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[Watch] Obama Claims Clapper Didn’t Know About ISIS – Feb 2012 Hearings Say Different

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What’s more important, winning an election or protecting your country? If you are B. Hussein Obama, the answer is simple. Nothing is more important than winning an election.

You can’t fundamentally change the United States without holding the seat of power. If al-Qaeda, ISIS or any other terrorists organization shares that same objective, as long as it doesn’t get in the way of the Obama scheme, why draw attention to the problem?… Continue Reading

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[Watch] Mexico and Obama Looking For a Face-Saving Tahmooressi Exit Strategy

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With public pressure mounting from the American people in general as well as lawmakers, it appears that the Mexican government may be trying to find a easy, face-saving way to extricate themselves and Obama from the difficult situation their common lack of moral character has created.

The means for the corrupt leadership of both nations to diplomatically maneuver their way out if this mess has been readily available since this ordeal began.… Continue Reading

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[Watch] Firefighter Taking Heat For Anti-Muslim Facebook Posts, Suspended, Investigation Ongoing

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Just how far does being a civil servant restrict one’s basic freedoms guaranteed under the Constitution, particularly the First Amendment? That is the issue at hand in Houston, where a firefighter with the Houston Fire Department has been reassigned to administrative duty following the posting of some anti-Muslim posts on his personal Facebook page.… Continue Reading

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[Watch] Eric Holder Winks Message at Resignation Announcement – Something’s in the Works

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Only time will tell if this are simply acknowledgments to the gathered friends, acquaintances and co-conspirators in the audience. There could be more to the story as the body language of retiring Attorney General Eric Holder indicates the motivation behind his resignation hasn’t all been revealed.

While it is believed that by many that the timing is a result of an anticipated possible loss of the Senate to republicans in the upcoming midterm elections, the winks and nods seem to communicate a sort of reassurance to some gathered in the audience.… Continue Reading

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Obama Uninformed Because He’s Goofing Off – Missed Almost 60% of Intel Briefings

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It’s hard to believe that such an entity exists from the actions of the Hussein Obama regime, but there actually is a Government Accountability Institute. They issued a new report that shows why Obama may have been less than up to full speed on the threats posed to the United States, particularly by what is now ISIS.… Continue Reading

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[Watch] Judge Napolitano – DOJ Political Correctness Hampering Terrorist Prosecutions

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Megyn Kelly questions the double standard in two separate cases in Oklahoma, in which one suspect is held on terrorism charges for simply threatening to kill someone, while in the other, a brutal murderer who decapitated an innocent woman has not been similarly charged.

Judge Andrew Napolitano says that the federal government often takes their time in making a determination as to what charges will be filed and whether they will prosecute a case or let it proceed under the state judicial process.… Continue Reading

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[Watch] It’s Islamophobamania! – The Leftist Media Covering For Islamic Connection to Islamist Terrorism

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Brooke Goldstein, director of the Lawfare Project, is Megyn Kelly’s guest for a discussion of the leftist media’s protection, cover and redirection of any negative news regarding Islam and Islamic terrorists. Ms. Goldstein has a term for what is going on, labeling it “Islamophobamania.”

They point out the absurdity of Melissa Harris-Perry declaring that the Oklahoma decapitation was an instance of workplace violence even while the investigation is ongoing.… Continue Reading

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[Watch] Allen West – Obama Derelict in His Duties As Commander-in-Chief

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Lt Col Allen West starts off his comments by saying “In the military we have a simple maxim, ‘leaders take responsibility – they don’t take credit.’” He then notes that Obama has his daily intelligence briefings left on his desk and that he has not been reading them.

Colonel West notes that ISIS is al-Qaeda in Iraq reconstituted, and they surely were a group that Obama was aware of, to the point that he made a statement as to their JV status.… Continue Reading

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[Watch] Terrorism Official – Obama Puts Political Correctness Over Safety of Americans

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At a time when the threat to Americans from radical Islamic extremists is greater than it has ever been, the Department of “Justice” is poised to announce broad restrictions upon the ability of federal law enforcement officials, including those in the FBI investigating terrorist threats, to use racial or religious profiling in the conduct of their duties.… Continue Reading

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[Watch] Following OK Beheading , MSNBC Propagandists Joke “Muslims Are Funny”

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The socialists of the Democrat Party are importing an army of terrorists into the United States. They have not yet exposed their reasons for doing so but the fact that it is happening is undeniable.

They also must have plans to bring in a whole lot more of them as part of their ongoing fundamental transformation of America, as they have dispatched a team of propagandists to one of their official party networks to “set the record straight.”

These Obama mouthpieces have their mission; Islamists are not terrorists and this head chopping by a Muslim butcher in Oklahoma could have been done by anybody.  … Continue Reading

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