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AWESOME! Maine GOP Gov. LePage To Make “Able-Bodied” Welfare Recipients Work For Their Food Stamps


Maine’s Republican governor on Wednesday launched a push to make more “able-bodied” people work for their food stamps.

“People who are in need deserve a hand up, but we should not be giving able-bodied individuals a handout,’’ said Gov. Paul R. LePage.

LePage will reportedly stop seeking a federal waiver — issued at the height of the Great Recession — allowing some food stamp recipients to bypass requirements that they work or volunteer, according to local news channel WCSH.… Continue Reading

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California Wants To Ban Contact Football Damit

E.T. Williams

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[Watch] Obama’s Trial Balloons, Preparing The Way For His Dictatorship in America

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The socialists who have taken control of the Democrat Party and through it the United States are working tirelessly to establish cement their gains and the long-threatened fundamental transformation of America into a dictatorship. They are getting close but it is prudent to evaluate public opinion along the way. They can’t risk going too fast and alerting the ignorant public.… Continue Reading

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[Watch] Dem Rep. to C-SPAN Caller: Maybe Watch ‘A Little Less Fox News’


Democratic congressman Jim Himes was on C-SPAN early this morning, and was on the receiving end of an angry complaint by a Republican caller over basically everything that anyone has ever said negatively about the Obama administration in the past four-plus years. Himes’ response? Suggesting this person maybe not watch so much Fox News.… Continue Reading

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[Watch] Megyn Kelly on the “Backflips” and Contradictions of IRS Commissioner Koskinen

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Megyn Kelly points out in her opening that there are many previous IRS testimonies, including some by the Commissioner who was once again before the House, which are now contradicted by recent revelations.

She points to new information which indicates that backup tapes may exist for the missing Lois Lerner emails.… Continue Reading

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EPA Chief McCarthy Denies “Environmental” Lobbyists Participated in Crafting Regulations

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A New York Times article, exposed that the land use and energy obstructionist lobbying group “Natural Resources Defense Council” basically authored the EPA’s latest power plant regulations. That agenda-damaging revelation is now being denied by EPA chief Gina McCarthy.

The revelation was made in a July 6th article, which asserted that the group had produced a report which was the “blueprint” for the regulations.… Continue Reading

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[Watch] U.S. Again Claims YouTube Evidence in MH17 Attack, Russia Offers Hard Evidence of Ukrainian Fighter Jet

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The Social Media “presidency” of B. Hussein Obama is once again relying upon the virtual world as the foundation for their foreign policy. We all remember how a YouTube video that didn’t exist was put forward as the cause behind the Benghazi attacks. Now our State Department official assessment of the Ukraine MH17 is being driven by the same kind of “concrete evidence.”

Associated Press reporter Matt Lee questioned State Department Spokesperson Marie Harf following the release of Russian evidence which has on its face the potential to completely discredit the Obama narrative that the Russians orchestrated the downing of MH17.… Continue Reading

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[Watch] Sheriff Joe Arpaio – “Something Fishing Going On With Administration in Bed With Mexico”

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Neil Cavuto describes the Mexican government as being seething over the decision of Texas Governor Rick Perry to send his National Guard to the Texas border to assist the Border Patrol and to help deter illegal border crossings.

Cavuto questions Sheriff Joe Arpaio as to why they would be so upset.… Continue Reading

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[Watch] Trey Gowdy Refries IRS Commissioner Hiding Behind IG Investigation in New Testimony

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Bill Clinton would have never gotten away with his “it depends on what your definition of is is” distortion of the basic concepts of the English language had he been being questioned by Trey Gowdy.

Gowdy makes things hot for IRS Commissioner Koskinen, who is now backing off from his “confirmed” position of the destruction of emails due to revelations provided by an Inspector General.… Continue Reading

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[Watch] The Palestinians and Hamas Are Terrorist Who Wants Israel Destroyed Damit

E.T. Williams

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