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[VIDEO] To appease Muslims, school district drops Christian, Jewish holidays from calendar


The Montgomery County Board of Education on Tuesday voted to strip the names of Christian and Jewish holidays from its school calendar amid complaints from the parents of Muslim children seeking recognition for Islamic holidays.

The schools still will be closed on the holidays, but the board voted 7-1 to move the religious references from the calendar.… Continue Reading

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UN Sneaking Miscarriage Hormones Into Tetanus Vaccines For Population Control in Kenya

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We’ve heard the allegations before against the UN in various forms and involving different subsidiaries of population control substances being incorporated into vaccines. Generally the accusations are ignored or dispelled as untrue or without basis by the United Nations and most of the world agrees to give them the benefit of the doubt.… Continue Reading

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[Watch] Obama’s Proud of Racist Activist, Obstructionist Holder- Nominee Shares “Same Commitment”

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In the Saturday ceremony in which Hussein Obama announced his choice of Loretta Lynch to be the new Attorney General, replacing Eric Holder, Obama revealed himself and the nature of the criteria required in order to be considered for the position.

In describing the outgoing Holder, Obama said, “Thanks to Eric our nation is safer and freer and more Americans, regardless of race or religion or gender or creed or sexual orientation or disability receive fair and equal treatment under the law.… Continue Reading

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Muslim NBA Player Disrespects USA, Refuses To Stand For National Anthem “For Religious Reasons”

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Cleveland Cavaliers basketball fans and others throughout the country who follow the NBA are probably familiar with the name Dion Waiters. Others who couldn’t care less about the sport now know his name as well.

Last Wednesday, Waiters, a Muslim who is receiving a very nice living courtesy of the infidels of the American public, decided his religious views prevented him from attending the flag ceremony and the playing of the American National Anthem during the pregame activities.… Continue Reading

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[Watch] Crime To Be Catholic – Wear a Rosary, Get Wrestled To The Ground and Thrown In Jail

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This wouldn’t have happened if the boy had been a Muslim carrying a prayer rug of the wrong color. Police departments across the country have all been given sensitivity training to be considerate of Muslims, but this was different, this kid is Catholic and everyone knows that in today’s tolerant America, Christians are fair game.… Continue Reading

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big brother

After decades of warnings on the right about liberal politicians threatening religious liberty, a Democratic mayor in Texas is now subpoenaing pastors to turn over their sermons.
Houston city officials are demanding that city pastors opposed to Houston’s “Bathroom Bill”–“a law that allows members of the opposite sex into each other’s restrooms”–turn over sermon notes and “communications with church members” to ascertain which pastors have (or haven’t) “opposed or criticized the city.”

The Houston City Council passed the “Bathroom Bill” in June and in July citizens of the city responded by collecting three times the number of signatures needed for a referendum to have the measure repealed.… Continue Reading

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“Drop the Islamophobe” – CAIR Goes After Gen Jerry Boykin Prayer Breakfast Engagement

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In the title of an article on the CAIR website last Friday, the radical Islamic front organization described General Jerry Boykin as an Islamophobe and made him the target of their economic terrorism. Boykin has offended them by speaking the truth; therefore his voice must be silenced.

The use of the term Islamophobe is incorrect, Boykin is not afraid of Islam.… Continue Reading

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Dad Claims Superintendent Kept Daughter From Praying Before School Lunch

dad lunch

MORA, N.M. (CBS Las Vegas) – A dad is claiming that his daughter was kept from praying prior to eating her school lunch by a school administrator.

Patrick Ashe explained that his daughter, who is a sophomore at Mora High School, was prevented from praying before her meal at lunch about a week ago by the Mora Independent School District Superintendent Dora Romero.… Continue Reading

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Christian Bakers Who Refused to Bake Cake for Lesbian Couple Write Viral Facebook Response

After being met with protests and losing her bakery over her refusal to bake a cake for a lesbian couple, Melissa Klein took to social media to vent her frustrations:

cup cake

In a clip that inspired both sympathy and schadenfreude, this video shows Klein being overcome with emotion when discussing her business at the Values Voter Summit last week.… Continue Reading

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[Watch] Following OK Beheading , MSNBC Propagandists Joke “Muslims Are Funny”

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The socialists of the Democrat Party are importing an army of terrorists into the United States. They have not yet exposed their reasons for doing so but the fact that it is happening is undeniable.

They also must have plans to bring in a whole lot more of them as part of their ongoing fundamental transformation of America, as they have dispatched a team of propagandists to one of their official party networks to “set the record straight.”

These Obama mouthpieces have their mission; Islamists are not terrorists and this head chopping by a Muslim butcher in Oklahoma could have been done by anybody.  … Continue Reading

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