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[Watch] Real James Foley or Imposter – Missing Scars, Different Facial Structures Raise Questions


James Foley was known to have been sympathetic to the cause of those who have now apparently also become his murderers, but this first video does raise some interesting questions as to the identity of the victim in the ISIS video.

While the American government has signed off on the authenticity of the ISIS video and supported their claims, there are several apparent inconsistencies in the physical appearance between previous images of James Foley and the man in the orange jumpsuit.… Continue Reading

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America Buying a Border Fence for Ukraine, But DHS Says Border Fences Don’t Work

081 ukraine fence 610

Only in the United States could the enumerated powers and responsibilities of the Executive Branch be ignored by the “president” while he simultaneously provides those same protections to foreign countries around the globe.

The latest instance of our federal hypocrisy is occurring now, in the standoff in Ukraine. Hussein Obama’s State Department has granted a contract for the delivery of 2,500 spools of Concertina wire to the government of Ukraine for the purpose of securing their border with Russia.… Continue Reading

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[Watch] Kerry a Dangerous Embarrassment – Claiming Climate Change the Greatest Threat

kerry 610

John Kerry is at it again, peddling the snake oil of climate change as the “the biggest challenge of all that we face right now.” With a dolt like this for a Secretary of State is it any wonder the rest of the world treats America as if we are a joke?… Continue Reading

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[Watch] Even Pope Francis More Hawkish on ISIS Than Obama, Issues Strong Statement

pope 610

Greg Palkot reports that there the job on Mt. Sinjar is not yet complete, with roughly 2,000 Yazidis still up there and a total refugee population in northern Iraq estimated to be 1.5 million. They also address the larger, underlying issue of the struggle of Iraqis and Kurds against the ISIS terrorists.… Continue Reading

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[Watch] Senator Lindsey Graham – Obama Ignoring ISIS, Real Threat to American Homeland

lindsey graham

While he is glad that our forces were able to help free the desperate refugees atop Mt. Sinjar in Iraq and he agrees that the resignation of al-Maliki is a positive step, Senator Graham is disappointed in the actions of America’s commander-in-chief.

He says that Obama should be addressing the ISIS threat to the United States and leveling with the American people that the threat we face does not exist just in Iraq and Syria, but that “these people intend to attack us here at home.” He adds that Obama “has no strategy to deal with that.”

Graham says he feels that the reason that Obama won’t address the threat that ISIS poses is that it would be an admission that his policies have failed.… Continue Reading

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Libyans OK’d For U.S. Flight Schools, Nuclear Science – Forget Benghazi and Evacuated Embassy

Libya embassy

Islamic terrorists of the world have cause to celebrate, at least those with Libyan passports. The United States, under the enlightened guidance of B. Hussein Obama has decided to lift the restriction on Libyans attending flight schools in the United States. They can also now receive training in nuclear science.

The change in policy does seem a bit odd, considering that the United States was just forced to close our embassy in Tripoli and terrorists closed our diplomatic station in Benghazi for us less than two years ago.… Continue Reading

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[Watch] O’Reilly, Krauthammer – Why Does Obama Ignore Evil and Allow It To Grow?

610 krauthammer

Bill O’Reilly states his opinion that evil in the world is growing and has gone for the most part unchecked. He goes on to say that Obama simply doesn’t want to confront evil. He asks Charles Krauthammer his opinion as to why that is.

Krauthammer believes it started with Obama’s first trip in 2009, what came to be known as his “apology tour” which Krauthammer describes as more of a confessional tour.… Continue Reading

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[Watch] No “Obama Doctrine” Is Not Correct – It’s A “Caliphate Doctrine” They Can’t Talk About

074 todd 610

Chuck Todd’s still carrying Obama’s water; he’s just spilling a little along the way to make it less obvious. He said in this appearance that Obama’s “poll perfect” foreign policy is “seen as less popular, it’s seen as less stable because it looks as if he’s not leading, events are leading him.… Continue Reading

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Obama Aghast: Netanyahu’s “Poll Numbers Are A Lot Higher Than Mine”

israel net

U.S. President Barack Obama opined in a New York Times interview that Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu is too popular at the moment to make territorial compromises with the Palestinian Authority.

Asked whether he should be more vigorous in pressing Netanyahu, and the Palestinian Authority’s president, Mahmoud Abbas, also known as Abu Mazen, to reach a land-for-peace deal, Obama said that this has to start with them.… Continue Reading

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UN Official: Airstrikes And Airdrops “Aren’t Enough”

us navy

The U.S. military carried out a new series of airstrikes Sunday against ISIS targets in Iraq, marking the heaviest flurry of activity since the operations began.

In five hours the military struck five targets, including armed vehicles and a mortar position, U.S. Central Command said.

The strikes began at 9:15 a.m.… Continue Reading

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