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THIS Country Just Handed A Some Very Bad News To The Muslim Community

this country

After the horrific and tragic attacks in Paris on journalists by Islamic radicals, countries around the world are having to consider citizens safety in relation to religious freedom.

The world is on guard towards Islam due to the radicalization of its constituents and extremist attitude Muslim radicals have taken on.… Continue Reading

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[Watch] ‘Stand With the Prophet’ Muslim Conference Met With Free Speech Rally in Texas


Organizers of the “Stand with the Prophet [Muhammad]” conference taking place in Garland, Texas this weekend might be re-thinking the wisdom of holding such an event in Texas, timed in the backdrop of the barbaric Islamic terrorism events in Paris, France, just days ago.

Muslims in attendance were met with reportedly thousands of protestors holding a #FreeSpeechRally, led by Pamela Geller, author of “Stop the Islamazation of America,” whose website was mysteriously hacked on the eve of the rally.… Continue Reading

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VIDEO: House of Representatives Let Muslim Leader Do THIS In America And You Won’t Be Happy

mulead 742x467

I can’t believe the House of Representatives just let this happen. Everyday I question the direction President Obama is taking our country in, but this video clip is proof of where we are headed.

This video is also proof to me that Islam and sharia law are not only creeping into the United States, but making their mark and taking over.… Continue Reading

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Rand Paul Just Introduced A Bill That Would Stop The U.S. From Sending Aid To THIS Muslim Country


Obama and his administration seems to have a thing for sending hard earned taxpayer money to everyone but people who need it in the U.S.

If Rand Paul has anything to say about it, he will do what he can to stop the foreign aid we hand out, especially that which we send to known terrorist harboring countries.… Continue Reading

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[Watch] Former Dem Presidential Candidate: Don’t Call Paris Murderers ‘Muslim Terrorists’

paris muslim

Former Vermont Governor and Democrat presidential candidate Howard Dean quickly defended the so-called “Religion of Peace” for the tragic Islamic terrorist attack against free speech in Paris on Wednesday, an attack by radical Muslims shouting “Allah Akbar” as they murdered 12 people.

Much like the Obama Regime referring to the first Fort Hood massacre as “workplace violence” by another crazed Muslim attacker, Dean, a far-left progressive and now, apparently, a religious scholar who is an expert in Islam and the Koran, says that we should all stop calling the Islamists “Muslim terrorists.”

“You know, this is a chronic problem.… Continue Reading

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[Watch] During Muslim Prayer Time A U.S. Soldier Does THIS And It Has Patriots Across American Cheering


In a display of American Patriotism, one soldier did something no one saw coming.

During the time of prayer in a Muslim country, a solider plugged in his electric guitar and blasted the American National Anthem as loud as he could for all to hear.

During a time when ISIS Soldiers are beheading innocent women and children, this solider knew something had to be done to try and help lift the spirits of Americans.… Continue Reading

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Muslim Group Suing Navy Over Alleged Beard Discrimination

navy beard

A Muslim group is suing the Navy on behalf of a man who says he was discriminated against because of his beard.

The former Navy enlisted man alleges that he requested to keep his beard for religious reasons and was later made fun of because of it. He also claims he was rejected for a promotion due to his beard.… Continue Reading

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In what is becoming a growing problem Three American teens, recruited online, are caught trying to join ISIS

CHICAGO — Mohammed Hamzah Khan, 19, rose before dawn on Oct. 4 to pray with his father and 16-year-old brother at their neighborhood mosque in a Chicago suburb.

When they returned home just before 6 a.m., the father went back to bed and the Khan teens secretly launched a plan they had been hatching for months: to abandon their family and country and travel to Syria to join the Islamic State.… Continue Reading

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Star Trek’s George Takaei’s Liberal Rant – What If Hobby Lobby Was Run By Muslims

Former Star Trek actor George Takei blasted into warp drive in his reaction to Monday’s Supreme Court decision allowing Hobby Lobby to opt-out of providing abortion pills for their employees.

The homosexual Takei penned a post on the website for his new play, “Allegiance” in which he described the decision as “a stunning setback for women’s reproductive rights.” Since abortion doesn’t involve reproducing anything, but the prevention of reproduction, maybe the classification should be along the lines of “recreational rights” or “lack of self-control and making others pay for it rights.”

Takei wrote, “The ruling elevates the rights of a for-profit corporation over those of its women employees and opens the door to all manner of claims that a company can refuse services based on its owner’s religion.”

Referencing Justice Ginsberg’s dissent, he described what he considers to be the slippery slope that we have started down.… Continue Reading

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Initiation into the Taliban starts early, in this case a 12-year old boy is being coached in the finer points of beheading. It takes him a while to saw through the head but notice the pride in his face when he finally holds up the severed head. What a future he has!… Continue Reading

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