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[Watch] Chuck Todd of MSNBC Ignores Israeli Ambassador’s Request to Correct False Report

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Israeli Ambassador Ron Dermer appeared Thursday on Chuck Todd’s MSNBC program The Daily Rundown. During the exchange, Ambassador Dermer raised the issue of a false report that had been aired by his network. That report accused Israel of a drone attack on a refugee camp and a hospital.

The reporter in Gaza is Ayman Mohyeldin, who reportedly is sympathetic with and supportive of Hamas.… Continue Reading

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OUTRAGE! Muslim killed three Marines tried as a juvenile gets only seven years in jail. [Video]


BareNakedIslam- Nearly two years ago, Ainuddin Khudairaham, who served as an aide to local law enforcement, brought a rifle with him to the gym at a Helmand Province forward operating base and opened fire. He killed Lance Cpl. Gregory Buckley Jr., Cpl. Richard Rivera Jr., and Staff Sgt. Soctt Dickinson during the violent encounter.… Continue Reading

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[Watch] John Bolton on Obama Hiding Russian Nuclear Missile Violations, Would Make Him Look Bad

062 bolton 610

Greta Van Susteren interviews former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton regarding the Russian situation generally and in particular the latest release of information that Russia has violated the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces, or INF, Treaty.

Bolton says the Russians have been believed to be in violation of the treaty for quite some time but that the Obama regime didn’t mention it because it was politically expedient not to do so.… Continue Reading

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UK Police To Start Seizing Drivers’ Cell Phones After All Crashes


Police are to start seizing drivers’ mobile phones after a crash in order to check whether they were texting or calling while at the wheel.

Previously mobiles have only been taken when drivers are seriously injured or killed in a crash, but new guidelines issued by the Association of Chief Police Officers says that officers should check drivers’ mobiles even in the event of a minor shunt.… Continue Reading

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[Watch] Claimed Russian Cruise Missile Tests, Nuclear Treaty Violations Prompt Letter From Obama

061 huckabee russia missile 610

A whole new wrinkle in the deteriorating relationship between Russia and the West has just come to light with an announcement that Russia has been reportedly test-firing cruise missiles for years, in violation of a 1987 treaty signed by presidents Gorbachev and Reagan.

Obama is reported to have curiously chosen today, on the eve of a three week vacation to Martha’s Vineyard, as the time to send a letter to his Russian counterpart, objecting to the years of tests.… Continue Reading

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[Watch] Charles Krauthammer on The Vacant President – Hussein Obama Isn’t Interested in the Job

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Greta Van Susteren asks Charles Krauthammer why he titled a recent article “The Vacant Presidency.” He responds saying, “Look, the world is going to Hell in a handbasket, you’ve got war in Ukraine, you’ve got war in the Middle East, you’ve got ISIS on the move in the middle of the Middle East, you’ve got Christians being expelled from parts of Iraq and we’ve got the crisis on the border.… Continue Reading

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[Watch] U.S. Again Claims YouTube Evidence in MH17 Attack, Russia Offers Hard Evidence of Ukrainian Fighter Jet

056 harf 610

The Social Media “presidency” of B. Hussein Obama is once again relying upon the virtual world as the foundation for their foreign policy. We all remember how a YouTube video that didn’t exist was put forward as the cause behind the Benghazi attacks. Now our State Department official assessment of the Ukraine MH17 is being driven by the same kind of “concrete evidence.”

Associated Press reporter Matt Lee questioned State Department Spokesperson Marie Harf following the release of Russian evidence which has on its face the potential to completely discredit the Obama narrative that the Russians orchestrated the downing of MH17.… Continue Reading

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More Than A Thousand French Jews Have Moved To Israel In Past 10 Days, Most Fleeing Violent Anti-Semitic Attacks


Eighteen people were arrested for attacks on shops, including a kosher supermarket, a Jewish-owned chemist and a funeral home. Rioters, who carried batons and threw petrol bombs according to eyewitnesses, were yards from the synagogue when they were driven back by riot police who used tear gas.

“They were shouting: ‘Death to Jews,’ and ‘Slit Jews’ throats’,” David, a Jewish sound engineer told The Times.… Continue Reading

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‘I’d Like to Educate Jon Stewart!’: Mark Levin Blasts Comedian For Joking About Israel-Hamas Conflict

Conservative Constitutional lawyer, talk-show host and chairman of the Landmark Legal Foundation, Mark R. Levin, joined Sean Hannity on Tuesday:

After comedian Jon Stewart brought up the Israel-Gaza conflict in a joking manner on his Comedy Central program, The Daily Show, Dr. Levin took exception.

The radio host took to the airwaves last week, blasting Stewart’s jovial monologue on the deadly battle between Israel and Hamas.… Continue Reading

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CNN Poll: 57% Back Israel’s Use Of Military Force Against Hamas


Washington (CNN) – A majority of Americans say Israel’s military actions in Gaza are justified, with only four in 10 saying that Israel has used too much force, according to a new national poll.

According to the poll, 57% of the public said the Israeli actions against Hamas, the Palestinian organization that runs Gaza, are justified, with just over a third saying they are unjustified.… Continue Reading

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