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14 Dec 2014

[Watch] John Bolton – Release Of Feinstein Report A Signal To ISIS Of American Weakness

John Bolton responds to a question as to whether or not it is possible to change the mindset and the hearts of the murderous terrorists of ISIS, and whether or not that is even possible. His response is an immediate “No, you have to destroy it. Look, we’re facing an

13 Dec 2014

[Watch] Franklin Graham Has An Epic Message For Radical Muslims

By AmyElizabeth Rev. Franklin Graham: “Christians are under attack by Islam” and “radical Islam has nothing to do with it because Islam is what it is” Rev. Franklin Graham, son of evangelist Billy Graham and head of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, is under fire again for his attacks on

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12 Dec 2014

[Watch] Democrat Congresswoman Says CIA Should Apologize To Terrorists For Interrogation Techniques

Democrat Congresswoman Jackie Speier, naturally a representative of California, said of the Senate Intelligence Committee’s report on interrogation, “every single page had something in the executive summary that shocked me.”  She has issued a statement calling the purported revelations contained in the report “grotesque.” As if reading a pre-planned narrative,

10 Dec 2014

[Watch] ISIS releases a Guide to Buying and Selling Female Slaves

The Research and Fatwa Department of the Islamic State (ISIS) has released a pamphlet with ‘Questions and Answers on Taking Captives and Slaves.’ MEMRI It was presumably released in response to the uproar caused by the many reports this summer that ISIS had taken Yazidi girls and women as sex

10 Dec 2014

[Watch] A Gun-Toting Burqa Bandit Robs Bank in Ohio

A gun-toting, burqa-clad bank robber picks an unusual (increasingly popular) disguise during a holdup; a burqa, traditionally worn by (MUSLIM) women. Although the suspect was wearing a (MUSLIM) burqa, witnesses were able to get a look at his face. Investigators hope that, along with video from inside the building, leads

10 Dec 2014

[Watch] Muslim Rant “Saying Merry Christmas is Worse than Murder.”

The Relgion of Peace is at it again. The only relgion on earth that believes Merry Christmas is more offensive than beheadings, stonings and rape. The same relgion that believes in stoning women to death for not wearing full Islamic garb but finds it perfectly normal to have sex with

09 Dec 2014

In what is becoming a growing problem Three American teens, recruited online, are caught trying to join ISIS

CHICAGO — Mohammed Hamzah Khan, 19, rose before dawn on Oct. 4 to pray with his father and 16-year-old brother at their neighborhood mosque in a Chicago suburb. When they returned home just before 6 a.m., the father went back to bed and the Khan teens secretly launched a plan

09 Dec 2014

Priceless!! Even Muslim Jihadists have to Protect the Family ‘Jewels’

Protecting His Jewels For His Goat. BareNakedIslam

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08 Dec 2014

[Watch] Rep Mike Rogers – Release Of CIA Torture Report Will Lead To Violence, Deaths

Maybe Senator Dianne Feinstein is trying to do Hussein Obama a favor by making George Bush look bad. It could just be the addle-brained Democrat doesn’t care what the impact is, or maybe she’s wants that spot on the cover of Jihad Weekly or as their poster goat-girl. Whatever the

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07 Dec 2014

[Watch] FBI charges Saudi-born naval engineer over plans to sink aircraft carrier

A Naval engineer is facing federal charges for allegedly giving an undercover FBI agent secret documents on a new aircraft carrier being built in Norfolk, Va. Saudi-born Mostafa Ahmed Awwad, 35, of Yorktown, Va., was arrested Friday on an FBI affidavit claiming he planned to use a dead-drop location along