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[Watch] John Bolton on Obama Hiding Russian Nuclear Missile Violations, Would Make Him Look Bad

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Greta Van Susteren interviews former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton regarding the Russian situation generally and in particular the latest release of information that Russia has violated the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces, or INF, Treaty.

Bolton says the Russians have been believed to be in violation of the treaty for quite some time but that the Obama regime didn’t mention it because it was politically expedient not to do so.… Continue Reading

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[Watch] Col Ralph Peters – Pro Hamas Democrats Clinton, Pelosi, “Beyond Dumb, Naive and Ignorant”

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Making excuses for Hamas attacking Israel with missiles and conducting their military operations from within civilian buildings and neighborhoods, Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi go on the record.

Hillary Clinton says the practice is due to the geographically small area Hamas is forced to wage their attacks from. There was no place left but a school and a hospital, terrorists can’t be choosers.… Continue Reading

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[Watch] Dems Got Their Impeachment Marching Orders, Spouting Same Talking Points, Something’s Coming

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First at the podium is Rep G. K Butterfield (D-NC), who is typical of the Democrats speaking in this video montage. He claims he knows what the House Republicans are doing, that they are engaged in a “constant effort to discredit ‘president’ Obama.” He says they are setting the stage for “despicable impeachment proceedings” should they hold the House and Senate after the midterms.… Continue Reading

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[Watch] Trey Gowdy Breaks Silence, Provides Update on Benghazi Committee Progress

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As we followed the progress in the Congressional Republicans’ drive to force hearings on the Benghazi attacks, many of us became accustomed to seeing Trey Gowdy arguing in favor of an investigation to determine what happened. Now that the House Select Committee has been seated, there has been a vacuum on information.… Continue Reading

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[Watch] Oklahoma Governor Demands Answers on Obama’s Illegal Alien Warehousing and Releases

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Fallin says she and her fellow governors want some straight answers and they aren’t getting them. They want to know what Obama’s end game is, what is he planning on doing and start with ending the federal secrecy.

She comments on the original pledge that was made to governors by the regime that the illegals would be staying for only 120 days, and how now they are hearing through back channels that that time frame will likely be extended.… Continue Reading

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[Watch] Rep Sheila Jackson Lee Setting Stage for Obama Impeachment Fundraising on Racism

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Communist Progressive Rep Sheila Jackson-Lee (D-TX) opens her comments saying that she believes the upcoming week is going to be “three days of wasted time.” One thing’s for certain, her fellow Congressmen will share that view of the next five minutes.

She says she knows “that there are people who disagree with the Affordable Care Act, ‘immigration reform,’ the unaccompanied children.” She attempts to make her case saying, “Not one of those issues is attributable to the malfeasance of the ‘president’ of the United States.… Continue Reading

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[Watch] Krauthammer – Illegal Alien Amnesty Via Executive Order – A Set Up and an Impeachable Offense

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Charles Krauthammer believes that, with the midterms coming up, the socialist Democrat Party is desperate. He says in 1998 the election was save by impeachment overreach by Republicans and “this is a good issue, it’s a good way to raise money.”

Krauthammer says, in his opinion there is only one real issue.… Continue Reading

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RUSH: Why Is Israel-US Relations The Worst Its Ever Been?

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[Watch] Neil Cavuto Rants – America Has Gone From a Beacon to a Blue Light Special for Illegals

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Neil Cavuto ask where is the lobby for American citizens and remarks how it seems that lately you have to be from outside of this country to get any support from this country. He says, “Illegals get the attention, Americans just seem to get the bill.”

He continues, “Illegals can protest outside the White House for rights they don’t even have while authorities who can see them in broad daylight ignore them as if they don’t have a clue, on our dime, on all of our dimes.… Continue Reading

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[Watch] Melissa Harris-Perry Compares Rick Perry to Racists Segregationists

E.T. Williams

?list=UUCFKjJhc1_xKh7QItJC1k1w… Continue Reading

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