DHS Does It Again – Huge 25 Million Ammunition Bid Released

[Watch] DHS Does It Again – Huge 25 Million Ammunition Bid Released


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The current update of April 21st indicates that the agencies included to receive portions of this supply now includes all of those under the DHS. The quantities are spread out over a five year period. They are seeking 3 million 12 gauge slugs per year and 2 million 12 gauge buckshot rounds.

The pre-solicitation was originally issued on September 18th of 2013, and has recently modified to the current levels and type on 4/21.

Clicking on the “changed” link at the bizops.gov website enables viewing of the changes since the original solicitation.

If there were an active police effort going on at the border, this would still be a large order. But there isn’t, the DHS and Border Patrol adopted a “runaway” policy and has very restrictive rules of engagement.

One has to wonder, if not at the border, against foreigners invading this country, where else might this ammunition be used?.

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  1. They are buying up the ammunition that hunters use so no one has access to any ammunition. They certainly don't use 12 gauge shotguns

  2. This is scary as to why are they so in need of ammunition? Could they be buying it all up so when they push the people far enough they won't have ammo to be used to protect themselves form a rogue government.?

  3. So lets tell the people the rest of the facts, like DHS has 13 agencies involved like ICE, Coast Guard, Border Patrol ect. So these officers train and qualify all the time with high end firearms that are duty rated. That requires quality ammo- thats millions of rounds that the officers that support 313000000 million Americans use/need. This kind of article creates panic as intended and spread false rhetoric to scare the less educated. The recent ammo shortages have nothing to do with DHS buy ups, but more people running to the store to buy it in fear they cant next month. It's all baloney and the facts are plainly visible and its not a conspiracy, this has been going on for decades. All the DHS agencies and their officers use and train with-guess what…ammo in their firearms! and guess what…they are buying less than ever!!!

  4. with135000 DHS employees carrying a weapon that makes 185 rounds per person that's a lot of qualifying and practicing add this to what is already is storage and then ask your self why do we need that much ammo in storage!

  5. Homeland security might justify buying up all that ammo. But how does the Department of Education, the U.S. Postal Service and the Social Security Administration buying up millions of rounds of ammo, plus shotguns and glocks justify their purchases? Maybe because someone is getting ready to declare martial law in the not to distant future.