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[Watch] Call For American Jihad by Patriots Sparks Outrage Among America-Hating Obama Socialists

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The use of the word “jihad” in his call for action by patriotic Americans is drawing attention and criticism, but Dr. Keith Ablow explains that he is using the word as it is defined and is serious in his effort.

He recognizes that America has been taken over, not only in the leadership positions within our government but also culturally by those who no longer believe in American exceptionalism.… Continue Reading

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[Watch] Judge Jeanine – Government Can’t Protect Us From Terrorists, Non-Radical Muslims Need To Speak Out

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Judge Jeanine Pirro begins by recognizing the heroics of Kevin Vickers, the Sergeant at Arms of the Canadian Parliament who killed the terrorist intent on attacking their legislative body.

She recognizes that it was a Canadian gun owner, who was in possession of an actual working weapon rather than the commonplace ceremonial weapons normally carried by his counterparts, who undoubtedly saved many innocent lives.… Continue Reading

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[Watch] Video of Canadian Islamic Terrorist Stealing Car, Entering Parliament With Police in Pursuit

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Canadian authorities have released video footage of Islamist terrorist Michael Zehaf-Bibeau in the moments following the murder of National War Memorial guard Nathan Cirillo, and immediately preceding his attempted assault on Parliament.

The video shows to different views of the same event in which Zehaf-Bibeau stole an official vehicle after ordering the driver out and then drove it to the Parliament.… Continue Reading

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URGENT — FBI and DHS Issue Bulletin Warning of IS Attacks on Police in U.S.


LUBBOCK, Texas — Federal authorities have warned US law enforcement of potential terror attacks against them from homegrown ISIS members or supporters, according to a leaked internal bulletin exclusively obtained by Breitbart Texas. The leaked document is dated October, 2014 and was provided by a trusted federal agent who did so on the condition of anonymity.… Continue Reading

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Watch: Al Sharpton Doesn’t Know Iowa from Ottawa Shooting Video


Another day. Another memorable moment in broadcast journalism…
After the terrorist shooting today in OTTAWA, CANADA, Rev. Al Sharpton asked his guest:

Gateway Pundit

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Video: See What Happens to These Muslim Protesters When They Forget About Bomber’s Suicide Belt


When Israeli forces shot and killed a suicide bomber, they made a huge mistake by simply forgetting one detail.

As they raised up the body and started protesting, they forgot about the bomber’s suicide belt.

In the mid they hear a loud BOOM.

And that’s when they realized they forgot about the suicide belt.… Continue Reading

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[Watch] ISIS Black Flag of Evil Blasted Off Kobani Hilltop by Increased U.S. Air Strikes – “Game On”

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Fox’s Greg Palkot describes the events in Kobani as “looking and sounding like a real war,” with the number of U.S. airstrikes having increased remarkably from their previous token levels.

He remarks how the ISIS fighters seem to have gone to ground, assuming defensive postures in response to the bombardment from American jets, and that the overall tone of the conflict gives him the impression that the Kurds have taken on a more offensive role, going after the hunkered-down invaders.… Continue Reading

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“Drop the Islamophobe” – CAIR Goes After Gen Jerry Boykin Prayer Breakfast Engagement

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In the title of an article on the CAIR website last Friday, the radical Islamic front organization described General Jerry Boykin as an Islamophobe and made him the target of their economic terrorism. Boykin has offended them by speaking the truth; therefore his voice must be silenced.

The use of the term Islamophobe is incorrect, Boykin is not afraid of Islam.… Continue Reading

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[Watch] Ralph Peters – Regime Claims ISIS Fight Will Take a Long Time, Especially If You’re Not Serious

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In the comments of the regime regarding the conduct of the “enhanced counter-terrorism action” against ISIS, one constant is heard repeatedly in their self-assessments and predictions.

As Susan Rice illustrates in her comments of Sunday, she uses the words, “initial stages, a long-term effort, over time and ultimately” in the first three sentences, following that up with an assertion a couple of sentences later that “this is going to take time.”

Rice is operating in her customary damage control mission, recognizing that the citizens see their failures and laying the foundation for upcoming claims that they need more time, which will surely be heard in the coming days, weeks and months.… Continue Reading

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[Watch] ISIS Video of Kobani Fighting, Refugees Allowed Into Turkey, Kurdish Reinforcements Not Allowed Out

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The BBC narrates the portion of the video which was reportedly taken by the ISIS pigs as they moved in on Kobani.

The reporter makes note of the fact that they are operating in broad daylight, seeming to have little fear of U.S. air strikes, as they move from building to building and street to street.… Continue Reading

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