Act of War on America – Mexico and Guatemala Sign Agreement to...

Act of War on America – Mexico and Guatemala Sign Agreement to Fast-Track Invasion of U.S.


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A Monday joint press conference was held by Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto and Guatemalan president Otto Perez Molina to announce their agreement to jointly cooperate in and facilitate the invasion of their northern neighbor, the United States.

Labeled “The Southern Border Program to Improve Passage,” it is an officially-sanctioned, coordinated effort on the part of Mexico and the nations of Central America to invade the United States.

The agreement provides a network of border checkpoints through which an internal Mexican travel document will be issued, which is valid for a period of 72 hours. That document, known as a Regional Visitor’s Card, will provide temporary legal status to those in Mexico illegally for the sole purpose of invading the United States.

The announcement, officially granting the “privileges” to illegals from Guatemala and Belize, is expected to be applied to anyone who reaches the southern Mexican border with the intention of invading America.

Additionally, this action even provides special protections as well as financial assistance to unaccompanied minors.

This will only provide further incentive for the illegal occupation and serve to dispel any misguided belief on the part of foreign nationals in Central America that claims made by the United States that they will be deported back home are anything other than falsehoods intended to pacify the gullible American public.

Far from respecting American sovereignty, this is a Mexican-sponsored hostile act of aggression upon the sovereignty of the United States. It is conducted in complicit cooperation with a usurper and traitor occupying the White House, who is himself a person of an unknown background, using a recycled social security number.

Since John Boehner has announced that he won’t move forward with efforts to impeach Obama, it’s time to get rid him, and find a Speaker of the House who isn’t himself owned by foreign governments, financial interests, or The Communist Party in America.

The people of the United States don’t have time to play nice as their country and their standard of living are destroyed and have no reason to. We are under attack by subversives within our own government, in both parties, as well as foreign nations. Our nation is bleeding sovereignty and we are being denied a tourniquet. It is past time for Americans to respond.

Rick Wells is a conservative author who recognizes that our nation, our Constitution and our traditions are under a full scale assault from multiple threats. Please “Like” him on Facebook, “Follow” him on Twitter or visit


  1. Is this idiot Rick Wells for reals?? ROFL! He actually said things like " invading America" and "illegal occupation" ROFL!! Does this hypocrite not know that Native peoples now know the true history?? He has no clue that Mexicans, Central and South Americans are Natives an MUCH MORE Americans than any white squatter will ever be. He has no clue we already found out the white wasichus are the true invaders squatting and occupying America the entire continent, not just one American country called the UNunited Snakes of AmeriKKKa.

    • The mexicans central and south americans are not more of UNITED STATES CITIZEN no way they have not contributed in the making of USA they are native to mexico central and south america and have no claim to USA LANDS. tHEY DIDNT LIVE HERE THEY LIVE THOUSANDS of miles away. The usa has its own native people and they are registered and documented and the mexicans are not part of these tribes. Your logic is like saying a spanish has all rights to russia becouse they live on the same continent just thousands of miles away. LOSER.

  2. This law only makes it easier and safer for these Central American Children to reach our border, which is both good and bad. Since according to the the Child Protection Act voted yes on by every single member of congress, and signed by President Bush on Dec. 23 2008, these children have the Legal right to turn themselvs in as endangered Children to any border patrol agent, they have every legal right to be here.

  3. Brandy, It was the demonic white Spanish speaking Europeans that stole Mexico. Those criminal never left! Like the demonic English speaking Europeans; they also continue to exploit our land and resources. No Native tribes, it was the evil Mexican Gov. which is European. The tribes are united.

  4. No, sweetie… it was the MEXICAN soldiers and they were as Mexican then as they are now. (You must be a product of the La Raza bullshit studies. LOL)

  5. The Spanish had just emerged from 700 years of Muslim domination. While the framers of the U.S. constitution had good relations with indigenous population, the conquistadors borrowed Muslim tactics, best documented was the 'requiremientos,' a tax on pagans leading limiting commercial activity for those natives who did not convert, and eventually persecution and even death, I.e., the Muslim jizrah! Your reconquista agenda will lead to enslavement, poverty, and tyranny. The U.S. constitution is your best hope for freedom and prosperity.

  6. Yeah, you f'ing idiots just keep on debating who stole shit from who, while these folks keep crossing our border. Who the hell do you think is going to pay for all these kids?? You bunch of dumbass liberal freaks! Obama is turning this country into a third world country, and you clownasses just go along with the bullshit!


    Section 8 of Article 1 of the United States Constitution grants the states and only the states the Constitutional Authority to Enforce Federal Laws…

    Section 10 of Article 1 gives the states the Constitutional Authority to protect themselves from invasion…

    Under the Constitution it is the states' responsibility to evict those living within their jurisdiction illegally…

  8. Do you read history ? I guess not ! Please know your facts ! The native Indians were here not Mexicans or Latinos ! And throughout history wars have been fought and conquered and things change. This isn't Mexico anymore ,maybe parts were once but what year are you living in? They are invading , and going to ruin America ,come here legally like so many others did .And your KKK was the Democrat party which Iam sure your part of ! Do a history lesson please!

  9. The law that is allowing this was actually signed and supported by Bush in 2008. If the Republicans want to change it, they should just pass a law doing that and see if Obama Vetos it.

  10. If there is a law, that says when these children come to a border crossing and ask for assylum, that they must be processed to see if there is cause, are they actually here Illegaly?

  11. Sonia Garcia , BS, the American Government bought and paid Mexico for that area….Dayem La Raza liars…

  12. Larry Owen ,,,I call BS, I am from the South…The democrats are the ones who started the KKK, I know for a fact because I live just a few miles from where it all started and I know my history here…Re-educate your self…Dayem leftist, no doubt…

  13. No such agreement exists at the southern border. This story has already been proven to be shiiiiiiiiit on a stick.

  14. WAKE UP AMERICA! The time has come to stand firm, enough is enough! If people can't see that this wasn't designed to finish America off, and to start a war within our nation, May God have mercy on your blindness…..

  15. Larry Owen Shut the Fuck up Larry Owen. You are a fucking moron. No one passed the border Until OBAMA OPENED IT. You friggin dip shit.
    You believe anything the left tells you.

    Obama is blaming the GOP when HE Opened the border by the stand down orders on Border Security you lunatic idiot leftist dickbag. Stop spreading damned Obama lies.

  16. Larry is an Obama blowhard. He don't see anything Rationally. He cant make up his own mind. He can only parrot the news. And since the news sides with this Islamic idiot in the White House who blames the right and Bush for everything he believes that…stuff. Whatever it is!!! Whatever they say!

    Anyone with a brain who can think for themselves knows that Obama has set up the doubt excuse in every single action he has taken before he takes the action. Then blames the right.
    He's a bastard and needs removal. "FIRST BLACK," SHIT! MY ASS!! Screw that he needs to be imprisoned.

  17. Larry Owen They aren't ENDANGERED!! They are SENT.
    Stop spreading BULLSHIT LARRY. This isn't happening because of a LAW BUSH SIGNED!
    Now all of a sudden since these Countries are taking advantage of this you have the audacity to blame this on some Law Obama is taking advantage of?

    These kids aren't showing up in droves OF THEIR OWN ACCORD YOU FRIGGIN MORON!! Stop your liberal left wingnut bullshit lies.

  18. This IDIOT Larry Owen keeps on telling everyone in this Comment section that these children are showing up as endangered because of a law Bush signed.
    Well, LAR, The FACT IS, The border has not been secured for years and years because of OBAMA giving stand down orders to border agents!!
    Then told these countries to send people across.

    Now Children are coming across because of all the stories on the right about Terrorists using the open borders.
    DO you REALLY think these Children were endangered BEFORE their parents got word to send them?

    DO you really expect that more people believe that these Children showed up at the border of their own accord because they were endangered?

    Gee, I don't remember hearing anything about MILLIONS Of homeless children in Mexico? You would think the Red Cross would had made sure a story like that would have gotten out!
    But NAH, This is simply OBAMAS GAME.

    And your liberal @$$ needs to stop your damned spreading lies and again, as usual, blame the right blame the right blame the right nonsense for Obamas destruction of this Country and its LAWS!!

    And Larry, It isn't about Being Christian as you say on your page, it is about Continuing the American Way so that we can help MANY MORE People. We cannot help people if we COLLAPSE from an invasion!
    But then again, do you not remember Obamas speech that one Nation should not have dictatorial powers in the world? So to Obama, we are a Dictator Nation!!! HE IS WRONG!
    The USA is a HUGE BODY of people as a Government which only Dictates PEACE AS A HUGE BODY OF PEOPLE and Security for PEOPLE against Tyrannical Nations. Obama TWISTS that into making it appear that we think we should dictate our SINGULAR will like we are some Tyrant Nation on everyone and that is NOT what we do!! We only try to offer Countries peace and safety.


    Obama is CRUMBLING this Nation and you stand in your self righteousness and believe that anyone who turns away children at the border aren't Christians. Well, Those kids didn't come here of their own accord.
    They were sent here. And if they are sent back their parents WILL Take care of them!!

  19. Larry Owen here is a fact check for you. What is actually being used to allow these unaccompanied children to stay once they arrive is a Bill Clinton law that's titled The Victims of Trafficking and Violence Protection Act of 2000.
    Yes, President Bush did sign the William Wilberforce Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act of 2008, it was a bipartisan effort, and was originally written partially by Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) and introduced in the Senate by then-Senator, now Vice President, Joe Biden.
    So don't give me this "It's Bush's Fault" BS anymore. With a little research you can plainly see the last two President's, and the current IIC (Idiot In Charge) have dirt on their hands.

  20. Larry Owen, I know that you don't want to be confused by the facts, but this is all Obama's doing. President Bush loves our country while Obama is determined to destroy it.

  21. Larry Owen answer me this: As you understand it, are the thousands of people streaming across the southern border at this very moment breaking the law?

    Setting politics aside, are they breaking the law?

  22. while most americans are busy arguing with each other about which side is right, the real puppetmasters who control BOTH sides are moving full steam ahead with their BIG PLAN. y'all better wake up and come together or we are doomed!!! if you dont know where to start looking to find out whats really going on there are many places to start….

  23. Honestly, I think it will take a miracle to get conservative people in America to realize this, its too shocking; too defeating for most people to handle. Until that happens we're looking at a civil war. I believe we can do it, if we all work together,
    but until everyone eases up on the religious fundamentalism, atheism, and patriotism, we are screwed.

  24. Marde Simmons That is a great question, and I have asked it myself either here or in another forum. If we have a law in place, whether it was started by Clinton or Bush, and although I have not seen this law you spoke of earlier, I will not dismiss it out of hand.. Are they breaking the law when they show up here, and asked to be admitted? The law as I understand it, says they have to be processed for disposition within 24 hours, or as soon as possible, which made these news making flights to Murrietta necessary . It is my understanding that children from Mexico and Canada are exempt from this law, and are usually sent back almost immediatly. What do you think, and thank you for the reasonable conversation..

  25. Larry Owen the answer is yes. They are indeed breaking the law 8 U.S.C. § 1325 : US Code – Section 1325: Improper entry by alien.

    Thousands of people a day are guilty of breaking that law. You are correct that the US and Mexico have an expedited treaty in place to send illegal's back to their home country immediately. However, there is no treaty in place with countries like, Belize, Honduras, Nicaragua, or China. Yes, I said China. Hundreds of Chinese illegals are pouring across the southern border as well.
    I have no problem with the people being here, but I would like to see it happen legally. The people flooding across our border right now are uneducated for the most part, and terribly uninformed.
    I for one, am in favor of the National Guard being sent to the southern border to help the overwhelmed Border Patrol Agents. I understand it is a temporary fix, but the hemorrhaging has to stop. We have to stop them from coming into the country or the bodies will just continue to stack up in the detention centers, and become so overwhelming nothing will be able to get done. Stop them from coming in and let the system do it's work and unclog itself. Basically what I am saying is stop the bleeding.

  26. Marde Simmons I don't know that I disagree with any of what you are suggesting. The one thing I am still not clear on though is this, turning themselves in at the Border crossings, and the fact that they can't be denied entry, as that is the way I have understood the law to be. I have a friend whose brother works for California Congressman Devin Nunes, and he says That is the case. The law was well intentioned and has merit, but things have really gotten out of control.. I think outside of these Children, Illegals are ac
    tually down, at least in California. My Grandson lives in Chula Vista and he says they are down there. Oh, and by the way, my family is a bunch of Duck, Cowboy,and a few Seahawks fans

  27. Larry Owen your family has excellent tastes in sports teams lol
    Here is what used to happen, and in the last few months it has totally changed. Illegals would pay to be "smuggled" into the US. Meaning they didn't want anything to do with being caught.
    But times have changed
    Word got out that if you step on US soil, and give yourself up, that you will be taken in, fed, housed, given schooling and permitted to stay in the US. Hence, what we are seeing now. They literally are coming across the Rio Grande, walking up to the nearest Border Patrol Agent and saying "I give myself up". They then get transported to holding, sorted out and in some cases put onto a plane bound for another state.
    To them it's just one big waiting game at the moment. Under current law, they are processed and given a court date to show up in front of a judge who will hear their case and determine if they are eligible to stay or they have to go back to their country. Interesting enough, ABC News sent a film crew along to follow a illegal mother and son through their process. As everyone suspected, the information they gave the courts was false and they did not show up for their extradition hearing. Now they are roaming around someplace in America.
    Immigration is broken. It has been for a very long time. I would love to say this is all Obummers fault, but i can't. His policies haven't helped it any, but it is not his fault. The problem goes way back before any of the recent Presidents time in office. So to blame Bush or Obummer or Clinton is nothing more then a person showing they did no investigation on their own, and are spouting off what they are hearing in the main stream media ie Fox, ABC, NBC, CBS, NYT etc…
    I myself don't want to see kids suffering, but they are becoming a real strain on this country. This country is in debt 17+ Trillion dollars and the President is asking for another 3.7 Billion dollars for Border Security. Where is this money coming from?
    Oh and one last thing. 3.7 billion dollars is only a drop in the bucket compared to what this will eventually cost the taxpayer if this isn't stopped.

  28. Too many people have too much invested in their personal dogma. Political and religious. All we can do is keep presenting verifiable facts, steer clear of unproven conspiracy (even if you are sure it's true). Eventually the facts will break through to the reasonable people. Links or it never happened and links from government sites are best ;-)

  29. Phil Dedrick , I do believe if you do your research you will find, that yes those assholes who formed the KKK were democrats! But after LBJ's great Society and civil rights act, he famously said, The Dems would never carry the south again. It was the basis of Nixons Southern Strategy and the only person who could really stand in his way of securing the South, for a second term, was George Wallace, and look what happened to him

  30. Marde Simmons I had been getting posts regarding this border crisis on my news feed for quite sometime., but really couldn't see what the issue was, because it wasn't happening in California. After seeing the video from the Murrietta protests, I spent most of last weekend studying as much info as I could. When I research, I don't just look at info that verifies what I think, I want to find out what the real facts are. I have about 30 pages that I read bookmarked from all sides and the stats are similar on most of them, but blame varies. There are lots of reports on immigration problems from the mid 2000's before Obama was President.. I do believe that the 12 and a half million we had in 2007 is still our record, no matter what that idiot thinks that says we didn't have any until Obama was elected and he started trying to destroy our country. I mean it was one of the biggest issues of the 2008 campaign. How old is that guy, like 10? Anyway , thanks for your info, I will check it out and catch you later.

  31. The American lemmings voted for that piece of pig dung in the Whitehouse. Twice.
    They are sitting still for this. They deserve exactly what's going to happen to them.
    I hope they bloody starve in the streets.

  32. Commenter Terry Stevens has it partly right. These secret societies are the puppet masters whose head is the Vatican. They create situations (like 911, 1st and 2nd world war, vietnam, etc) to change the mind set of the goyim (the uninitiated, the common folk), so that they can carry out their own agenda. This all started back in 1798 in France. I don't like quoting from this monster, (Hitler), but he said, " Its a good thing for leaders that men ( the goyim) don't think". Look to Jesus your only surety. Study for yourself (the Bible) and you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.

  33. Larry Owen It was obama's stand-down order that has caused the problems. As you well know, this problem got out of control during obama's 2nd term – he isn't up for re-election, so he does as he pleases – which is ruin this country so the liberal elites can transition us to socialism.

  34. Also, please quite blaming Bush for everything – he has been out of office way too long. I don't blame Jimmy Carter for decisions – move on.

  35. Great, so lets all go back to our origins and leave this continent to its original occupants, the Native Americans.

  36. Carol Pfister Quella I actually never blamed Bush for anything. I do not blame him for signing this law. As I said in another post in this comment section, I think the congress, the Senate and President Bush had good intentions when hey put this law into effect. It has just gotten out of control now, and something needs to be done. Presidents are always blamed and praised for decisions they made during their Presidency. It is called their Legacy, good or bad.

  37. Larry Owen Nope. Bush nor any President passed a law allowing any such thing as what is happening now. Obama is quite simply ignoring the law, as a matter of fact.

  38. Ridiculo Ubermensch Look into history – there is no such thing as a native American – they also came from elsewhere – it is thought they crossed the Bering Strait when it was still covered by land. It is also believed that many different people came to America before the British decided to colonize it.

  39. Casey King Conservatives aren't denying any of this – at least not the conservatives I know, myself included. The liberals seem to want to give the government complete power – we are fighting for smaller government and more freedom.

  40. Joanna Herr Seriously?! You trust links from government sites? Maybe you should start investigating further and quit believing what the government tells you. You have your own mind.

  41. Carol….read your own post and stop believing what you're told….conservatives are no better than progressives….they have their own agenda and it sure as hell doesn't have your best interests in mind. again i say….stop the left/right bullshit and open your eyes….does "united we stand, divided we're conquered" sound familure(sp?)?……they keep us divided so we don't get together and look behind the curtain!!!!!!!!

  42. Due better research. Under Obama, the border has never been more secure. Obama has deported more "illegals" than both G.W and G.H as well as Clinton.

  43. Settlers in North America did not conqueror the capital of an indian nation, execute their king after his ransom was paid. Subjugate and make the people slaves. Name a country the Spanish entered that they did not conqueror seize the occupied area-and in slave the people–
    The settlers in the north settle in areas that were basically empty, un-inhabited–in some cases buying the land from the locals

  44. Thad Daly No the settlers did not conquer an Indian Nation, they used diseased ridden blankets to get rid of the indigenous people. In some cases, the indians were used as slaves and in some cases, the indian chiefs were forced to humilating tactics to enforce the settlers authority. Settlers came into the West believing it was filled with "savages" but what they found were Californios, Tejanos and Mejicanos (New Mexico) that had laws in place but were never honored. Settlers and conquerers in the context you are using it in, is the same thing.

  45. The actual germ warfare was started un knowingly by the Spanish explorers, some studies say as much as 60% had already died before settlers came– those explorers- Columbus, Balbao, DeSoto, Coronado. de Vaca, They were the Californios, Tejanos and Mejicanos they decimated the Americas for a 100 yrs be fore settlers came to the North

  46. Bullshit- up until last week there were two BP SUVs with 2 agent each parked on IH- 10 about 7-8 miles from my house. I live in SW La the nearest border is 520 miles to the west– Stopped ask what they doing-" following orders"
    It is the net number that counts he may have deported more but he has allowed in many more–

  47. Thad Daly Spanish came in as Conquistadores…even the name had implied that. The decimation of the indigenous people occurred more rapidly when the Anglo Setters "discovered" this new world.

  48. 85,000 yrs ago there were no man in the Americas until migration started coming across from Asia and each new arriving group pushed the previous group farther south– and later still migrants came from the East, nations formed, law were written. In truth we all are migrants or descendants of migrants
    It is the nations and their laws that decides what is an immigrant and what is an illegal alien–

  49. Thad Daly that is exactly my point. When our young nation was "exploring" it was ok. Now…these illegals are considered invaders, Conquistadors if you, will, I mean look at the title of this article! As if Mexico or Guatemala could take on the U.S. Invade, maybe, Pancho Villa did it once, but take take on the US Military, well that is just absurd. As is the article.

  50. Larry Owen conflation when progressive weasels interrupt the law, black is white, war is peace and freedom is slavery.
    You should know or common sense should tell you the law you keep referring was not designed to do this.
    Bu t I think you already know that.

  51. Obama response to the invasion of America is to write a check for billions to give the invaders food , water and a place to live. What next/ do we pay their golf fees and buy them cars?

  52. Brandy, Re read my post, "sweetie". Fyi…Mexicans soldiers are part of the Mex. Gov., whom are white Spanish Speaking Europeans, duh!! It was NOT another fellow tribe. It is the same white European snakes that jacked up our DNA through sex rape crimes to little girls. Just like the English speaking snakes did on our north. Crimes of child sex rape and slavery do NOT identify us, "sweetie". Just fyi, my major is biochem and business. I've actually never taken a single La Raza bullshit studies course class. How about you? What is your academic foundation?

  53. Jeff Swartfiguer You are 100% correct and that is exactly my point. European terrorists invaded us here. They jacked up our DNAs and decided we would now be called after them "Latinos". That is as disgusting as a Jew calling themselves a Nazi. We are not Latinos. Those are our invaders, just like the English are. Both need to vacate our ancestral lands.

  54. Larry Owen LBJ also said "This civil rights program about which you have heard so much is a farce and a sham–an effort to set up a police state in the guise of liberty. I am opposed to that program. I fought it in the Congress. It is the province of the state to run its own elections. I am opposed to the anti-lynching bill because the Federal Government has no business enacting a law against one kind of murder than another…(And) if a man can tell you who you must hire, he can tell you who not to employ. I have met this head on." Austin, Texas May 22, 1948 quoted in Quotations from Chairman LBJ, Simon and Schuster, NY 1968 So, please stop with the false conclusion that the KKK Dems had a change of convictions. What they had was a rude awakening that when Eisenhower passed the first Civil Rights Law in 1957 all he would lose was the southern white vote vs. the multitude of black votes the Republican party would garner. The Dems , particularly LBJ, could not let this happen, therefore co-opting the civil rights movement in exchange for votes. This was the real beginning of modern liberalism, the need to bargain away anything held by the state in exchange for votes. "We promise you welfare, healthcare, freedom from having to work or contribute. We promise you fast food and food stamps, free phones, free higher education, free abortions, rainbows and unicorns. Just be sure to vote for us because we will guarantee we will take money from anyone we can to buy your allegiance . If we can't get enough of you to guarantee enough votes, we will just flood the roles with immigrants, legal or not"

  55. Phil Dedrick It was a fraudulently arranged war and real estate transaction by two white Europeans genocidal criminals. They negotiated on stolen land for their benefit only and NOT of the Natives, since both evil govs. had specific orders to SYSTEMATICALLY GENETIC CLEANSE THE NATIVES TO STEAL THEIR LAND. Too bad for you because your demonic plan was only 98% effective. We are the 2% survivors and we are very much alive as law abiding American citizens who exercise our electoral constitutional rights. Moreover, we are educated and have awesome incomes! We are still those same Natives who's DNAs you've jacked up through crimes. Today we know our rights and will fight using your own corrupt legal system to obtain full rights for all brown people as Natives of this land!! Comprendes?? Because if you don't, deport yourself back home over the Atlantic. Adios…

  56. Doug Scott, Those criminals may be dead; but they left us their seeds still occupying and oppressing the same victims TODAY. Until our children are safe ( Lakota tribe included- no illegal immigration card there, huh!) and immigration laws reformed…I wont get over it. We American citizens with constitutional voting rights are here siding with justice and equality of all Natives of this continent- SO GET OVER IT OR GO HOME. MOMMY QUEEN WILL FORGIVE YOU!!!

    Do you people honestly think that with this amount of propaganda and false information, that any country in the world will continue to trade with you?

  58. Sonia Garcia if your grandfather raped my grandmother I can shoot you in the head? Really? Try taking some logic courses.

  59. LOLOL Even if this was true , the war monging leaders of our Country will bomb the Taco's right out of Mexico , don't these Countries get it , we or shall I say they (Meaning our Government) are dangerous people with access to weapons them piss poor nations have never even heard of , thats what $650 billion a year gets ya , invading us LOLOL what a joke !!


  61. Cj Nichols H.R.7311 of the 110th congress… Nice to see an insigne of the 5th Special Forces group. Had many friends and neighbors there during my years as a Ranger at Ft. Bragg.

  62. Cj Nichols It was passed without a single nay vote, and had Republican co sponsors. I am not sure whether it is what the had in mind, and I certainly don't think what is happening now is what anybody invisioned or wanted when it was passed. I really don't understand why congress hasn't tried to change it, with the Republicans now in charge..

  63. Doug Scott It may or may not have been designed to do this, but according to this law they have to do this, so I would suggest you write your Congressman and demand. he change this law. I would have no issue with that. Then if Obama vetos it, you would have an argument that I could support. You know, if George Bush would have done one of those Article 2 signing statement, that he did well over a thousand times, saying he disagreed with that part of the law, he would not had to enforce it and left it up to Obama to decide what he thought about it, since he was already The President in waiting when this law was signed on Dec. 23 2008. Then if Obama chose to support that part of the law, it would have been his choice. But once Bush signed it and excepted it, it became the Law . Oh and by the way I do realize that every President since Jimy Carter including Obama has signed those statements, not just Bush. He just did the most.


  65. Laraine Walker , the way the law is written, it demands that they have a hearing to see if they qualify to stay. With Mexican and Canadian minors, the agents in the field are allowed to make that decision. All others must be given a hearing. I have no problem with deporting them if they can change that law. Obama has asked to have it changed to allow the officers in the field to make that decision, so lets see what happens. Again I say, contact your Congressman no matter which party he is from and tell him how you feel about this.

  66. Michael Leinbach Wake up. What is happening in America has been happening slowly since the 70's. When the talk was divide and conquer. Well we have been divided now they conquer. It has been set up by presidents since JFK, however we were not informed of their treason. Now we know of their Treason and no one will stop it.

  67. Although I agree with you Monica Wierzba – you lose credibility when you swear and show such anger and hatefulness. No opinions are ever changed that way.

  68. If Obama had been enforcing the existing immigration laws- keeping the gate closed and deporting those that did slipping in as quickly as possible there would not be this rushing of children– the law Bush signed that Larry likes to wave only become operative when the children are in country–Obama's policies invite them in–

  69. What upsets me is the fact that these countries and their leaders seem to spend more time trying to figure out how to get their citizens into the US rather than making their country more hospitable. The question you have to ask is why do they really want to come here and what can their own country do for them to make it less enticing to flee.

  70. And Leonard, the Spanish acquired all that gold and silver from the Indians there, who went into mines and never coming out. Read James Michener's " Texas" or any honest history book. Very few Castillian Spanish survived the Muslim / Moor invasion.

  71. Also – read up on the Apache / Comanche wars. They raided Mexico and enslaved or murdere Yaqui Indians for centuries. Not to mention what they did to each other. Google Comanche Moon. They made raids on villages in Mexico during the full moon. They brought women and children back as slaves. Oh, noble savage.

  72. Larry Owen the law Bush signed was for Minor Children who were victims of abuse, rape, child slavery and those forced into child prostitution. A close friend of mine who works as a Border Patrol Agent on the Az/Mexico Border assures me the majority of those coming across at this time do not fall into any of these categories

  73. If this flood of illegal child immigrants is because of a law Bush signed in 2008, then why haven't we been seeing it happen for the last 6 years?
    Your explanation please, Larry.

  74. DeSoto used blankets infested with yellow fever. I'm from the county in Mississippi where he allegedly discovered the River. Someone asked " who did the natives conquer?" Each other, as I said about the Comanche / Apache and Yaqui wars. And the Comanche were the worst at torture. Texas Rangers always saved the last bullet for themselves.