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[Watch] Awkward Silence From AK Dem Senator Begich – Another Socialist Won’t Admit He Voted For Obama

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It seems that the prevailing wisdom among Democrat candidates for Senate is if someone asks you if you voted for Hussein Obama for president, rather than admit the truth or deny the obvious, simply don’t answer.

The original method of refusing to answer, employed by Kentucky Democrat Alison Grimes, was to claim her refusal to answer is a moral decision, based upon a respect for the sanctity of the ballot.… Continue Reading

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“Drop the Islamophobe” – CAIR Goes After Gen Jerry Boykin Prayer Breakfast Engagement

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In the title of an article on the CAIR website last Friday, the radical Islamic front organization described General Jerry Boykin as an Islamophobe and made him the target of their economic terrorism. Boykin has offended them by speaking the truth; therefore his voice must be silenced.

The use of the term Islamophobe is incorrect, Boykin is not afraid of Islam.… Continue Reading

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[Watch] If Debbie Wasserman-Schultz Was The Last Woman on Earth, I’d Stay Single – David Webb

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DNC Chairperson Debbie Wasserman-Schultz has drawn heat recently for her comments attacking Republican Governor of Wisconsin Scott Walker, equating his politics with him being physically abusive to women. She said he has given women the “back of his hand.”

In this Fox segment, they discuss another instance where Wasserman-Schultz made the same accusation against Florida Governor Rick Scott.… Continue Reading

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[Watch] Mark Levin – Eric Holder is a Coward Afraid To Talk About Islam and Islamists

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Mark Levin spoke at the Value Voters Summit, addressing conservatives about conservatism and the problems that our nation faces.

He defines what conservatism is and how it cannot be separated out into separate components, in his view. The components are there, but they are all part of a whole and must generally be taken in their entirety.… Continue Reading

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Democrats Are Poised To Hold The Senate, And It’s Conservative’s Fault

us senate

I know a lot of people are giddy at the prospect of Republicans taking the Senate this November, but that’s becoming less and less likely. It’s not because Democrats are rallying around a particular mission or set of candidates; it’s because Republicans and conservatives aren’t.

It seems like I’m always writing on issues no one wants to hear are mistakes, such as messaging or social issues.… Continue Reading

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[Watch] Rev JD Manning – ISIS Growth Due To America’s Pro-Homo, Wimpy, Decadent Image

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Whether you agree with Reverend James David Manning or not, he offers some ideas which deserve some consideration. It is a blunt warning, but he’s never one to sugar-coat what he has to say. Manning presents his insight as to what is behind the attraction of the Islamist State and what is driving many away from American society and into their clutches.… Continue Reading

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[Watch] Rush Limbaugh’s Call Screener: ‘What Liberalism Has Done To Black Communities Is Horrific’

rush at work

James Golden considers his 26 years working with Rush Limbaugh to be the greatest professional blessing he could ever imagine. Originally from Queens, New York, James met Rush while working for a major media network and hasn’t looked back since.

Most Rush listeners know James as either “Snerdley,” the call screener, or the “Official Obama Criticizer.” Golden was in Washington recently for a CURE meeting and that’s where we got the chance to sit down with him for this exclusive 30 minute video interview.… Continue Reading

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EPA Emails Prove Advancing “Progressive Agenda” The Motive Behind War on Co2

109 obama epa attacking america 610

In appreciating just how hostile the EPA is to our nation and how valuable this new evidence is in demonstrating that fact, it is important to remember that the progressives represent many of the same professed ideals and goals as communists.

The very people who sought our national destruction in the past did not magically disappear with the fall of the Soviet Union.… Continue Reading

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[Watch] Arrogant, Naive Obama – Claimed His Persona Alone Would Make America Safe

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A radio interview of Hussein Obama from when he was campaigning in 2007 speaks to the issue of his arrogance, his inflated view of his own abilities and just how out inexperienced he was then and still is. He ridiculous statement of a belief that miraculously, on the day of his inauguration, Americans would somehow made safer just by virtue of his presence in the White House was laughable then at the time.… Continue Reading

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FitzGerald Criticizes Ohio Gov. Kasich’s Food-Stamps Work Rule For The Able Bodied


Democratic gubernatorial candidate Ed FitzGerald condemned Gov. John Kasich’s new requirement that about 140,000 “able-bodied” food-stamp recipients work or lose their benefits, a sentiment echoed by a top official at the Mid-Ohio Foodbank.

“That decision … was devastating to those individual families,” FitzGerald said after touring the Grove City facility, where Kasich signed his latest budget bill in June.… Continue Reading

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