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[Watch] Judge Jeanine – Another Beheading, Another Round of Golf for Obama

108 judge jeanine golf obama 610

Judge Jeanine describes the medieval barbarism that is the ISIS terrorist army and the need for a true leader in the crucial time for our nation.

She reminds the viewers how our current situation, there are no rules of war, not rules of engagement and no Geneva Convention, just pure savagery.… Continue Reading

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Pentagon Official: What It Will Take To Win The War Against The Islamic State

isis war

Joseph Miller is the pen name for a ranking Department of Defense official with a background in U.S. special operations and combat experience in Iraq and Afghanistan. He has worked in strategic planning.

What follows in the paragraphs below is what it will take to actually win the War against the Islamic State.… Continue Reading

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[Watch] Col Oliver North – “Newsflash For John Kerry, ISIS Is At War With Us”

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Col Oliver North passes on the information to John Kerry that ISIS is at war with us and the rest of civilization and his failure to make that recognition is part of the reason that we are having difficulty in lining up support from our supposed allies in the region and around the world.… Continue Reading

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[Watch] British MP- Our So-Called Friends and Allies Created Radical Islamic Terrorists

105 cavuot farage nigel 610

The leader of United Kingdom Independence Party and a strong contender to be a future Prime Minister, Nigel Farage does not shy away from speaking the truth nor does he defer to political correctness.

He’s asked by Neil Cavuto his views as to what is behind the successful recruiting and the attraction of ISIS.… Continue Reading

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[Watch] Them Ain’t Fightin Words – Islamist Apologist and Enabler Obama’s Self-Promotion Theater

104 more islamic cover obama 610

There are many things wrong with Obama’s ISIS address, and they became apparent from the moment he started talking. As is our new foreign policy custom, in the very first sentence Obama reminds us that American doesn’t do anything in the world unless we have permission from and as proof of that permission, the cooperation of our “friends and allies.”

He also doesn’t want to be accused of being a cowboy by his liberal base, which leveled those charges against this predecessor, George W.… Continue Reading

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[Watch] Krauthammer – “Theoretical At Best,” Obama’s NATO Coalition of Nine Not Impressive

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Charles Krauthammer says that the major event to come out of the NATO summit in Wales had nothing to do with NATO, it had to do with the inside of Hussein Obama’s head. “After three attempts, he was finally able to tell the world what his objective is, the destruction of ISIS, and that he’s working on a plan.”

He points out how Obama’s coalition is only nine other countries and that the Democrats ridiculed the Bush administration’s roster of 38 other nations, branding it as a unilateral action.… Continue Reading

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[Watch] Judge Jeanine – Clueless, Passive, Submissive – Obama Incapable of Waging War on Terror

100 jeanine open 610

Judge Jeanine Pirro reminds us that she told us so, and has continued to tell us for the last two years that we have a problem with our inept leadership in the White House. Of course, she was preaching to the choir, but we still appreciate the message.

She says she was called a terrorist and a savage for advocating overwhelming force and airstrikes in Syria and Iraq against ISIS.… Continue Reading

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[Watch] 9/11 Two Million Patriotic Bikers Ride To DC – Americans Standing Against Islamic Terrorism

100 two million bikers 610

In a follow up to what was a rousing success last year, another ride to DC is scheduled for this upcoming September 11th in memory and in honor of those who fell to the pigs of Islamic terrorism thirteen years ago.

There are four staging areas for the all-day affair which will be taking place in the shadow of the Pentagon.… Continue Reading

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Hamas-linked CAIR demands apology from Oklahoma State Rep who said “Quran clearly states that non-Muslims should be killed”

state rep

Hamas-linked CAIR has a lot of nerve to make this demand while non-Muslims are being killed by the adherents of the Islamic State, avowedly in fulfillment of Qur’anic and Islamic imperatives, but the Hamas-linked CAIR thugs have never been short on chutzpah. Hamas-linked CAIR, whose Hamas links are of course not mentioned in this story, claimed he was…taking Qur’an verses out of context.… Continue Reading

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U.S. government ‘breeding terrorists’ – in Minnesota



Even as President Obama launched air strikes Tuesday against the al-Shabab terrorist group in Somalia, a pipeline for potential new Somali terrorists CONTINUES to fester right here in the United States.

It’s called the Refugee Resettlement PROGRAM, and it continues unabated under the leadership of the U.S. State Department and with the help of several CHRISTIAN CHARITIES.… Continue Reading

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