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Jihad McCain met with the head of ISIS on a secret trip to Syria last year and promised them all kinds of weapons, training, and funding in their war against Bashir Assad.



Bagdadi is the leader of ISIS


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[Watch ] Pentagon: ISIS threat ‘beyond anything we’ve seen’

Defense Secretary Hagel and Joint Chiefs Chairman Gen. Dempsey hold a press briefing at the PentagonBy Dylan Price

CNN- America’s top defense officials left open the possibility of targeting ISIS fighters in Syria, saying during a news briefing Thursday that it was not enough to just hit the extremist group in Iraq.

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel and Gen. Martin Dempsey, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, stopped short of calling for U.S.… Continue Reading

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[Watch] Obama Response to ISIS Beheadings a “Sense of Hope” Offensive, That’s Not Enough

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The ever-naïve Hussein Obama describes how the United States will defeat the hateful terrorists of ISIS by instilling a “sense of hope.” How 60’s of him; let’s drop a few love bombs or fire off a few left over “Obama change” missiles while we’re at it. No dice, Obama. That worn out message won’t play so well in the face of terrorists who manufacture their own change and see no value in hope.… Continue Reading

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[Watch] WH Advisor Admits Foley Murder a Terrorist Attack on U.S., Touts Record

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White House Deputy National Security Advisor Ben Rhodes, of Benghazi email notoriety, made another statement that he may wish he hadn’t. During a Friday press briefing, Rhodes told the truth, always a risky proposition within the Obama regime.

Rhodes was asked if he agreed with the assessment by former CIA acting director Mike Morel that the beheading of James Foley by an ISIS swine was a terrorist act against the United States.… Continue Reading

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[Watch] Sheriff Clarke – Eric Holder Owes American Law Enforcement an Apology

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Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke describes some of the comments made by politicians involved in the Ferguson incident as irresponsible and inflammatory. He points specifically to Senator Claire McCaskill, Governor Jay Nixon and Attorney General Eric Holder as key offenders.

He said their comments insinuated that “law enforcement officers across the United States engage in some nefarious or systematic and cultural attempts to violate people’s civil rights.”

Clarke continued saying, “I thought that was a slap in the face to every law enforcement officer in America who puts on, he and she, that put on the badge and the uniform every day to go out and risk their lives in service to their community.”

He added, “I think the Attorney General needs to either further explain his anecdotal references to being racially profiled as if officers across America do this thing and I think he owes every law enforcement officer in America an apology.… Continue Reading

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[Listen] Mark Levin – Message to Coward Obama, Foley Beheading “An Act of War Dammit!”

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Mark Levin takes aim at the pathetic group response that isn’t a response within the Obama White House operatives to the beheading of James Foley.

On all sides they are pretending that it is no big deal, things like this happen. Empty words such as we and our “allies,” a coalition or any other claim that can be used to replace action with words are not enough to escape the wrath of Levin.… Continue Reading

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Senator Reveals Zip Codes of Illegal Alien Murderers Released Onto Streets By ICE

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The United States has reluctantly provided information to the American people, through the efforts of Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA), of their deplorable release of 169 violent illegal alien criminals onto the streets of America. These are all individuals who have been not only charged, but convicted of “homicide-related” offenses who were awaiting their deportation proceedings.… Continue Reading

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[Watch] Krauthammer – Foley Beheading Is Not a Criminal DOJ Issue, It’s An Act of War

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Asked by Megyn Kelly about the Obama regime’s decision to pursue the beheading of James Foley as a criminal matter, Charles Krauthammer sheds some light and some sense upon the matter. He’s assisted in that endeavor by the unlikely statements of MSNBC’s Chris Matthews.

Kelly plays a statement from Matthews from one of his appearances on that other network which is normally blindly supportive of all things Obama.… Continue Reading

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By AmyElizabeth

EVERY AMERICAN NEEDS TO HEAR THIS MESSAGE!! WAKE UP!! Pastor issues a warning to Americans. One thing Islam is doing to you is causing you to be fearful. Stand up and speak out against the invasion of Islamization which is going on in your country. Stand up before it’s too late.… Continue Reading

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Ferguson, Mo. store owner Jan Lalani reacted to his business being vandalized and robbed by a mob of people during the unrest in the Saint Louis suburb.

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