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EPA Emails Prove Advancing “Progressive Agenda” The Motive Behind War on Co2

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In appreciating just how hostile the EPA is to our nation and how valuable this new evidence is in demonstrating that fact, it is important to remember that the progressives represent many of the same professed ideals and goals as communists.

The very people who sought our national destruction in the past did not magically disappear with the fall of the Soviet Union.… Continue Reading

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[Watch] Arrogant, Naive Obama – Claimed His Persona Alone Would Make America Safe

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A radio interview of Hussein Obama from when he was campaigning in 2007 speaks to the issue of his arrogance, his inflated view of his own abilities and just how out inexperienced he was then and still is. He ridiculous statement of a belief that miraculously, on the day of his inauguration, Americans would somehow made safer just by virtue of his presence in the White House was laughable then at the time.… Continue Reading

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FitzGerald Criticizes Ohio Gov. Kasich’s Food-Stamps Work Rule For The Able Bodied


Democratic gubernatorial candidate Ed FitzGerald condemned Gov. John Kasich’s new requirement that about 140,000 “able-bodied” food-stamp recipients work or lose their benefits, a sentiment echoed by a top official at the Mid-Ohio Foodbank.

“That decision … was devastating to those individual families,” FitzGerald said after touring the Grove City facility, where Kasich signed his latest budget bill in June.… Continue Reading

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California High School Bans Students From Selling Chick-Fil-A To Raise Funds Because It Could “Offend” Someone


VENTURA ( — A Ventura County high school principal has barred a booster club from selling a popular fast-food sandwich on campus because of the chain’s position on gay marriage.

Ventura High School Principal Val Wyatt told the Ventura County Star that the football booster club could not sell Chick-fil-A sandwiches at Wednesday’s back-to-school night because the restaurant’s beliefs could offend some students and their parents.… Continue Reading

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Federal Prosecutors Want to Put Conservative Filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza Behind Bars

Dinesh DSouza-620x391

Federal prosecutors are pushing for up to 16 months is prison for conservative filmmaker and activist Dinesh D’Souza after he pleaded guilty in May to a charge related to claims that he used straw donors to contribute to a Republican candidate’s campaign for a New York Senate seat in 2012.

D’Souza’s legal team has argued that he admitted fault and is ashamed, asking U.S.… Continue Reading

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[Watch] Sen Sessions on Fire! Exposes WH Amnesty Conspiracy, Betrayal – Secret Meetings With Big Business

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Senator Jeff Sessions calls out his Democrat counterparts for their silence on the issue of amnesty for illegals, saying that they have “surrendered the jobs, wages and livelihoods of their constituents to a group of special interests meeting in secret at the White House.”

He points out that Congress has refused to pass and the American people have rejected what they now plot to do anyway, no matter what the people think or what the people’s representatives in Congress vote.… Continue Reading

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Ted Cruz, Republicans Pushing Harry Reid To Defeat Amnesty Delay Tactic in Senate

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He’s doing it again. Senator Ted Cruz has proven he is not afraid to mix it up with Harry Reid when it comes to standing on his principles and another confrontation appears to be in the offing.

Cruz was willing to stand against obamacare last year and now he’s organizing a similar effort to prevent Hussein Obama’s year-end dictatorial decree of illegal alien amnesty.… Continue Reading

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Atheist Group Launches Campaign To Boycott Pledge Of Allegiance Until “Under God” Is Removed

WASHINGTON: The American Humanist Association kicked off a national campaign to press people to stop pledging allegiance to the U.S. flag, until the phrase “under God” is removed.

The campaign includes YouTube video spots and bus stop ads in New York City and Washington, D.C., the group announced in a press release.… Continue Reading

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( Video) A campaign to silence conservative speech by Obama’s Henchmen

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For years, there has been a multipronged attempt to drive conservative speech from the public square.

These prongs include misuse of government powers to target conservatives, attempts to keep conservative voices from being heard on mass-media outlets, and redefinition of language in order to taint conservative speech as unacceptable.

That first prong, though, the misuse of government power, has become more prevalent during the Obama era with the targeting of conservatives and particularly Tea Party groups by the Internal Revenue Service serving as the most prominent example.… Continue Reading

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Republican Establishment Can’t Hide It – They Wanted Illegal Amnesty This Summer Too

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The establishment Republican leadership wants amnesty almost as much as the occupant of the White House does. Unlike their Democrat counterparts, they aren’t saying it quite as openly and haven’t threatened to break the law to bring it about, but their puppet masters, particularly the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, are demanding it.… Continue Reading

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