Eric Holder Gave Terrorists Same Documents He Refuses To Give To...

[Watch] Eric Holder Gave Terrorists Same Documents He Refuses To Give To Congress


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While much has been made of the arrogance and condescension with which Attorney General Eric Holder responded to  Rep Louis Gohmert of Texas, but there’s a much bigger story from this five minute exchange which has been begging to be answered and has, as usual, gone ignored by the Justice Department.

Not only do they pertain to a terrorist investigation, they involve potential complicity in aiding and abetting terrorism by Eric Holder’s “Justice Department.”

On April 27th, 2011, Rep Louis Gohmert sent asked House Judiciary Chairman Lamar Smith to send a letter to the Justice Department, asking for the documents in “the Holy Land Foundation.” Those documents had been used by the Justice Department to prosecute that organization.

Rep Gohmert described that since that time, almost three years ago, there has been an on-going back and forth between his office and Justice, with the most recent correspondence being a letter dated June 13th, 2013 in which Gohmert reiterated the specific request for the documents in question.

He was told by the Justice Department to go access the public information on the Internet. Mr. Gohmert was specific to the specific data, which he states the Department of Justice had already provided to people convicted of supporting terrorism.

Gohmert says, “They’re terrorists, we’ve given them the documents, the Justice Department has, and my information is that they’ve now been put on disks and sent to Illinois, so we know they are easily provided; just not to members of Congress.”

Rep Gohmert describes how in the response, seven months from the date of his letter he was given a link to access other information on the Internet, not the documents he had specified.

Gohmert then says, “Attorney General, I’ve read in the Fifth Circuit opinion about 9,600 summaries of transcripts of conversations that the Justice Dept had that were made available to attorneys for the terrorists. I still do not understand why your department can provide documents to terrorists’ lawyers and many of them, to four out of eight of the terrorists and not provide them to members of Congress.

All I am asking again is can we please get the documents that have been put on disks of the 9,600 summaries of transcripts and the documents that were produced to the terrorists, and not some link, but documents which you made available or your department made available to the terrorists. I renew my request.”

Then Holder shifted from the documents in question to some other ones that he had promised to send, and Gohmert cut him off saying that those documents are inadequate, and then made the comment that contempt is not a big deal to our attorney general.

That’s when Holder “got tough” and talked down to Rep Gohmert saying “You don’t want to go there buddy.”

The truth that Holder doesn’t care to hear is that most of America, the part that isn’t clamoring to be manipulated by his skin color, already holds him in contempt along with Congress, for his traitorous and criminal acts.

The question was never answered. Why is Holder withholding documents from Congress that he willingly gave to attorneys for terrorists and terrorists?

Holder’s involvement in aiding and abetting terrorists or deliberately obstructing justice by failing to act or provide evidence for others to act would be an interesting investigation.

Let’s hope Rep Gohmert and his allies are able to find someone willing to prosecute him in the not too distant future, once he’s removed from office.

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