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[Watch] Dismissive Laughter the Newest Tool Used To Frustrate Press Questioning Dictates of Lawless Obama

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Major Garrett takes his job of informing the American people seriously. It is a difficult job, sorting through the packaged falsehoods that are delivered daily under the label of White House briefings.

It is easy to see how he might become more than slightly exasperated when faced with a dismissively chuckling White House spokes-liar, who has no reasonable answer for the question and chooses to laugh in his face, effectively dismissing his question as being silly, as cover while he shovels out another poorly disguised falsehood.… Continue Reading

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[Watch] Rep Steve King – If Obama Dictates Amnesty – Surround The White House, Impeachment Must Be On The Table

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J.D. Hayworth asks Rep Steve King (R-IA) what Congress is prepared to do in response to a dictatorial declaration of illegal alien amnesty by Hussein Obama.

Rep King, who just recently recommended that the American people surround the White House with pitchforks, says that some of it will depend upon the response of the American people.… Continue Reading

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[Watch] Krauthammer on the New Face of Terrorism That Americans Will Have To Deal With

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Charles Krauthammer calls what just transpired this week in Canada the new story of terrorism. He describes how it used to be that when terrorists wanted to get to you they sent people over. He points out how, “We’ve developed very good techniques for stopping that or tracking that and we haven’t had a major attack from abroad ever since.”

He continues, saying, “Now what I think has happened, with the tremendous ideological appeal of ISIS, and it’s largely as a result of its victories, and that always is appealing in messianic movements, it’s now getting these individuals already in western societies to act on their own.”

Krauthammer points out, “What’s interesting here is there was an attack two days ago, someone drove a car, killed a Canadian policeman, also a convert, also somebody who had connections obviously or at least some kind of allegiance to jihadism, he had it on his website.”

He adds, “So whether these two guys were connected I’m not even sure how much it matters but it looks as if the appeal of ISIS is such that it can now spark these attacks.” He notes how they are of a much smaller scale than the 9/11 attacks, but ISIS can initiate them “without lifting a finger, without organizing, without doing what for example al-Qaeda in Yemen does to organize, create a bomb, send somebody on a plane, and that’s the new face of terror.”

It’s a very ugly face.… Continue Reading

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[Watch] Woman Dragged Dangling From Moving Car Driven By Muslim “Ex” in Domestic Violence Incident

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Perhaps 34 year-old Hassan Sayed of Dearborn, MI, forgot that this is still the United States and the rules of conduct under Sharia Law don’t apply here.

Maybe he thought that National Domestic Abuse Month meant that he had a thirty day license to practice his favorite pastime. No wonder he loves it here in America.… Continue Reading

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[Watch] Whacked-Out Labor Secretary Goes Into The High Spin Cycle As Obama Moves Towards Dictatorship

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The socialist Democrats just don’t stop using unfounded and illogical assertions as a basis for their claims and policies.

Labor Secretary Thomas Perez follows the Democrat playbook in comments he made this week to the National Press Club. He’s breaking the law in doing so, or at least his claims do.… Continue Reading

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[Watch] Would Wasserman-Schultz Admit That Dems Are Obama Puppets? Not A Chance

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When interviewing Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, the content of a question is relevant only to the extent that it helps her identify which programming to refer to and which talking point to mindlessly regurgitate.

In this instance she is asked by Joe Scarborough if the “president” is correct in what he says, that a vote for a Democrat candidate is a vote for a rubber stamp of his policies and more of the same.… Continue Reading

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[Watch] Looking The Other Way – Obama Still Won’t Call Islamic Terrorism Islamic, Even When It’s Right Next Door

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No matter what the circumstances, Hussein Obama simply can’t bring himself to utter the words Islamic terrorism. Perhaps he feels these maniacs are justified in their hatred of the west. Regardless, he’ll simply ignore the facts he doesn’t like. Facts such as the perpetrator in the attack two days ago, in which an Islamic terrorist ran down two RCMP police with his car, called 911 and told the operator he did it his evil deed in the name of Allah.… Continue Reading

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[Watch] Mark Levin – Obama About To Go Into Full Mussolini Mode With Pen After Elections

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Mark Levin says that while the Democrats are running away from Obama it seems like the Republicans can’t get close enough to him.  He reminds us that every one of the incumbent Democrats who are now pretending that they don’t support Obama have voted just as they have been supporting him over ninety to ninety-five percent.… Continue Reading

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[Watch] Canadian RCMP Soldier Killed By Islamic Terrorist – Why Do We Import These Maniacs?

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A fifty-three year-old Royal Canadian Mounted Police soldier was killed on Monday by a resident Islamic terrorist who had recently converted to Islam and had been foiled by the RCMP in his attempt to travel to Turkey to join ISIS.  They had seized his passport and held him but the evidence was considered to be insufficient for prosecution on terrorism related charges.… Continue Reading

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[Watch] No Planning, No Honesty or Both – WH Denies Considering Republican Senate Control

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Following Obama’s campaigning of recent days, a question is asked during the White House daily news briefing about whether “he or the White House or both of you have considered what life will be like with a Republican Senate.”

In response, White House spokesperson Josh Earnest delivers one of his non-answer diversionary responses, prepared well in advance for whenever this question happened to arise.… Continue Reading

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