Harry Reid and Son Called Crooks by Their Own Hometown Paper

Harry Reid and Son Called Crooks by Their Own Hometown Paper



Dingy Harry Reid has a problem. His hometown paper, the Las Vegas Review-Journal (LVRJ) is calling him out for his latest criminal caper. Reid has been trying to help his son Emaciated Rory steal from us and his scheme has been exposed by the LVRJ. Rory is a slimy lawyer who is trying to use Harry’s influence to strong-arm the state of Nevada, its main electric power supplier and the federal government to line their pockets with phony “green job” money.

The Reid family business is political corruption. Like any patriarch Harry Reid is trying to use his family business to help one of his sons.

In 2010 when the SEIU was stealing an election to keep Dingy Harry in office, Rory who was “running” for Governor of Nevada was so hopeless (he lost by 12 points) not even the Democrat’s voter fraud specialists could help him. So what could Harry Reid do?

Rory who is so emaciated looking he could pass as Harry’s father, needed a way to steal the “real money” Democrat Party corruption can give him. Harry is using the power of his office as the Senate Majority Leader to harass and maybe even destroy Nevada Energy (NV Energy) the main supplier of power for the state to help a Chinese “green energy” client of Rory’s law firm.

Rory is a spokesman for the company which is trying to gain a foothold in Nevada. That “green energy” is a total fake and nothing more than a way to steal from the federal treasury means nothing to either man.

Because they are treacherous Democrats neither Dingy Harry nor Emaciated Rory Reid feel the slightest hesitation to help a Communist country destroy an American company, even one in their own home state.

Hiding behind phony excuses that NV Energy “could do more with renewable energy…” Reid blows off critics and insults us by insisting he and his emaciated son have never spoken about this issue. The LVRJ says Harry Reid deserves an ethics complaint for his persistent efforts to damage NV Energy, and who could argue otherwise? He is clearly acting in the best interest of his son and himself not the people who “elected” him.

While the disinfectant that is sunlight will keep this scheme from working – partly because Reid has raised the issue of his own ethics by attacking Mitt Romney – when we finally rid ourselves of Reid’s control of our Senate we must remember this and take whatever action is available to us. We must deliver justice to Harry Reid.




  1. The 1st order of business after conviction is to confiscate all their ill gotten gains and return them to the their rightful owners. U.S. Treasury, State of Nevada, local businesses and private parties who've been wronged by these people.

  2. So where's the link to the LVRJ article? I followed the source links until there were no more links to follow. If you're going to make this kind of claim, back it up!

  3. I can't find any article in the LVRJ that backs up your story. That pesky old Goggle thingy makes it easier to separate fact from B.S. Put up or shut up, assholes! What issue of the Journal does this appear in and who is the author of the alleged article? I'm tired of BOTH SIDES LYING TO ME!!!

  4. Coming from Northern Nevada myself, I see two problems with this story. 1) His home town is called Searchlight, Nv, not Las Vegas, and 2) It was the large liberal ex-californian migrants in Vegas who voted him in. I don't think LVRJ would talk bad about Harry without risking subscribers. (unless their eyes are starting to finally open.)

  5. The only reasons he was re-elected the last time was because 1) Las Vegas has a very large and powerful liberal population that over-powered the rest of Nevada, and 2) His competitor, Sharon Angle, didn't prove to be anything but another version of Harry Reid.

  6. Lets try to have good sources before doing a story. Before Its News isn't reliable. I don't doubt Reid & Son are crooks but we need SOLID evidence to share the story.

  7. Though I too could not find this accusation in the LVRJ, you conveniently failed to comment on the fact Harry Reid's son does in fact represent ENN a Chinese Energy group that wants to use the land to build a $5 billion solar farm and panel building plant.
    Part of this land ENN wants to use was purchased from Clark county at well below appraised value. And who was the Clark County Commission chairman who persuaded the commission to sell 9000 acres to ENN at below appraised vale? You guessed it Rory Reid.
    BLM documents also indicate that the federal property for which Bundy claims grazing rights were under consideration by a solar energy company. And, who now heads the BLM? None other than Harry Reid's former senior policy adviser Neil Kornz.

    If all this doesn't smell of political corruption then you sir are blind to the truth.

  8. Has anyone been able to find a link to the original LVRJ article? I've been searching but can't find it. When you post stories like this, it is always best to post links to the original article because if no such article ever existed, credibility takes a huge hit.

  9. Dwayne Jackson I'm right there with you on the government trying to do shady stuff at the Bundy Ranch. But I'm also sick of conservatives and liberals outright lying about stuff. Why can't I find this alleged recent article? Could it be that this poster just made it up to stir crap? Isn't there enough WRONG with this story without making stuff up? Put up or shut up, gopthedailydose!! Prove me wrong about you. WHAT DATE DID THE ARTICLE APPEAR AND WHO WAS THE AUTHOR?

  10. Harry Reid was also involved in an earlier scheme (2011?) to cut down pinyon trees that American Indians rely on for food, grind them up into "biomass fuel", and burn them in another planned power plant that is to be built in Nevada by……THE CHINESE!!!!!

  11. Here's more food for thought, Mike. You've heard of the saying "where there's smoke, there's fire"? I think this is a case of the smoke being so thick that you can't see the fire, therefor you deny its existence. Your boy Harry has been dirty for a long, long time. How else does a Capitol Hill cop become a millionaire? http://blog.jetsettingmagazine.com/entertainment/blm-plan-to-convert-nevada%E2%80%99s-pinyon-forests-to-biomass-threatens-ancient-rituals

  12. Roy Stauffer makes you wonder how much voter fraud played a part in his re-elections…Or are Nevadians really that stupid

  13. I think that democrats have been relying way to much on voter fraud. Think about it. Why else would they be so against voter ID cards

  14. Elizabeth C. O'Connor, can you read? "Dwayne Jackson I'm right there with you on the government trying to do shady stuff at the Bundy Ranch." The only thing I'd want Harry Reid for is to whip his little elitist ass. The problem is this website seems to be just making stuff up. Go to the LVRJ's webpage and FIND the alleged article. It does not seem to exist. I don't like it when the right lies any better than I like it when the left does. And make NO mistake, BOTH sides lie their asses off. I'm a conservative libertarian and I'm sick of BOTH parties.

  15. Mike Tripp, As I said I couldn't find an article backing up the story that the LVRJ ever made such a statement but the real story here is the corruption committed by Harry and Rory. Let's not deflect from what is really going on.

  16. watch every one of them until electronic voting is gone we will never have an honest election

  17. If you would have omitted the word emaciated at least a few times this article would be much more impactful. We can not allow ourselves to sink to the depths the liberals have by fixating on something as superficial as a persons looks. Harry and Rory have many dead bodies in their closet we should just focus on that and scream their crimes loud enough for the world to hear. I appreciate the passion this was written with therefor I understand the knee-jerk desire to just hit 'em where it hurts so this isn't a critique as much as it is a plea to hold ourselves to a higher standard than the one the left does. It shouldn't be too high a bar since the liberals have no bar at all. The truth in the end will prevail. Soldier on.

  18. Todd Massey III I have a Nevada friend who insists (DEM if course), that Harry Reid has done "so much" for Nevada.Just look at all the money he has brought into the state, (in the way of pork barrel projects). I just wanted to cry at that statement.

  19. Nancy Lane That is the sad fact about a lot of the Dem sheep. Even if iron clad evidence was presented to them of his crimes they would sing his praise…. They should be strung up right next to him

  20. Problem. The statement, "the Las Vegas Review-Journal (LVRJ) is calling him out for his latest criminal caper." is a damned lie. why don't you con-artists disappear and stop preying on people with your lying, scammy false headlines?