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After decades of warnings on the right about liberal politicians threatening religious liberty, a Democratic mayor in Texas is now subpoenaing pastors to turn over their sermons.
Houston city officials are demanding that city pastors opposed to Houston’s “Bathroom Bill”–“a law that allows members of the opposite sex into each other’s restrooms”–turn over sermon notes and “communications with church members” to ascertain which pastors have (or haven’t) “opposed or criticized the city.”

The Houston City Council passed the “Bathroom Bill” in June and in July citizens of the city responded by collecting three times the number of signatures needed for a referendum to have the measure repealed.… Continue Reading

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“Drop the Islamophobe” – CAIR Goes After Gen Jerry Boykin Prayer Breakfast Engagement

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In the title of an article on the CAIR website last Friday, the radical Islamic front organization described General Jerry Boykin as an Islamophobe and made him the target of their economic terrorism. Boykin has offended them by speaking the truth; therefore his voice must be silenced.

The use of the term Islamophobe is incorrect, Boykin is not afraid of Islam.… Continue Reading

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Dad Claims Superintendent Kept Daughter From Praying Before School Lunch

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MORA, N.M. (CBS Las Vegas) – A dad is claiming that his daughter was kept from praying prior to eating her school lunch by a school administrator.

Patrick Ashe explained that his daughter, who is a sophomore at Mora High School, was prevented from praying before her meal at lunch about a week ago by the Mora Independent School District Superintendent Dora Romero.… Continue Reading

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Christian Bakers Who Refused to Bake Cake for Lesbian Couple Write Viral Facebook Response

After being met with protests and losing her bakery over her refusal to bake a cake for a lesbian couple, Melissa Klein took to social media to vent her frustrations:

cup cake

In a clip that inspired both sympathy and schadenfreude, this video shows Klein being overcome with emotion when discussing her business at the Values Voter Summit last week.… Continue Reading

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[Watch] Following OK Beheading , MSNBC Propagandists Joke “Muslims Are Funny”

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The socialists of the Democrat Party are importing an army of terrorists into the United States. They have not yet exposed their reasons for doing so but the fact that it is happening is undeniable.

They also must have plans to bring in a whole lot more of them as part of their ongoing fundamental transformation of America, as they have dispatched a team of propagandists to one of their official party networks to “set the record straight.”

These Obama mouthpieces have their mission; Islamists are not terrorists and this head chopping by a Muslim butcher in Oklahoma could have been done by anybody.  … Continue Reading

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[Watch] Mark Levin – Eric Holder is a Coward Afraid To Talk About Islam and Islamists

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Mark Levin spoke at the Value Voters Summit, addressing conservatives about conservatism and the problems that our nation faces.

He defines what conservatism is and how it cannot be separated out into separate components, in his view. The components are there, but they are all part of a whole and must generally be taken in their entirety.… Continue Reading

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[Watch] Rev JD Manning – ISIS Growth Due To America’s Pro-Homo, Wimpy, Decadent Image

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Whether you agree with Reverend James David Manning or not, he offers some ideas which deserve some consideration. It is a blunt warning, but he’s never one to sugar-coat what he has to say. Manning presents his insight as to what is behind the attraction of the Islamist State and what is driving many away from American society and into their clutches.… Continue Reading

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[Watch] Arrogant, Naive Obama – Claimed His Persona Alone Would Make America Safe

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A radio interview of Hussein Obama from when he was campaigning in 2007 speaks to the issue of his arrogance, his inflated view of his own abilities and just how out inexperienced he was then and still is. He ridiculous statement of a belief that miraculously, on the day of his inauguration, Americans would somehow made safer just by virtue of his presence in the White House was laughable then at the time.… Continue Reading

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[Video] Catholic Cardinal McCarrick Embraces Islam


Catholic Cardinal Theodore McCarrick offered Islamic religious phrases and insisted that Islam shares foundational rules with Christianity, during a Sept. 10 press conference in D.C.

“In the name of God, the Merciful and Compassionate,” McCarrick said as he introduced himself to the audience at a meeting arranged by the Muslim Public Affairs Council.… Continue Reading

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Christians in the Middle East Arm Themselves As Genocide Comes to Their Front Door

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Earlier this week the BBC and Al Jazeera both reported on armed Iraqi citizen volunteers who helped government forces fight off ISIS in Amerli. Today, the AP is out with a story about Christians in the Middle East who are arming themselves, carrying weapons with them during daily tasks and heading to the hills at night to defend their communities as violence continues to rage around them.… Continue Reading

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