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[Watch] Allen West Analysis Middle East Chaos and America’s Support of Radical Islam

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Sean Hannity asks Col Allen West to comment on statements made by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in regards to the state of siege which they are currently under.

He notes that 1,000 rockets have been fired into Israel and two-thirds of the population of Israel has been forced into bomb shelters in the last seven days.… Continue Reading

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[Watch] Rev JD Manning – America Bedfellows With Muslim Brotherhood, Al-Qaeda, Now Iran

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Rev James David Manning says he doesn’t have to be right, he doesn’t have a word from God on this, he doesn’t have special intelligence on the Middle East, but what he does have is common sense.

Manning says in no uncertain terms the B. Hussein Obama is a Muslim who “hates this nation.”

He describes how the Muslims are, with American support, being raised up in power.… Continue Reading

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[Watch] Ted Cruz Joins Rally For Release of Meriam Ibrahim

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This atrocity being committed against Meriam Ibrahim won’t be labeled as part of a war against women by any Democrat. Although they claim to be about equal treatment and fairness, a sentence of death for her beliefs doesn’t fit their agenda. She’s Christian and heterosexual, married to a Christian man who is an American citizen.… Continue Reading

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Find Out Which Nation Becomes First Country to Outlaw Islam

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Angola has become the first country to ban the practicing of Islam. The African nation’s president declared this weekend that ‘This is the final end of Islamic influence in our country.”

Pres. Jose Eduardo ordered any mosques in the country to be closed and demolished as Islam runs “contradictory to the customs of Angola culture.”

Angola is a predominantly Christian nation, with approximately 90,000 Muslims living in the countyr.… Continue Reading

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CNN Op-Ed Manages 703 Words On “Honor” Killings: No Mention of Islam Or Muslims

honor killing

“We were shouting for help, but nobody listened,” said Muhammad Iqbal about the slaying of his pregnant 25-year-old wife, Farzana Parveen, at the hands of her relatives, who gathered to kill her in front of a courthouse in Lahore, Pakistan.

More than 20 members of the woman’s family stoned her to death for the “crime” of “dishonoring” her family by choosing to marry someone she loved rather than a husband her family had chosen.… Continue Reading

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Obama Omits Any Reference To Islam Or Jihad During Speech At West Point, References “Violent Extremism”

Obama Shhh-550x229

This reflects the fact that today’s principal threat no longer comes from a centralized al Qaeda leadership. Instead, it comes from decentralized al Qaeda affiliates and extremists, many with agendas focused in the countries where they operate. …

But that does not mean we shouldn’t help the Syrian people stand up against a dictator who bombs and starves his people.… Continue Reading

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Hero Police Officer Blatantly Refused To Attend An Islamic Prayer Service


An American police captain is being punished for refusing to submit to Islam.

Captain Paul Fields, of the Tulsa Police Department, was stripped of his command and demoted after he refused to attend an Islamic service. An appeals court ruled this week that the officer’s rights were not violated by forcing him to attend the religious service.… Continue Reading

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[Watch] Sheriff Caves to CAIR, Muslim Brotherhood Pressure – Cancels Terrorism Training

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An anti-terrorism and domestic preparedness course titled “Understanding the Threat” originally scheduled to be held for the Sedgwick County Sheriff’s Office in Wichita, KS will not take place. The program has now been cancelled in appeasement to complaints from the Muslim Brotherhood front group CAIR, who claimed that the instructor, John Guandolo, is biased against Muslims.… Continue Reading

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A 9/11 Museum Is Good, Releasing 28 Pages of Redacted Report Would Make It Better

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Saudi Arabia has benefited greatly from the environmental restrictions imposed upon the development of American oil resources. They still enjoy those lucrative benefits today. Aside from the financial windfall, they also seem to benefit from immunity from investigation or criminal prosecution.

7 Congressmen have sponsored a piece of legislation asking that the 9/11 Saudi connection be revealed by our government.… Continue Reading

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[Watch] The Vikings Did It! Delusional Dem Senator Claims Boko Haram Not Islamic Terrorists

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The message these two need to make is clear.

Robert Jackson, Deputy Secretary of State for African Affairs thinks it’s a very important point to make that “this is not about Islam. Boko Haram’s philosophy is not an Islamic philosophy.”

Democrat Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH) responds saying, “I agree, and I’m glad that you made that point.… Continue Reading

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