meaning.

The actions by the chief executive and other Democrats have set the example that immigration law violations are nothing to be concerned with so naturally, there will be and is a carryover into portions of the general population.

Jose Beteta is a 34-year-old Costa Rican who readily acknowledges that he is in the United States illegally. He doesn’t try to hide it, in fact, he flaunts it.

A rule change last November discarded the requirement that the volunteers for local board and commissions positions be registered voters. Could there be any better committee to appoint an illegal activist to than The Human Relations Commission? That committee “works to promote diversity in the city as well as to address discrimination and civil rights.”

It certainly is fortuitous for Boulder area illegals that he ended up on a committee that addresses discrimination. It shouldn’t be long before the newly empowered illegal aliens in Boulder are demanding “their equal rights” in a country that they have no legal right to be in.

Naturally, the left and the media are celebrating. No local Sheriff is going to go in and arrest the illegal councilman; that has been clearly demonstrated to be the sole domain of the feds. They’ve also already made it clear they aren’t going to do their jobs.

It will likely not be too long before this illegal alien makes a vote in which an American citizen is subjugated to one of his fellow illegals in the name of “diversity.” If he votes on even one issue it is an unjust usurpation of the rights of an untold number of United States citizens.

Beteta said, “I’m basically opening the door for others to follow, it’s one more opportunity for people to be able to contribute to their community.”

That’s not exactly true. He’s not opening a door, he just walked through a door that Hussein Obama and others like him left standing wide open.

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