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HEADS UP : Plans of massive expansion of a Mosque have residents in FLORIDA in Panic!!

mosque.tifBy Amy Elizabeth

Muslim supremacists build ugliness and ostentation wherever they go. Residents who live near the proposed expansion on Apopka Vineland Road in Doctor Phillips said it’s because of the size of the project. Grand plans for the towering new expansion to The Islamic Center of Orlando have already cleared two major hurdles with the county.Continue Reading

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[Watch] Enterovirus 68 Kills Another Child – Congressman Questions Connections To Obama’s Illegal Alien Imports

144 enterovirus illegals 740

While much of the attention of the American public has been focused on the possibility of an Ebola epidemic in the United States, another deadly disease is making its way across the nation with the consequences to this point being much more deadly.

With only one person, a foreign national having died in the U.S.… Continue Reading

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[Watch] Candy Crowley Befuddled By Common Sense – Ted Cruz Demonstrates in Ebola Discussion

144 candy crowley ted cruz 740

The weak and insincere arguments against banning travel to the United States continue to be exposed as nothing more than a potentially catastrophic cover for a political position that is being made by the Obama regime, with the future of the American people hanging in the balance.

Candy Crowley has as her guest Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz, who joins her in exploring the many fallacies in the Obama regime’s position.… Continue Reading

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Huge Fed Bid Solicitation For Amnesty Green Card Stock Proof of Impending Massive Dictatorial Decree

144 green card stock 740

The Obama assault on America has two sides, a domestic and an international. Often they can become intertwined, as is the case in his dictatorial amnesty declaration. It is a domestic method of advancing our demise that uses as its tools an international component, the influx of foreign invaders.

Some of those invaders are already here, in the Democrat voting precincts they have labeled “the shadows,” others are yet to be sent in, lying in wait for orders from the complicit leadership in their various cesspool countries.… Continue Reading

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[Watch] Mark Levin Nails Shep Smith on His Idiotic “Panic” Lecture as Obama Sends America “Into The Crapper”

144 shep smith mark levin 740

Mark Levin doesn’t appreciate being lectured to by liberals, particularly those in the media. It’s even more offensive when the liberal in the media wraps himself in a conservative media façade, such as a Geraldo Rivera or a Shepard Smith.

The recent remarks of Smith in which he decries what he characterized as an unreasonable panic and hysteria, created in part by a media-driven prostitution for the sake of ratings is the subject of Mr.… Continue Reading

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[Watch] Obama Rediscovers His “Black Accent,” Tells Black Voters Amnesty is Good For Them

144 obama pie 740

It must be a great luxury and perhaps it is even a necessity for a lying political operative to have an ignorant voting population that believes whatever he says, never bothering to examine the substance or the impact of his actions.

Being able to rely upon the blind prejudices of a color or ethnicity-based voting bloc has enabled the socialist Democrats and Hussein Obama to become what they are today.… Continue Reading

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[Watch] Rep Tim Murphy – Ebola is Like Terrorism, We Have To Be Right 100%, Only Has To Get In Once

144 tim murphy 740

Congressman Tim Murphy (R-PA) held hearings on Thursday as chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee into the Ebola crisis. He came away less than impressed with the CDC’s efforts, particularly as it relates to the transparency and cooperation of the Director, Dr. Tom Frieden.

Rep Tim Murphy is asked about his earlier characterization of the Ron Klain Ebola Czar appointment as being “shocking and tone deaf,” and whether or not anything has happened to change his opinion.… Continue Reading

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[Watch] Judge Jeanine, Ann Coulter – Ebola Czar Fought To Exclude Military Votes, A Political Hack For Political Purposes

144 judge jeanine coulter gotleib 740

Ann Coulter and Dr. Scott Gottlieb, formerly an FDA Deputy Commissioner, join Judge Jeanine with the Ebola crisis and the Obama regime’s response as the topic.

Ann Coulter, being of sound mind and body, believes that a travel restriction is absolutely essential, pointing out that the best way for America to contribute to the fight against Ebola is not by sending sacrificial military units to Africa or by importing the virus here into our population.… Continue Reading

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Video: Democratic National Committee chief predicts Dems ‘are going to hold the Senate’

deb wasser

Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the leader of the Democratic National Committee, said Sunday that her party will keep control of the Senate next month, suggesting that a GOP effort to drag President Obama into races is a failed strategy.

“We are going to hold the Senate,” the Florida lawmaker told “Fox News Sunday.” “The president is not on the ballot.”

Her remarks come weeks after Obama argued that he indeed was “not on the ballot this fall” but that “every single one” of his policies are.… Continue Reading

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Obama Plans to Transfer Ebola-infected Foreigners to U.S. for Treatment.


Thursday night on Fox News, Charles Krauthammer predicted that it would only take “a couple more cases like Mr. Duncan” flying to the United States from West Africa with Ebola for the president to back down from his no travel ban position.

But if Judicial Watch’s sources are correct, Obama’s open door policy for people coming from Ebola infected countries, may creak open a little wider to allow the transfer of non-US citizens infected with the disease into the country for treatment.… Continue Reading

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