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[Watch] Barack Obama Has No Plan So Grab Your Damn Ankles

E.T. Williams

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Islamic Groups Demand Distortion of All American Law Enforcement Training

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Islamic activists and lobbyists have successfully forced the removal of uncomplimentary references to Islamic terrorists from military training programs. They also recently accomplished a similar purge of information from the FBI materials under the direction of Eric Holder.

It is a logical next step for terrorist sympathizers and support groups to attempt to build upon those successes and to expand their campaign of concealment and disinformation to police and sheriff departments across the country.… Continue Reading

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[Watch] Ted Cruz Identifies Four Key Issues For Mid-Term Elections, Amnesty is #1

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In his speech at the Americans for Prosperity summit, Senator Ted Cruz proclaimed that at that time, there were 66 days left until Election Day. He said, “I’m going to tell you four key issues that are going to be front and center from now until Election Day.

Number one – no amnesty.” He says, “’President’ Obama has made a decision to make this election in 2014 a national referendum on amnesty.… Continue Reading

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CIA Terrorism Expert Says Obama Switched Sides in The War on Terror

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As anyone who has paid attention to the circumstances surrounding the activities of the federal government of the United States is painfully aware of, there are many indications that the current occupant of the White House has an affinity with the Muslim Brotherhood and is sympathetic to radical Islam in general.… Continue Reading

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British Islamist Justifies Murder of “Mr. Beheaded Infidel” Foley, States: ISIS Lenient on Yazidis

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Putin Taunts Obama – “If I Want, I Will Take Kiev In Two Weeks” Nobody Can Stop Him

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In the face of western sanctions and the threat of more, Russian President Vladimir Putin offered a threat of his own, directed squarely at his diminutive counterpart who occupies the White House.

Russia President Vladimir Putin is reported to have told outgoing European Commission President José Manuel Barroso that he could take Kiev, Ukraine in two weeks if he wanted to.… Continue Reading

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[Watch] Eleven Reasons Why President Elizabeth Warren is More Terrifying Than Hussein Obama

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Undoubtedly the progressive socialists who have taken over our government have a plan for succession in place should Hussein Obama actually follow the law for once and “permit” another to assume the position of American president.

They undoubtedly plan to pick up where Obama leaves off and their agenda will be much more radical by virtue of the fact that they are moving it “forward,” as they like to say.… Continue Reading

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[Watch] Obama “Not Asking For the Moon,” Just Promising It – His Wish List, His Vision, His BS

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The great deceiver, the most insincere, dishonest person on the planet, B. Hussein Obama, gave a speech before an assemblage of his useful idiots over Labor Day in Wisconsin.

These are some of the very people that will be among the first victims of his illegal alien amnesty. These same labor leaders are selling out their current members in the pursuit of personal enrichment and self-preservation by supporting Obama in his importation of a new, low cost foreign work force.… Continue Reading

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[Watch] “Islamist Extremists” Not On FBI Terrorism Threat List, American “Anti-Government Militias” Are

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The 2013 FBI Domestic Threat Assessment for Domestic Extremism comes under some much deserved scrutiny, with some strange omissions being brought to light.

The list includes:

  • Anti-Government Militia Groups
  • White Supremacy Extremists
  • Black Separatists
  • Sovereign Citizen Nationalists
  • Anarchists
  • Animal Rights and Environmental Extremists
  • Abortion Activists
  • Puerto Rican Nationalists

Nowhere on the list are Islamic Extremists mentioned, even though they hold an almost universal connection to past terror events within the United States.… Continue Reading

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Obama Can Stay President In 2016 If He Wants Damit

E.T. Williams

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