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[Watch] Muslim Takeover School! – Students Say One Nation Under Allah

E.T. Williams

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Suhaib Webb, an Imam with ties to former Al Qaeda mastermind Anwar al-Awlaki, had also previously been the leader of the Islamic Society of Greater Oklahoma City, which had been attended by Alton Nolen — the man who on Thursday beheaded a former coworker after recently converting to Islam, Breitbart News has learned.… Continue Reading

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[Watch] Forgotten Bergdahl Yet? Judge Napolitano Says White House Is Counting On It

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It’s been three and a half months since the wandering Bowe Bergdahl was traded for five top Taliban terrorists in what is one of the many questionable acts by a “president” who abuses his power with regularity.

The questions are still being asked as to why this shady deal went down the way it did and the failure to provide answers is seen by many as further proof of a White House whitewash.… Continue Reading

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[Watch] America’s “Kinetic Surrender” To ISIS – Not a Real Threat or Not Really Trying?

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From the level of activity it seems that the hostilities are already near an end in our new “effort” against ISIS, particularly in Syria. There was only one target hit overnight inside Syria, a staging area and it was just inside the border with Iraq, four others in Iraq were also struck.… Continue Reading

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muslims in am

Approximately 2.5 million immigrants from “predominantly Muslim countries” reside inside the U.S. right now, a new report from the Center for Immigration Studies found.

The four-page report, which details which countries and world regions from which immigrants in the U.S.—both legal and illegal—came to this country, found that since 2000 nearly a million more immigrants from such Muslim countries came to the U.S.… Continue Reading

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[Watch] Cartels Smuggling Islamic Terrorists – Europe to the United States, No Questions Asked

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The report on a Houston television news program describes how an Eastern European smuggling connection is being utilized by Muslims wishing to enter the United States through the wide-open border Hussein Obama has provided for them.

Reporter Art Rascon does the investigative work, conducting an on-camera interview with a man he calls Hakim.… Continue Reading

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[Watch] John Kerry Disinfo – Forget Saudi Arabia Spawned Islamic Terror, Now They Condemn It

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Secretary of State John Kerry proclaims “An urgent need to counter the poisonous propaganda and gross distortion of Islam that ISIL is spreading far and wide.” He says, “It is time to put an end to a group so extreme in its rejection of modernity, that it bans math and social studies for children.… Continue Reading

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[Watch] Rather Than Controlling Immigration, DOJ Reaching Out to Terror Candidate They Let In

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The report quotes “federal officials” as saying the large Somali population of Minneapolis/St. Paul Minnesota makes it a natural target for terrorist recruiters.

Rather than not allowing those terrorist targets into the country in the first place, the Obama regime is launching a taxpayer-funded program aimed at intervening in the terrorist recruitment process.… Continue Reading

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[Watch] Gen Zinni – Obama Claims U.S. Leading by Conducting Support Role Tasks

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Former Centcom Commander General Anthony Zinni gives his perspective on the Obama strategy for dealing with ISIS and he has some very bothersome questions that have yet to be addressed by the Obama regime.

First off he quotes Obama as saying “We would lead this effort,” but then described America’s role in the operation, outlining specific areas of responsibility, all of which are supporting tasks.… Continue Reading

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[Watch] Judge Jeanine – Another Beheading, Another Round of Golf for Obama

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Judge Jeanine describes the medieval barbarism that is the ISIS terrorist army and the need for a true leader in the crucial time for our nation.

She reminds the viewers how our current situation, there are no rules of war, not rules of engagement and no Geneva Convention, just pure savagery.… Continue Reading

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