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Obama’s Climate Summit May Have Fewer Participants Than His ISIS Coalition

113 obama alone sitting 740

One of the negatives faced by a “president” who is perceived around the world as an inept, incapable, amateur no-nothing is that other leaders are less willing to play the appeasement game with you.

Hussein Obama finds himself in an untenable situation, wanting desperately to push a globalist power-grabbing get-rich-quick scheme, but needing the cooperation of other world leaders who know what he’s up to and aren’t so willing to go along.… Continue Reading

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[Listen] Mark Levin Slams “Moron” Commie Elizabeth Warren Over Planted Anti-Israel Commentary


Mark Levin addresses some comments made to Senator Elizabeth Warren by a self-proclaimed “Holocaust Refugee.” Levin acutely points out that the term “Holocaust Refugee” is a new one for him and for most of us. The more familiar and common description being “Holocaust Survivor;” perhaps he smells a plant.

He says it’s odd, if you actually went through that to suggest that the Jews would be doing that to other people.… Continue Reading

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EPA Emails Prove Advancing “Progressive Agenda” The Motive Behind War on Co2

109 obama epa attacking america 610

In appreciating just how hostile the EPA is to our nation and how valuable this new evidence is in demonstrating that fact, it is important to remember that the progressives represent many of the same professed ideals and goals as communists.

The very people who sought our national destruction in the past did not magically disappear with the fall of the Soviet Union.… Continue Reading

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UN and Obama Plot To Bypass U.S. Congress – Turn Agreement into Global Law

107 climate fraud puzzle 610

Christopher Horner, a senior fellow at the Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI) warns that the Obama regime has some dirty tricks up their sleeves in partnership with the United Nations, with the legal chicanery already laid out in preparation.

The crimes will once again involve the usurpation of our Constitution and Congress by the dictatorial Obama regime and will be perpetrated as an expansion of the existing fraud of man-made global warming.… Continue Reading

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[Watch] Obama Taking Credit for Building a Coalition That Already Existed Is Not Him “Putting One Together”

103 map coalition against isis 610

Hussein Obama is no stranger to assigning unearned blame or to taking undeserved credit for the deeds of others. To hear him tell it, you’d almost think he was the one who personally fired the shots that took out Osama bin Laden.

He’s been a spectator on the sidelines as the situation deteriorated in Iraq, but now he’s publicly positioning himself as being behind the creation of a coalition in the Middle East and North Africa to deal with ISIS.… Continue Reading

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Breaking: U.S. Military Charter Plane With Dozens Of Americans May Have Been Forced To Land By Fighter Jet In Iran

iran breaking

An aircraft chartered by coalition forces in Afghanistan, en route from Bagram air base to Dubai, landed Friday in Bandar Abbas, Iran, after Iranian officials questioned its flight plan, U.S. officials said.

The plane had been contacted by Iranian air traffic controllers, who instructed it to return to Afghanistan and file the correct plan.… Continue Reading

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[Watch] No Strategy, No Guts – Cowering Obama Responds to Sotloff Beheading With Appeasement

097 obama isis 610

It is painfully clear, either Obama doesn’t understand the concept of a strategy or he is confirming what many Americans have long believed, he has a strategy but it involves something other than furthering the interests of the American people.

Appearing on stage next to a very uncomfortable-looking bow-tied Estonian President, Obama repeated the excuses for his lack of action, in spite of being asked directly if he would now go ahead and formulate a strategy.… Continue Reading

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Putin Taunts Obama – “If I Want, I Will Take Kiev In Two Weeks” Nobody Can Stop Him

095 putin 610

In the face of western sanctions and the threat of more, Russian President Vladimir Putin offered a threat of his own, directed squarely at his diminutive counterpart who occupies the White House.

Russia President Vladimir Putin is reported to have told outgoing European Commission President José Manuel Barroso that he could take Kiev, Ukraine in two weeks if he wanted to.… Continue Reading

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[Watch] Real James Foley or Imposter – Missing Scars, Different Facial Structures Raise Questions


James Foley was known to have been sympathetic to the cause of those who have now apparently also become his murderers, but this first video does raise some interesting questions as to the identity of the victim in the ISIS video.

While the American government has signed off on the authenticity of the ISIS video and supported their claims, there are several apparent inconsistencies in the physical appearance between previous images of James Foley and the man in the orange jumpsuit.… Continue Reading

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America Buying a Border Fence for Ukraine, But DHS Says Border Fences Don’t Work

081 ukraine fence 610

Only in the United States could the enumerated powers and responsibilities of the Executive Branch be ignored by the “president” while he simultaneously provides those same protections to foreign countries around the globe.

The latest instance of our federal hypocrisy is occurring now, in the standoff in Ukraine. Hussein Obama’s State Department has granted a contract for the delivery of 2,500 spools of Concertina wire to the government of Ukraine for the purpose of securing their border with Russia.… Continue Reading

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