Nancy Pelosi in 1992 – America’s UN Agenda 21 Nightmare Begins

[Watch] Nancy Pelosi in 1992 – America’s UN Agenda 21 Nightmare Begins


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The subject of discussion in the video is H.Con.Res.353, asserting that the U.S. should “assume a strong leadership role” in implementing the recommended actions rising from the 1992 United Nations Earth Summit agreement in Rio de Janeiro.  At the :40 mark the speaker, Rep Engel, recommends that the U.S. participate in a high level “sustainable development” commission, which is synonymous code-speak for Agenda 21.

At the 1:18 mark, a much younger Nancy Pelosi describes The Earth Summit Environmental Leadership Act, saying it, “presents us with an opportunity to follow up on the important work of the Earth Summit, to develop its blueprint, Agenda 21 for global environmental action.”

As Pelosi stumbles through her prepared remarks, at approximately the 1:42 mark she talks of the creation of an office and a position to promote the program. She talks of a directive to initiate further agreements and to support the creation of a high level United Nations sustainable development commission headed by an undersecretary general. The president is urged to report to Congress on the progress. There we have key complicit Congresspersons creating a means for the United Nations to attach its tentacles to our government and our population.

What she was laying the foundation for is now in full swing, the incremental UN takeover of American sovereignty and a gradual reduction in the rights of everyday Americans through the guise of global environmentalism.

For many who doubt that Agenda 21 really exists and consider it to be merely one of the much derided “conspiracy theories,” perhaps hearing it read into the record by a familiar though not particularly trustworthy individual will provide more credibility.

There is a wealth of information to validate and reinforce what is going on and much of it is provided by the United Nations themselves. One just needs to expend a little effort and read with a critical ear to ascertain what Agenda 21 holds in store.

They also get a few suction cups of the “global climate change” tentacle in place as well as noted by Pelosi’s follow up speaker, Rep Broomfield of Michigan.

If only those in attendance had realized what they were doing in the midst of all of their proper yielding of time back and forth to destroy our nation, under the touchy-feely umbrella of their global government, United Nations led efforts.

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