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She Decided To Ban Muslims From Her Business, What Happened Next? Her Business Is BOOMING


As you know, political correctness is a huge issue from liberals. They’re afraid to admit the truth. And when they heard that this woman was banning Muslims from shooting guns at her gun range, many threaten they’d file discrimination complaints.

However, the woman who banned the Muslims in September 2014, has yet to face any charges from her enemies.… Continue Reading

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[Watch] She Took The Koran And Do THIS To It. This Will Be Sure To Anger Muslims Across The Globe


When American citizen Ann Barnhardt posted this video online, she received a great deal of support but for the same amount of support she received, she also received a great deal of negative feedback, outrage, and hatred.

Barnhardt took a very bold risk when she posted this video, but she makes so many logical points about the “religion of peace” in the video and does something so many people have wanted to.… Continue Reading

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Alabama Just Handed Muslims THIS News And They’re Not Going To Like It Very Much


Did you know many states are taking legislative action to protect their citizens against foreign codes of law like Shariah being used within state courts?

At the forefront of this Stand for Freedom, Alabama passed this popular amendment to their State Constitution in the recent election, reports The Political Insider.

The new amendment will not allow the use of foreign codes of law like Shariah to be used in Alabama courts.… Continue Reading

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[Watch] Megyn Refuses To Stop Speaking Her Mind On How She Thinks Muslims Abuse Women


Mrs. Kelly is one of the best news anchors out there, she isn’t afraid to speak the truth, even if she gets threatened when she does.

One of her biggest opponents is the Council on American-Islamic Relations or CAIR for short.

She recently supported a film called “honor diaries” which is a documentary on muslim women and their culture of domestic abuse.… Continue Reading

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Norway Has Finally Had Enough Of Radical Muslims, So They Deported Them All. What Happened Next..WOW


When Norway decided to instate this drastic policy, they knew they would see positive outcomes and benefits for their country, but they never expected this amazing and surprising result.

You need to hear what happened in Norway when the country decided to start deporting radical Muslims. This is unbelievable.

Norway recently instated a program that seeks to deport radical Muslims in an attempt to lower crime rates throughout the country.… Continue Reading

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[Watch] Homeland Security Just Announced THIS And Muslims Will Complain They’re Being Unfairly Targeted


Next time you go to the airport, don’t expect to get through security or customs easily. The Department of Homeland Security just issued this statement.

This announcement comes as a result of Al Qaeda releasing a new at-home recipe for how to make a bomb, after the recent terrorist attacks in Paris, and a call for attacks on U.S.… Continue Reading

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NYC Officials Pull Elite Anti-Terror Squad From Job…To Drive Officials Around


Anti-terror cops are still chauffeuring around New York City bureaucrats, even on the heels of terror ­attacks in France.

The offices of Public Advocate Letitia James and City Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito could not come up with a defense for the ongoing practice, first exposed by The Post two months ago, and passed the buck to the NYPD.… Continue Reading

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[Watch] Maher Rips Liberals for ‘Extreme Bullying’ on Islam: You’re Part of the Problem

bill mahur

Remember when Berkeley students protested a commencement speech by Bill Maher because he said that Islam is the only religion that’s like the Mafia and will “fucking kill you” if you say or write the wrong thing? Well, considering the Charlie Hebdo shooting last week, Maher had something to say to those Berkeley students: how is it that I’m the problem?… Continue Reading

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VIDEO: CNN Editor Blames France for Attacks, Compares Muslims in France to Blacks in Ferguson


In a laughably ludicrous diatribe, CNN’s religion editor explained his startling belief that France was to blame for the recent slate of terrorists attacks at the hands of Islamic jihadists.

On Wednesday, CNN religion editor Daniel Burke compared the plight of Muslims in France to that of blacks in Ferguson, Missouri- two groups who the left is quick to allege are downtrodden.… Continue Reading

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VIDEO: Dutch Mayor To Muslims: “If You Don’t Like Freedom…F#@K Off”


The mayor in the Netherlands just delivered a very stern message to fellow Muslims. You’ll want to hear what he said to stand up to them.

Mayor Ahmed Aboutaleb delivered this message just days following the terrorist attacks in Paris that happened as a result of a cartoon that poked fun of the prophet Muhammad and offended Muslims.… Continue Reading

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