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A Basic Question Nurses Are Asking About The Protective Gear – Now That It’s On, How Do We Get It Off?

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The health care professionals at the CDC and the medical talking heads all stress the importance of not having contact with Ebola-contaminated surfaces and fluids in order to prevent infection. They offer a common mantra, as does Dr. Gupta in the video below, to cover the skin as being a simple solution to the problem.… Continue Reading

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[Watch] We Can’t Handle Ebola – Only 11 Hospital Beds in All of U.S. Ebola Certified

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Most Americans have never had a reason to think about or to investigate the number of hospitals or the number of hospital beds in the United States which are capable of handling an outbreak of a disease such as Ebola.

The information regarding America’s ability to deal with such an emergency is not good.… Continue Reading

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[Watch] Nurses Enraged – CDC/Obama Lying – No Ebola Protocols, Dallas Nurses and Public Exposed Repeatedly, Forced to “Wing It”

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The calls for the resignation of CDC Director Thomas Frieden will now certainly grow to a roar, as will the people’s demands that a travel ban immediately be put into place from West Africa. In light of new information, Thomas Frieden should not only be terminated at the CDC, he should be immediately arrested.… Continue Reading

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[Watch] Kelly, Hume – CDC Director’s Frieden’s Statements Untrue, Suspicious, Make No Sense

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Brit Hume was less than impressed by the lack of honesty of CDC Director Tom Frieden in his interview with Megyn Kelly.

Hume said, “I struggle with the fact that some of the things he was saying to you, that the information was clear and it was correct and all that was manifestly not true, based upon what he ultimately conceded during the course of the interview.”

Hume continues, “And his explanation, like previous ones that have been given for the reason for not imposing a travel ban in order to keep people from those infected areas out of this country for the time being I thought makes no sense.”

He added, “I mean you would not have to have an actual ban on flights, Megyn, you could do it through the visa system, where you simply would not allow people with visas from those countries to come here for now.… Continue Reading

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[Watch] VA Caliber Leadership at the CDC – Megyn Kelly Exposes Obama’s Ebola Ineptitude – How It Threatens All Americans

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You can’t learn common sense from a book.  CDC Director Thomas Frieden proved that point in terrifying fashion in this interview with Megyn Kelly.

His first priority, which he claims to be the protection of the American people, seems to be equally spread as well between protecting the Africans and his own rear end.… Continue Reading

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Ebola Spreads – Boyfriend of Sick Dallas Nurse Now Also Admitted to Hospital With Ebola Symptoms

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CBS DFW in Fort Worth, TX reports that the boyfriend of Dallas nurse Nina Pham, who was infected with Ebola by Thomas Duncan, has now been hospitalized in what they insist is a precautionary measure.

The CDC confirmed on Sunday morning that one other person had been in close contact with Ms Pham after she became symptomatic and capable of transmitting the disease.… Continue Reading

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[Watch] ISIS Black Flag of Evil Blasted Off Kobani Hilltop by Increased U.S. Air Strikes – “Game On”

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Fox’s Greg Palkot describes the events in Kobani as “looking and sounding like a real war,” with the number of U.S. airstrikes having increased remarkably from their previous token levels.

He remarks how the ISIS fighters seem to have gone to ground, assuming defensive postures in response to the bombardment from American jets, and that the overall tone of the conflict gives him the impression that the Kurds have taken on a more offensive role, going after the hunkered-down invaders.… Continue Reading

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[Watch] Expert Says This Strain of Ebola is Primed to Go Airborne, Must Be Contained in Africa

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The impact of Thomas Duncan infecting the innocent people of America has already begun to have repercussions and we are only getting started. Aside from the exposure and subsequent infection of at least one care provider and potentially more, the hospital has temporarily suspended the conduct of some emergency services, impacting the community.… Continue Reading

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[Watch] O’Reilly Calls For Resignation of CDC Frieden, Flight Bans And Honesty From Obama Regime

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Bill O’Reilly declares that “The Federal Government is Not Protecting America,” a topic which could head in a multitude of directions. He confines the bulk of his remarks in this instance to the threat of Ebola and the associated federal failures.

O’Reilly describes as “very worrisome” the infection of 26 year-old Nina Pham, who treated Thomas Duncan in Dallas, and who was diligent in the wearing of protective gear.… Continue Reading

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[Watch] Spain’s Ebola Crisis – Quarantined Doctors, Nurses and Inadequate Isolation Capability

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The global Ebola outbreak that we appear to now be on the brink of is posing a threat in Spain, with one nurse’s aide infected and in critical but stable condition. Fifteen other people, four nurses, five doctors, her husband, two other hospital workers and three beauticians are also under quarantine.… Continue Reading

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