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[Watch] Kelly, Krauthammer – Predict No U.S. Ground Troops Despite Supportive Public Opinion

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Megyn Kelly invites Charles Krauthammer to a discussion of new Fox polling data which shows, in part, a majority of Americans now favor the use of American ground troops in Syria and Iraq to battle ISIS. While 78% of Americans polled support an air campaign, 52% believe that in order to win this fight we are going to need to put our own military on the ground.… Continue Reading

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[Watch] Michele Bachmann – Cowering Obama Laying Foundation for World War 3, We Can’t Run From ISIS

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Congresswoman Michele Bachmann (R-MN), a member of the House Intelligence Committee offers her insight into the problems with the diddling Obama regime and the gross ineptitude which is continuing to plague this poorly managed war with ISIS; a war that our “leaders” deny even exists.

She remarks that Obama ran in 2008 on a commitment that he was going to end the “bad war,” the one in Iraq and that he feels like he fulfilled his commitment.… Continue Reading

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[Listen] Border Agent – Hard Evidence Terrorists Have Crossed Mexican Border Into U.S.

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It is no secret that the United States has a serious vulnerability on its southern border. A recent report by Christopher Livesay on Public Radio International further exposes some risks, both from Islamic terrorists as well as from political operatives domestically. There should be a national public outcry for a return to real enforcement and sanity regarding what is a presently the non-existent faux border between Mexico and the United States.… Continue Reading

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Democrat Congressman Keith Ellison Awarded Muslim of the Year By CAIR the Terrorist group tied to HAMAS


By Amy Elizabeth

BareNakedIslam Keith Ellison insisted on being sworn into Congress on a quran which is against everything in our Constitution

Radical Leftist COPE PINK and terrorist-tied Democrat Congressman Jim Moran also were honored at CAIR’s (Council on American Islamic Relations) 20th Anniversary banquet and celebration of renowned America haters, where Al ‘Shady’ Sharpton was an absentee keynote speaker.… Continue Reading

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[Watch] Sgt Tahmooressi’s Mother Jill Testifies, Pleads For Her Son In House Hearings

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Jill Tahmooressi, the mother of Sgt Andrew Tahmooressi, the American Marine being held captive by the Mexican government as a result of making a wrong turn, spoke before the House Foreign Affairs Committee on Wednesday.

While many of us have a general understanding of who her son is and what his life has been up to this point, Ms.… Continue Reading

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[Watch] Montel Williams to Obama, Nieto on Tahmooressi – World Is Watching, It’s Time To Act

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The House Foreign Affairs Committee held a hearing on Wednesday to deal with the imprisonment of Sgt Andrew Tahmooressi in Mexico, the result of his accidental wrong turn into Hell.

Speaking at the hearing on behalf of Sgt Tahmooressi were his mother, joined by Montel Williams, himself a retired Navy Lt.… Continue Reading

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[Watch] Man With Gun Gets Close To President Obama On Elevator

E.T. Williams


Continue Reading
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[Watch] Pamela Geller on Sean Hannity Discussing Yale Inviting Terror Sheikh Who Advocated Killing of U.S. Soldiers


By Amy Elizabeth

It was another face-off with Michael Ghouse on the Sean Hannity show last night. It was amusing to listen to Ghouse boast about how he has defended me (!) and free speech, somehow forgetting that he attacked our ads, wanted them removed, and suggested they caused murder. So watching Ghouse invoke freedom of speech in order to make the case for allowing the vicious jihadist Imam, Sheikh Rachid al-Ghannouchi, into the country to speak at Yale — an imam who signed a fatwa calling for the murder of US troops and who called for the burning and destruction of American targets — is galling.… Continue Reading

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[Watch] McCain, Lieberman Were In Iraq and Syria – Obama’s Doing Everything Wrong

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The differences between an amateur know-nothing frustrated academic who pretends to be the American president and the true leadership displayed by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is driven home in a direct video comparison between the two.

Joe Lieberman, who obviously still labors under the misconception that Obama wants America to succeed and has that as his goal, admits that he is disappointed and explains why. … Continue Reading

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[Watch] Yale Invited Muslim Cleric Who Called For Murder of U.S. Troops To Be Guest Speaker

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The communist said long ago that a key component in their takeover of the United States was in infiltrating and controlling academia. That has been the reality for a long time and Yale is proving it is a serious problem. It is impossible to explain their actions any other way.

The discussion centers around an invitation issued to Sheikh Rachid al-Ghannouchi, a man who was banned from the U.S.… Continue Reading

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