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[Watch] Krauthammer – There’s a Perception That The World is Going To Hell as Obama Plays Golf

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Public opinion polls indicate that the American people are getting fed up with the recreation and fundraising focused behavior of the occupier of the White House. As a nation, we face some very serious issues, some of them clearly deliberately created by the regime in power to achieve a political goal, regardless of the negative impact upon the country.… Continue Reading

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[Watch] Former CIA Director Gen Michael Hayden on Multiple Crises and AWOL Obama

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Megyn Kelly names off just some of the crises going on around the world in the wake of our weak to non-existent foreign policy. She shows new video reportedly of Russians firing rockets into Ukraine, actual Russian military, not Ukrainian separatists. Those attacks have occurred over the last few days, probably during multiple Obama fund-raisers.… Continue Reading

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[Watch] Joe Biden Laments Not Having a Rich Republican Kid, Forgets His Rich Democrat Kids

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Joe Biden takes a shot at Republicans before a partisan crowd, saying that he should have had at least one Republican kid to go out and make money. He stammers a few times to allow the laughter to formulate, and then mentions his hapless, social-worker daughter, Ashley.

As the product of a socialist, naturally she is a social worker.… Continue Reading

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[Watch] Mark Levin Mocks Obama Criticizing Companies Leaving U.S. – “All of a Sudden Borders Matter”

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“If you want to be patriotic you’ve got to pay more taxes” is how Neil Cavuto summarizes Obama’s Los Angeles speech, that Obama is ripping companies who set up shop overseas to avoid the heavy U.S. tax burden. Cavuto asks Mark Levin for his thoughts and he is more than willing to oblige.… Continue Reading

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[Listen] Mark Levin – Seven of Ten Planks in Communist Manifesto Already in Place in U.S.

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In mid-January of this year, Mark Levin made some on-air observations as to the success the Communist Party is having in their efforts to take over the United States. He used Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels’ Communist Manifesto as the yardstick. His measurements show that the communists, socialists, progressives, whatever name one chooses to give to the subversive force that now runs the Democrat Party has made significant progress.… Continue Reading

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[Watch] DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman-Schultz Forced To Eat Her Own Words On-Air

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On the July 22nd edition of the Ralston Report, a Nevada-based program, DNC chairperson Debbie Wasserman-Schultz was questioned as to her comfort level about the future of obamacare.

She makes the mistake of misrepresenting the position of the Nevada Governor, Brian Sandoval, saying that he “refused to implement a state exchange.” At that point Ralston stopped her, and made her aware that she was incorrect, that whoever briefed her had not gotten their facts straight.… Continue Reading

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[Watch] Senator Inhofe – “Illegals Here By Obama’s Invitation, Everyone Knows It, Nobody’s Saying It”

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Senator James Inhofe of Oklahoma says that “these kids are here at the invitation of the president” and that they are piling in to Ft. Sill, a military facility in his state housing illegal invaders. Supposedly they are going to be gone in October, but the Senator has been told to expect them to stay until January.… Continue Reading

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[Watch] Trey Gowdy “We Can’t Lie to Government, Government Shouldn’t Be Able To Lie To Us”

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Trey Gowdy says Americans agree the IRS should never target citizens. Of course, citizens are always in one form or another their target, be they “legitimate targets” or political ones. He’s talking about the political ones.

He also says that Americans agree the government should tell us the truth and then points out how the IRS has offered eight different explanations for their targeting of conservative citizens.… Continue Reading

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[Watch] Obama’s Trial Balloons, Preparing The Way For His Dictatorship in America

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The socialists who have taken control of the Democrat Party and through it the United States are working tirelessly to establish cement their gains and the long-threatened fundamental transformation of America into a dictatorship. They are getting close but it is prudent to evaluate public opinion along the way. They can’t risk going too fast and alerting the ignorant public.… Continue Reading

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[Watch] Megyn Kelly on the “Backflips” and Contradictions of IRS Commissioner Koskinen

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Megyn Kelly points out in her opening that there are many previous IRS testimonies, including some by the Commissioner who was once again before the House, which are now contradicted by recent revelations.

She points to new information which indicates that backup tapes may exist for the missing Lois Lerner emails.… Continue Reading

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