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Video: Syrian Jihadi Forgets To Throw His Hand Grenade, Self-Detonation Ensues

Feel Good Video of the Day

H/T weaselzippers… Continue Reading

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Hillary blames Obama for rise of ISIL

hillary obama

In an interview with The Atlantic’s Jeffrey Goldberg, Hillary Cliinton made some uncharacteristically harsh comments about President Obama’s foreign policy.

President Obama has long-ridiculed the idea that the U.S., early in the Syrian civil war, could have shaped the forces fighting the Assad regime, thereby stopping al Qaeda-inspired groups—like the one rampaging across Syria and Iraq today—from seizing control of the rebellion.… Continue Reading

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ISIS Supporter Takes Pic of Terrorist Insignia at the White House That the Secret Service Won’t Like

The terrorist scum ISIS declared that they would hoist their terrorist flag above the White House, but this is probably as close are they’re going to get. Someone took this picture of the flag with the ISIS insignia in front of the White House on his iPhone:

isis at-white-house-3

This picture is reportedly being circulated among online supporters of the terrorist group.… Continue Reading

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Israeli Officials: Israel Will Not Return To Cairo For Talks Until Rocket Fire Ends

hamas rocket

Israel will not send a team back to Cairo to discuss a cease-fire until Hamas rocket fire ceases, and will respond forcefully to all Hamas attacks, senior diplomatic officials said Saturday night. The officials said that if there was a continuation of the rocket fire that began 4:00 a.m Friday morning, and intensified four hours later with the end of the 72-hour cease fire, then Israel would consider “all options on the table” and was not limiting itself to striking back from the air.… Continue Reading

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[Watch] Obama Claims His Policy in Iraq is To Prevent a Terrorist Safe Haven – Really?

073 wh gov 610

Hussein Obama never lets reality get in the way of a chance to tell a good story. He presented his official version of the recent and still unfolding events in Iraq, in which he portrays himself as the decisive leader who acted when no one else would to save the innocent victims, all in the name of humanity.… Continue Reading

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[Watch] Judge Jeanine – Egypt Building New Suez Canal, Moving Ahead With or Without U.S.

072 judge 610

Judge Jeanine Pirro just got back from a trip to Egypt in which she met with Hany Dimian, the Egyptian Finance Minister.

She points out how the Egyptians have been successful in purging their government of the Muslim Brotherhood in spite of U.S. opposition and less favorable treatment under their current administration by the U.S.… Continue Reading

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[Watch] MSNBC’s Joy Reid Compares Israel’s Gaza Offensive To 9/11

Joy Ann-Reid-550x308

It’s not hard to tell which side MSNBC’s Joy Reid is regarding the conflict between Israel and Hamas over the Gaza Strip. During Tuesday’s edition of The Reid Report, she hammered the United States’s staunchest ally in the region over an attack on a United Nations elementary girls’ school that resulted in the deaths of 16 civilians — including several children — and injured more than 100 people.… Continue Reading

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[Listen] Mark Levin on Obama’s Claim That Muslims Built “Very Fabric of Our Nation”

066 levin 610

Ask any non-Muslim American what Eid ul-Fitr and you’ll almost unanimously get a response along the lines of “I don’t know, beats me,” or “why should I care.” It’s only nine letters and a hypen, but most couldn’t spell it either.

That is because it is a holiday which is not widely celebrated in the United States, part of a small but growing Muslim population which is a recent addition to the American landscape.… Continue Reading

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[Watch] A Muslim leader practicing Sharia Law in West Philadelphia arrested for Trying to Cut Off the Hand of a thief


The mosque’s “emir,” Merv Mitchell, who also goes by the name of Mabul Shoatz, was charged with criminal conspiracy, aggravated assault and related offenses after using a machete to try to detach the mosque member’s hand.

Although the victim, who was known to help organize prayers at the mosque, denied participating in theft, the emir and imam (who was unnamed) dragged the accused down a flight of stairs to the mosque’s backyard, held his hand down on a log and attempted to cut off his hand with a two-foot long machete.… Continue Reading

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[Watch] Judge Jeanine – Christian Slaughter Ignored by Pope, Reverse Crusade Already Under Way

059 judge jeanine 610

Judge Jeanine Pirro says that those who ignore Christian persecution by Muslims in the Middle East are mistaken to believe they are safe because they live in the United States. She says “You need to worry.”

She reminds us that some of the extremists are already in the United States. The ISIS army has ordered Christians in Iraq to get out within 72 hours, convert to Islam or be killed.… Continue Reading

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