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Restaurant’s Bacon Advertisement Moved to Pacify Complaining Muslim

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Sneakers Bistro, in Winooski VT, had opted to participate in a local program in which volunteers who worked to clean up or beautify areas of the city, were allowed to post messages on signage in recognition, generating some free advertising in return for their efforts.

The people at Sneakers have gotten more attention than they expected and possibly more than they wanted.… Continue Reading

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Is ISIS already living at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue?

obama isis

(by L. Todd Wood, WCJ) — So now even our Secretary of Defense is warning American citizens that The Islamic State is coming for them and is preparing to attack the United States in a major way. He tells the American people to Be Ready.

Excuse me, but I thought the number one responsibility of the President of the United States was to protect the American public and, as Commander in Chief, defeat our enemies.… Continue Reading

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Thousands Of Moonbats And Muslims Block Israeli Ship From Docking At Port Of Oakland


An Israeli ship that was scheduled to dock at the port of Oakland in California on Saturday remained at sea as between 2,000 and 3,000 pro-Palestinian activists streamed towards the port entrance, chanting and waving flags.

The protesters intended to form a picket line to prevent work crews from unloading the ship.… Continue Reading

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Eric Bolling to Radical Muslims: ‘You Want a Holy War? We’ll Give You One’

Eric Bolling ended today’s Cashin’ In with a pretty bold statement: if radical Muslims are bent on carrying out a holy war against anyone who doesn’t subscribe their religious beliefs, “it just may be time to unleash hell” on them. Bolling went down a whole list of Islamic terrorist groups all over the Middle East to show just how serious of a threat it is.… Continue Reading

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[Watch] Krauthammer: It’s ‘Astonishing’ That We’re Not Providing Weapons To The Kurds

charles  krauthammer

Syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer appeared on Special Report tonight to discuss the latest in Iraq. He said it’s “astonishing” that the U.S. hasn’t provided military equipment to aid the Kurds in holding off ISIS.

“Well it is astonishing to hear from the Kurdish representative that we have so far supplied the Kurds with nothing,” Krauthammer said.… Continue Reading

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[Watch] Gen McCaffrey – Obama’s Muddled Thinking, Political Use of Military in Insignificant Strikes

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MSNBC’s Chuck Todd references a Ben Rhodes declaration that the purpose of the limited mission in Iraq is to provide the Kurds with the space needed to evacuate those under siege on Mount Sinjar.

His guest, retired Four-Star General Barry McCaffrey, says he’s a “little dismayed at what we’re up to” in the strikes and associated aid operation.… Continue Reading

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[Watch] Judge Jeanine – ISIS Is Not Bluffing – They Are Coming For Us, Inside America

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Judge Jeanine Pirro asks rhetorically, why should average Americans care that the ISIS army is growing exponentially in Iraq? She quotes their leader, Abu al-Baghdadi’s comments “We will be in direct confrontation, and the sons of Islam have prepared for such a day. So watch, for we are with you, watching.”

She shows a video in which the Muslims say to Americans that their caliphate has been established, that they will not stop.… Continue Reading

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[Watch] Obama Claims His Policy in Iraq is To Prevent a Terrorist Safe Haven – Really?

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Hussein Obama never lets reality get in the way of a chance to tell a good story. He presented his official version of the recent and still unfolding events in Iraq, in which he portrays himself as the decisive leader who acted when no one else would to save the innocent victims, all in the name of humanity.… Continue Reading

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[Watch] JOAN RIVERS: ‘Low IQ’ Palestinians ‘Deserve To Be Dead’

Talent Managers Association's 2013 Heller Awards

American actress and comedian Joan Rivers, who in recent weeks has been defending Israel’s Operation Protective Edge in interviews, said in defense of her earlier pro-Israel rants that she didn’t want to hear about civilian casualties in Gaza, because “they started it.”
Rivers, who said last month that “you cannot throw rockets and expect people not to defend themselves,” said this week that “you’re dead, you deserve to be be dead.… Continue Reading

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General: ISIS Is The Most Significant Threat To Middle East I’ve Ever Seen [VIDEO]


Former Army Vice Chief of Staff General Jack Keane told Fox News Tuesday night that the terrorist group ISIS is “the most significant threat to the Middle East that I have ever observed.”

“On the same weekend, they launched a new offensive in Iraq, collapsed a Peshmerga, a much-acclaimed military force that’s part of Kurdistan.… Continue Reading

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